Oh my…look at that. It’s a new year.  A clean slate. Let’s start over, people.
Although I usually run through my previous year’s wishes, I won’t be doing it this time around b/c unfortunately, they were very broad and the majority were not accomplished (le sad face). And it does nothing to focus on the past, right? We can only look forward, and this upcoming year looks to be very, very bright.

With that said, here is a fun summary of what I’d like to focus on in the upcoming year:

And these are my specific wishes;

1. become a BCBA
2. complete home remodels: kitchen, backyard, front yard, bedroom
3. stay gluten free & healthy
4. do that one thing that scares me
5. look into my side project, do some research
6. be the best wife possible – think of him more
7. procrastinate less, do more
8. revamp this blog
9. go back to being crafty – find more time to be creative with DIY projects
10. come to terms that I need a cleaning lady…& health insurance

The rest, are obvious. I just want to enjoy this crazy life as much as possible. After all, we only get one shot to live it. I’m realizing more and more every day how quickly it’s all flying by, and I don’t want to be wasting one second of it doing something I don’t want to be doing. Every second is precious and I want to spend it with the people that bring me joy and happiness. I don’t have time for anything less. So here we go. Another wild ride for the history books. 😉