Merry Christmas!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the health and happiness possible in the new year. Melificent will return in 2013 (how weird does that sound)!!

Street Style {Comic Con 2012}

As promised, both myself and the hubs were able to snap a few pictures of Comic Con attendees that were rocking some sweet outfits. Although we weren’t able to get as many as we wanted for you guys because I got ill and things were just very hectic, here are a few great ones!

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Golden Globes

I get so excited when it’s award season!
It’s just so exciting and glamorous.

Unfortunately, this year I had to watch the Golden Globes under the covers trying to endure intense body aches and one killer sore throat. Yep, I picked up a fun virus. But that didn’t stop me from listing out my best and worst dressed on the carpet.

& here they are;

Sofia Vergara, Nicole Ritchie, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Osbourne and Emma Stone actually looked like they were going to a glamorous event. Unfortunately, the rest of the big stars seemed to be attending something more along the lines of their senior prom. Am I right? Definitely was not blown away with the fashions (was that a Jessica McClintock Natalie Portman was rocking? Seriously).

Sorry ladies. Unfortunately, voluminous gowns seemed to have made a very ill-fitting comeback last night (Sarah Michelle Gellar blue paint disaster and Piper Perabou‘s nude cupcake number), along with gowns that wanted to compete with actresses over attention (the beautiful Dianna Agron managed to take a backseat to her overly intricate laser cut swan [?!?!] dress). You may be thinking, “Well where does Claire Danes fit in?” Although her dress was really beautiful from the back, I just cannot get behind this white/black contrast trend. It is so matronly! Made me totally miss her little neon pink ensemble from last year’s show.

What did all you pretties think?


ps; wait until you see what I have in store for all of you tomorrow!

What I Wore: 2012

What’s up, 2012!

I hope all of you rang in the new year in the best way possible – whether it was in your pj’s with a bottle glass of champagne or living it up with friends while out on the town. I started the year with this fun photoshoot courtesy of the hubs in the design district of Miami, followed by some cleansing of sorts: starting to clear out our garage and move around some stuff in the house (one of my wishes, remember?).  I keep telling myself it is the beginning of a fantastic year, even though I have already managed to be glutened and break glass.

Dress; c/o Conversation Pieces
Tights; Target
Wedges; Shoe Dazzle
Bracelets; gifted

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Motto for 2012

At the end of every year, I like to pick a motto for the upcoming one. It doesn’t always have to be a deep thought, it could be as silly and fun as 2010‘s, as long as it motivates me to ring in a better, brighter year. And the quote above belongs to 2012. When I stumbled upon it while looking through ye olde Pinterest, it really spoke to me. It wasn’t the first time I had come across the quote (or the amazingness that was Eleanor Roosevelt), but it was the first time it resonated.

Here’s to letting my heart take the reigns!


I hope all of you have an amazing New Years weekend – celebrate with all the bells and whistles, but remember to be safe (please don’t drink and drive)! Let’s welcome 2012 with open arms and lots of hope!