Autism Speaks Donations

Although I don’t mention my day job often here on the blog, I work as a behavior analyst with children on the autism spectrum. I absolutely adore what I do, and am very passionate about the cause. In a few weeks on April 6th, Autism Speaks will be holding their annual Walk Now for Autism event, and I am fundraising on behalf of my company (and myself, of course). If you have anything to spare to help fund autism research, you can donate through my own personal link here.

Thanks for supporting these very special children, their families and their future!

MIAMI: Beauty Happy Hour

Although I can’t make it to this incredible event today at Aventura mall – you all definitely should take advantage! Head over to the Bloomie’s cosmetics department and participate in their beauty happy hour where you will be pampered by beauty professionals. That means that from 5-8pm you’ll be able to treat that mane of yours to complimentary braids, knots and curls from Blo Dry Bar Midtown and get your grub on with some sweets. Don’t forget to browse through the merchandise either because if you spend $100 or more you can pick up an exclusive makeup case in your choice of a fun, spring color!

But superficiality & retail therapy aside, Bloomingdales will be making a donation of $20,000 to Autism Speaks in honor of Florida Charity Day. As you all know, that is a cause near and dear to my heart, so make sure you head out there and show your support.

Magical Moments Monday!

x. Receiving the results of my BCaBA exam: I PASSED!
x. Fun-sized bottles of wine.
x. Doggie snuggles in the morning.
x. Feeling appreciated.
x. Sports Grill friends date!
x. Securing tickets to this year’s Comic Con!
x. Getting a new iPhone 4s – I’m hip again!
x. Spending Sunday morning interacting with the amazing ASD community at the Autism Speaks Walk.

Cadillac Ranch Grand Opening Party

Although CG Burgers really let me down, I am very excited about West Kendall getting another new joint: Cadillac Ranch. They tout themselves as a premier all american bar and grill offering BBQ, comfort food, cocktails…and a mechanical bull. That spells trouble – the kind I’d like to get into. And this Thursday, July 7th, I will be – and so should you! Cadillac Ranch will be hosting their grand opening party starting at 6pm with half-off cocktails (until 10pm). Even better? All money from each mechanical bull ride will go towards Autism Speaks! As if you needed extra incentive to have a go at the beast. 😉

For your free tickets, contact Joany Meurice at and tell her Melificent sent you! Hope to see you there, fellow Kendallites!

Please Join Team Melificent!

Credit: Flickr User Rayoom

…I just might give you cupcakes…

As most of you know, I work with therapeutic foster children as my full-time job. However, I used to (& still occasionally) work with autistic children. My time teaching them and being a part of their lives was a very special time for me and eventually, I would love to work with the population again in some shape or form. Aside from my personal experience, I also know many brave mothers (biological and foster) of children with autism that have shown to me what unconditional love and sacrifice really are. For these reasons and many more, I dedicate almost all of my charity work to Autism Speaks and this year will not be any different.

Well, maybe a little. Rather than doing the Broward Walk, I will be participating in the Miami 2011 Walk Now for Autism Speaks event, which will take place on Sunday, February 27th in Key Biscayne. I’d love to raise as much money as possible for the cause as well as get a large group to walk with me the day of. I’ve been lucky enough to receive very generous donations in the past, but hope that the amount of walkers can compete with those donations this time around! I am planning on making team shirts for us as well if enough people show interest.

So if you are one of those interested parties, please visit my team page: Team Melificent.
On that page, you can join the team as well as make a donation.