Lovable Friday!

1: I know I was gushing over constellations and zodiac signs just last Lovable Friday, but I can’t help myself. These constellation earrings are so gorgeous! I had to go on a little bit of a wild goose hunt to find them, and unfortunately the Etsy store that makes them was overwhelmed with orders for the buggers so none will be available until after Christmas. Blame it on Pinterest.
2: So this may be a Lovable Friday first. I am featuring something I already went ahead and purchased! This Boston Terrier onesie pajama is just too perfect for words. I had to run to my nearest Target to pluck one up for myself. It is effing adorable and now on sale for $14.99 – how could you go wrong?
3: I was not aware of the Girls with Glasses show, but I’m pretty sure I will love them immensely. I mean, look at these perfect holiday outfits they put together. And those glittery glasses? OMGz, total must have. Best part is they probably created them via DIY. Totes jels.
4: I’m a sucker for personalized pencils. Is that weird? They are the first thing I look into when throwing a shower/event/etc. I just find them so fun and I might have an unhealthy obsession with writing instruments. As usual, Kate Spade takes everything one step further in the cute department, and has done no different with these cute idiom pencils. They are the perfect stocking stuffers or could make their way into a bridal shower favor. Grab yours here.
5: Warby Parker is not the new kid on the block anymore – in fact, 90% of my friends are usually sporting a pair of their trendy shades at any given moment. However, I do love how, despite incredible popularity, they are constantly trying to up their style game. Most recently they have paired up with the creative genius, Beck, to create the limited edition Carmichael line. These two shades (more to come soon) embrace quirkiness and charm – just like Beck himself.

It is to be noted that some of the content on this post was sponsored.

Lovable Friday!

1. I’ve always been super mesmerized by the zodiac. My mother had this incredible 70’s era book when I was growing up that physically described each sign (among other things). I was legit obsessed with it. I’m pretty sure I carried it with me everywhere. When I was older, I had my astrological chart read, and although the majority of it was a big flop, I still live for horoscopes. That’s why I immediately was drawn to these beautiful zodiac constellation necklaces from Etsy seller, Iaonato. The one featured above is Leo’s, but of course she has all other signs available – I just decided to share the best one (can you tell which sign is mine?).

2. To quote the newest Sherlock series 3 teaser trailer, “OH MY GOD.” That was basically my reaction when I saw these amazing Sherlock-inspired leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing. I’m really trying to justify a reason to spend $70 on ridiculously loud leggings that I will probably only wear to conventions/geeky events, but I’m coming up short. I’ll probably cave by the time this blog is published though. I’m weak after all.

3. Continuing on the fandom tip, OMGz today’s Tee Fury is just all sorts of perfection. Although I’m late to the party (as usual), the hubs and I started watching the reboot of Doctor Who (starting with the 9th doctor) and I am so unbelievably hooked. More on that later (yeah, it deserves its own dedicated post) though – back to this amazing crossover tee! The Girl in the Fireplace is my favorite episode (so far) of Doctor Who, so I was thrilled to see it mashed up with Harry Potter by none other than the amazing Karen Hallion. This was a no brainer: take my money please and thank you. ps; Can you imagine what a great companion Hermione would make??

4. Talking about those that instantly steal your money, let’s talk about Marc Jacobs continuing his amazing Boston Terrier series. Although I am not complaining (it warms my little heart), my wallet is starting to grumble a bit. Cue this ADORABLE watch. At $267 it’s a stretch (I mean, REALLY?), so I am hoping that someone will rip off the design soon enough. Is that terrible? Oh well.

5. My relationship with Tumblr is touch and go. Sometimes I would flood my blog with 50 posts in a row, sometimes I wouldn’t post for 8 months at a time. I’m back on this bandwagon now (follow me here) and have become immersed in the fangirl explosion that is tumbling (I can use it as a verb, right?). More than likely if you catch me laughing at my computer screen maniacally, I’m on Tumblr compiling more fandom gifs to my already ridiculously large collection. #sorryimnotsorry

Special mention; Benedict Cumberbatch and his ridiculously sexy voice reads lyrics to R. Kelly’s “Genius.”

What I Wore: Thanksgiving Dinner

It was in the high 60’s this Thanksgiving evening, so this means everyone in Miami dug out their jackets, tights and in my case, turtlenecks. It will be one of the few times we will be able to showcase any of our warmer duds so we have to take advantage! I hope you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family – I know we did! Even better was that my amazing family remembered to make 90% of the meal gluten free. So sweet & thoughtful. My heart and tummy was very happy.

Turtleneck; Uniqlo
Skirt; Gap
Tights; Target
Wedges; ShoeDazzle {similar}
Shades; Zara {similar}

I always want to include my pups in these posts, but they never cooperate (embarrassing dog mommy confession). They are so horrible on leashes, but we were actually able to snap a few with my baby G. Isn’t she just so glamorous?

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Outfit Inspiration: Geeky Thanksgiving

Dress; Persunmall // Wedges; GoJane {similar} // Clutch; Primark // Necklace; The Limited

Now there is no more denying it – we are officially in holiday season! Thanksgiving is only a week away, and amidst getting those turkeys, cocktails and pies ready is the very real dilemma running through all your minds: WHAT DO I WEAR? OK, so maybe it’s not that real and not that much of a dilemma, but I know I like to eat on Thanksgiving. A lot. So that means I need to be really careful with my outfit choice. It’s got to flatter, yet conceal what is sure to be a 4 month food baby (at the very least).

For this reason, I figured I would help all you fellow geek girls with some outfit inspiration for this very tricky occasion. First, always pick a loose fitting top or dress. I personally love this tunic dress from Persunmall because not only is it comfortable, but it reminds me of my youth spent in front of a Galaga machine (I know you 80’s kids get me). Although I tend to gravitate towards dresses, a simple and chic tunic top over leggings would also work just fine! Pair it with some bright and fun accessories like these neon-colored wedges and Boston Terrier clutch (squee!) and you are ready to stuff your face in style.

ps; here are some great coupon codes for Persunmall to help ease your inevitable shopping binge: thanks10 (10% OFF $100+ Free shipping on all orders), thanks15 (15% OFF $150+ Free shipping on all orders) & thanks20 (20% OFF $200+ Free shipping on all orders).

You can all thank me later.
I accept pie. 😉

What I Wore: Nerdy Chic

Yeah, I’m one of those people that wear glasses without any need. I remember staring at all the girls that had glasses growing up and being envious. One in particular stands out in my memory with red frames (a la Sally Jessy Raphael) that I was particularly jealous of. I guess I’ve just always been a fan of over accessorizing. 😉

In other news, I hope no one minds, but I’m just going to rock maxi skirts every day for the rest of the year. Cool?

Shirt; Target {similar}
Skirt; c/o Persunmall
Sandals; Gap {similar}
Glasses; Forever 21
Necklace; Pop Basic {similar}

This little thing makes my life so beautiful.

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