Holiday Cards by Minted: Giveaway!

I know you may be thinking it is way too early to be scheming¬†about holiday cards, but my friends…the time is nearing. We are only a few weeks away from the big guy in the red suit, and I’m here to be your trusty reminder: book those shoots. Book ‘em because you are going to want to snag some of these beautiful holiday cards from Minted’s 2016 collection.

While searching through, I was not only happy to see so many great designs from independent artists, but also to see so many kinds of families represented in their selections: same sex, kids, childless, and fur babies! It’s refreshing to see a modern perspective on what a “family unit” is these days. With that said, these are some of my favorite designs of the bunch:


I personally like my cards to be modern, understated and inclusive of all my family and friends that may not celebrate the same. I like a simple, positive message and I never say no to a little gold foil sparkle. I’ll be revealing which card I eventually chose, along with our corresponding holiday photoshoot, here on the blog, so make sure you stick around!

And I won’t be the only one revealing gorgeous Minted cards for the holidays. Two of my readers will be winning a $125 gift card to Minted to spend on your own holiday cards! Think of it as Christmas coming a little early. ;)
All you have to do is follow this link!
The giveaway will last one week (ends Halloween) + winners will be chosen shortly after. Good luck everyone!


Disclosure: this post was sponsored by, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Merry Christmas!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the health and happiness possible in the new year. Melificent will return in 2013 (how weird does that sound)!!

Deck the Halls

I was so relieved to take a break from studying to be able to spend some quality time with the hubs & decorate our house for Christmas this past weekend! I feel like people jumped on the Christmas train way earlier this year – there were houses in my neighborhood decked out for the holidays well before Thanksgiving! What gives? I personally like to take holidays one at a time. What’s the rush, people?!

Have I mentioned how much I love having a faux tree? SO easy and low maintenance! The only thing I do miss is that delicious pine smell that no longer permeates my home. However, that’s nothing a little holiday Febreeze can’t take care of! ;)

Ps; although I find myself unable to sleep as soundly as I used to at night, I’m kind of in love with American Horror Story. I’m pretty sure Zachary Quinto is to blame (ohmyhawt).

Merry Christmas!

A very happy holiday season from Mr. & Mrs. Melificent!

I hope you get all that you wished for and that you spend this special time with those you love the most, celebrating life, love and health: what really matters in this crazy world.

Magical Moments Monday

x. the idea of a progressive party.
x. this beautiful video that illustrates sometimes words are not needed & love should not be judged
x. multiple FedEx & UPS visits (!!)
x. catching up on my favorite blogs
x. picking up a killer new piece of furniture for our house on Craigslist (pics after the holidays)
x. seeing my nephew race his go kart for the first time
x. warming up a new home with some of my favorite people
x. having people in my life that truly know, believe and trust me
x. getting our Christmas lights up (w/ minimal injuries)
x. sitting in the bed of our truck, holding hands & enjoying the beautiful weather
x. laughing so hard we cried while babysitting my nephew
x. tackling a golden snitch DIY ornament project for myself & friends