Merry Christmas!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the health and happiness possible in the new year. Melificent will return in 2013 (how weird does that sound)!!

Deck the Halls

I was so relieved to take a break from studying to be able to spend some quality time with the hubs & decorate our house for Christmas this past weekend! I feel like people jumped on the Christmas train way earlier this year – there were houses in my neighborhood decked out for the holidays well before Thanksgiving! What gives? I personally like to take holidays one at a time. What’s the rush, people?!

Have I mentioned how much I love having a faux tree? SO easy and low maintenance! The only thing I do miss is that delicious pine smell that no longer permeates my home. However, that’s nothing a little holiday Febreeze can’t take care of! ;)

Ps; although I find myself unable to sleep as soundly as I used to at night, I’m kind of in love with American Horror Story. I’m pretty sure Zachary Quinto is to blame (ohmyhawt).

Merry Christmas!

A very happy holiday season from Mr. & Mrs. Melificent!

I hope you get all that you wished for and that you spend this special time with those you love the most, celebrating life, love and health: what really matters in this crazy world.

Magical Moments Monday

x. the idea of a progressive party.
x. this beautiful video that illustrates sometimes words are not needed & love should not be judged
x. multiple FedEx & UPS visits (!!)
x. catching up on my favorite blogs
x. picking up a killer new piece of furniture for our house on Craigslist (pics after the holidays)
x. seeing my nephew race his go kart for the first time
x. warming up a new home with some of my favorite people
x. having people in my life that truly know, believe and trust me
x. getting our Christmas lights up (w/ minimal injuries)
x. sitting in the bed of our truck, holding hands & enjoying the beautiful weather
x. laughing so hard we cried while babysitting my nephew
x. tackling a golden snitch DIY ornament project for myself & friends

Magical Moments Monday

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with your nearest and dearest! It always goes a little too fast, huh? Here were our highlights:

x. Really delicious Thanksgiving dinner
x. Sharing stories and pictures from our trip with family and friends
x. Chatter about starting to test drive cars (!!!)
x. Starting new photo traditions, namely, a picture at each anniversary
x. Putting together a video of our amazing vacation
x. Putting up our fun & kitschy tree and other Christmas decorations
x. Attempting to listen to Christmas music and failing (it makes me angry for some reason), eventually reverting to the Nightmare Before Christmas OST
x. Seeing my hubby happy: He finally got an iPhone 4s!
x. Having a girls nite with my sister
x. Starting some fun Christmas-themed DIY projects like this cute tinsel wreath:

Have you started to decorate for the holidays?
Tackling any fun projects? Share them with me in the comments!