Denim Seeker Makes Its Way to South Florida

When shopping for jeans, I am immediately reminded of being a dressing room and overhearing a girl exclaim in utter frustration, “Where do people SHOP???” There really is nothing worse than treating yourself to a little shopping excursion, only to have a mental breakdown in a dressing room. Why doesn’t anything fit? Is it supposed to look like that? Maybe I can make it work.

Thankfully someone tapped into this frustration and created the Denim Seeker. What is this creation you ask? The Denim Seeker is a digital touch screen that maps out a shopper’s journey to finding the perfect pair of jeans. The tool connects shoppers with real women’s opinions and body types, 5 universal jeans that truly look good on every shape and size, and even a glossary of denim terms. As part of the in-store experience, Denim Seeker invites guests to select their body type, after which it will provide denim recommendations based on in-store availability. And the best part? The Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall is one of five in the country to house one of these bad boys.

This means you can head over to Bloomingdales, make your way up to the 2nd floor to the women’s denim department and find this glorious little contraption. Women of the world, rejoice! Now to find that elusive Cuban Hips button….