What I Wore: Miami Chic(k)

The right outfit can really change your day, huh? Everyone has those days, weeks, months (?) where the clouds outweigh the rainbows, but I promise if you slap on just that right something, a special thing will happen. This was it for me last weekend. The most perfectly graphic wide-legged pants, a summery crop top and a great hairstyle was just enough to make me feel like a new woman. I walked a little taller, smiled a little wider and generally had a skip in my step. Don’t underestimate what something as seemingly silly as clothes can do for your mental health. The simple things. It’s all about them. That’s what I’m realizing more and more every day.

Crop top; Forever 21 {similar}
Wide legged pants; Forever 21 {similar}
Sandals; Enzo Angiolini {similar}
Arm candy; assorted
Watch; c/o Timex
Leo necklace; Sassy Steals {similar}

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Forever 21 Road to Festival Event

This past Saturday, Annie Vazquez of TheFashionPoet.com paired up with Forever 21 for a fun event on Lincoln Road whose goal was to make sure its shoppers were festival ready. For those of you not in the know, spring and summer months don’t just mean the beach, bikinis and mai tai’s – they are also prime time for music festivals (get prepared for this year’s best here). What used to just be considered a sweaty, expensive and generally uncomfortable avenue to see your favorite bands has turned into a fashion mecca. And Forever 21 wants you accordingly equipped with festival-friendly crop tops, wide-brimmed fedoras, and flowing maxi dresses. And who was I to deny them?

Aside from the 21% off any single item, the store also had a complimentary hair bar where I made myself comfortable and only several minutes (?!?) later had a slammin’ braid crown that had me dreaming about dancing around the grassy knolls of Coachella. I also got to meet some other lovely local bloggers and, of course, SHOP. With Annie’s guidance listed all throughout the store, I was able to put together what I deemed a melificent festival outfit with some new and some old pieces. OK, so I only changed my pants. But c’mon. Give me some bravery points. Those are not a pair of pants I would have usually gravitated towards and look! I loved them.

With the always lovely Annie of The Fashion Poet

Overall, the event was a blast! Everywhere I went afterwards, I was greeted with some sort of compliment about my hair and I think the great pieces I took home with me are versatile, while still being fun and whimsical. AND! I actually was able to attend an event, guys. My full-time job usually prevents me from being an active member in the Miami blogger scene, so it’s nice when they land on a weekend and I can finally mingle! Until the next…

Look out for the outfit post tomorrow!

**special thanks to my buddy, Tammy, for snapping these pics of me!

Get 4th of July Ready!

The sun is blazing, the BBQ is smoking and the water is splashing. This means only one thing, people. Summer is here!!! It’s my all-time favorite season because living in Miami, this is when it really feels like paradise. Plus, I love me some bikini’s, boats & frozen drinks. Can you blame a girl?

Like I mentioned before, the past few weeks have been pretty dismal around here. All clouds, rainstorms and generally ugly weather. Could this be our summer? It was enough to put me in a depression. But no! This past weekend, the skies opened and the sun came out to play! I immediately shed my clothes, slapped on a bikini and jumped in my pool. And it was heaven. Here’s to many more beautiful Miami weekends – especially the 4th! We are hosting a pool party, and it got me thinking…what’s on your patriotic wishlist? Check out mine below;

1. Striped leggings
2. Stars denim shorts
3. Stars & Stripes muscle tee
4. Mini ban.do heart headband
5. J.Crew stars tank
6. Marc Jacobs bikini bottom

What I Wore: DC

I’m baaaack! I had a fantastic time on our little vacation to visit our friend, Chris, in Richmond, which was the most adorable little city ever. I loved its vibe, and even more so loved the fact that so many restaurants were celiac friendly. I was in shock! It was a pleasant surprise. Over the weekend, we did a very quick overnight trip to DC, hoping to see some beautiful cherry blossoms and were a bit disappointed. They had not bloomed yet! However, we had the most wonderful time exploring the city instead! Everything works out in the end, huh?

With that said, I braved the elements (it was freeeeezing) to take these outfit post pictures sans coat/scarf. That’s how dedicated I am. ;)

Blouse; Pop Basic
; Forever 21 {similar}
Jeans; Forever 21 {similar}
Boots; Forever 21 {similar}
Hat; Forever 21 {similar}

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What I Wore: Chunky Sweater

The hubs and I just can’t get enough of Bravo and all its ridiculously cheesy programming. Housewives, Matchmakers and just recently, Vanderpump Rules. It’s such a terrible trainwreck, but you cannot look away. Not even for a second. So, of course, today’s title line is an ode to the wonderfully douchey, Jax & the one thing we have in common: our love of a good chunky sweater.

Sweater; Forever 21
Jeggings; Nordstrom Rack {similar}
Boots; Go Jane {similar}
Necklace; Pop Basic
Barrette; c/o Ban.do

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