& I’m Off!

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I’m leaving on a jet plane today to visit one of our bestest friends who moved to Richmond, VA nearly one year ago! We miss him a whole lot and can’t wait to spend time with him in his new city AND visit Washington D.C. just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival! If you follow me on Instagram, look out for all the pretty pictures that will surely flood my stream.

Until then,

Happy Halloween {& an update}!

I hope all of you enjoy my favorite holiday, have fun, stay safe and don’t overdose on sugary goodness.

A quick little note if you don’t follow my fan page on Facebook (if you don’t, remedy that please): I will have to step away from the blog for about 3 months starting tomorrow. Something came up that needs my undivided attention, so unfortunately, the blog is going to have to take a backseat until then. Good news is, I will still be posting, but I will be limiting those posts to about once a week. I’ve asked some friends and fellow bloggers to please contribute whenever they can so that the blog does not remain too stagnant. If you are interested in participating, definitely let me know!

Short Break

Hi loves!
Life is a little busy at the moment so the blog will be
taking a backseat, but only for a little bit.
I’ll be back next week!

Radio Silence

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It begins today, leading straight through my exam.
I don’t usually ask for well wishes & that mumbo jumbo unless it’s serious.
& well…this is pretty serious.

I accept any kind of prayers, good vibes, lucky spells, etc. you are all willing to give.
Good news is that Melificent will be back up and running mid-next week!

…Til then.

Little break

Busy busy little bee this week, so I’ll be away from the blog.
I hope you all had a great long weekend – I sure did!
Our pool party was a success, and I will have a lot of fun photo booth pictures to share with you when I return.

Nothing but love, sunshine & rainbows!