H&M Catalog Favs

Usually something I used to refer to as Meliporn was the latest IKEA catalog (or Benedict Cumberbatch hair ruffle gifs), but low and behold, yesterday I received a rather busty H&M catalog. All hail the budget shopping gods! Whenever I visit H&M, it tends to be hit or miss. Either I want the entire store, or I am left wondering if I even understand fashion anymore. Thankfully, this catalog sways me more towards the former.

Here were some of my favorite picks;

Clockwise; loose fitting pants (x), jacquard dress (x), patterned tights (x), crinkled skirt (x)

ps; hope you didn’t miss me too much! The holidays were kind of a whirlwind of parties, friends, family and overall busy-busybusy. But fear not! Regular posts start NOW. Rejoice.

What I Wore: Neon in the City

One of my favorite places in LA is the LACMA. I have to visit every time I’m in town and I’m never disappointed with their temporary exhibits. This time we were fortunate enough to enjoy one on Stanley Kubrick and all his legendary films. Can you believe I’ve only seen one (The Shining)??? I have to say, after completely enjoying the entire experience, I totally find myself wanting to immerse myself in his work. Movie marathon!!!

Something else I really enjoy? Sheer shirts with bling! I have no idea what draws me to own so many sheer blouses, but I hope the trend never goes away. It must be my tropical blood – wanting to be covered, but still airy enough to not suffocate in the Miami heat. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case while I was in LA – it was freezing! Shortly after I took these photos, I had to borrow the hubs’ cardigan to shield me from the elements. Before you judge, remember, I’m tropical, OK?

Blouse; H&M {similar}
Jeans; J. Brand {similar}
Loafers; Target {similar}
Ring; Marc Jacobs
Nail Decals; Sally Hansen Mod About You
Sunglasses; Target {similar}

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Neon Blouse: 3 Ways!

You all expressed that you enjoyed a good remix post, so here is another shot at one for you all! As you all know, I absolutely love my hot pink blouse that I picked up at H&M while on vacation in Los Angeles this past summer, and I do not mask the fact that I wear it often. And just because you wear something often does not mean that you will be sporting the same look over and over again. While looking through past outfit posts, I noticed that each time I wore the blouse, I went for a completely different vibe. Even if you are sporting a repeat offender, chances are no one will notice if you style it differently. And that’s what remixing is all about!

So which look is your favorite?
The modern pin up, the casual tourist or the trendy chick?
Let me know in the comments!

What I Wore: Birthday Girl!

After a fun trip to the Keys with some of my closest friends, I closed my birthday weekend with a family get together at my sister’s house. We had a great time laughing, reminiscing and comparing sibling similarities. I wanted to be comfortable, but also play the role of the birthday girl. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pull out my new H&M outfit that I picked up while in California a couple of weeks back. I can’t tell you how in love I am with it and I can’t wait to remix the separate pieces. Apparently polka dots were a theme this year. 😉

Blouse; H&M {similar}
Pencil skirt; H&M {similar}
Loafers; Target
Watch; Soft Slap
Necklace; Bauble Bar
Bracelets; Ebay {here & here}

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What I Wore: Disney World

Like I mentioned yesterday, we went to Disney World over the weekend to take our friends’ engagement photos in various parks. It had been too long a time since I had visited the mouse (Potter has been taking up all my Orlando visits as of late), and I wanted to make sure I showed my love by wearing my awesome, vintage Mickey ears. I also wanted to avoid the usual jean shorts-tank top-fanny pack fare that most tourists wear and put together a comfortable and airy outfit that was still stylish and fun.

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