Fandom of the Month Club

Fandom of the Month Club is a completely genius idea! It is a monthly subscription box, but filled with fandom jewelry. The fandom changes monthly giving everyone an opportunity to geek out to their favorites. I follow the creator, Erin (@thegeekycauldron on IG), and when I saw her posts mentioning the service, I knew I had to check it out. Fandom-themed jewelry every month for only $13/month? Where do I sign up?

Obviously I had my reservations. Would the quality be top notch? Will I enjoy the fandom for the next month? Will I actually wear the pieces I receive? Those reservations disappeared in a cloud of smoke the second I received my first box.

Naturally, I was overjoyed when I opened the envelope and saw what fandom was being targeted. Doctor Who? Allons-y! I immediately loved the little themed jewelry sacks (I’m actually using it to store my jewelry for Megacon weekend – great for traveling!), and what it held inside was even better!

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Winner of Bloody Family Giveaway

Big congrats are in order for CHRIS, who is the winner of the Bloody Family giveaway!!!!
You are the proud owner of a Mr. Tofu matching jewelry set!
I will be emailing you shortly for your contact information so that the lovely Piktorama can send you your goodies.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word.
Until the next giveaway…

Bloody Family Giveaway

I promised you all a super kawaii giveaway last week, and here it is!

I love it when amazing and fun artistry comes from my hometown, so I am proud to say that these little beauties are from Miami-based artist Piktorama’s new brand, Bloody Family. Aren’t they the cutest??? I personally love that this line was inspired by her love for everyone who is different. I can definitely share the sentiment! Up for grabs are both Mr. Tofu wood engraved earrings and matching pendant. All you have to do is enter below & wait impatiently until Tuesday, Jan. 15th when I will announce the winner!

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Rocks Paper Metal!

Question is…does metal beat Spock? ;)

But in all seriousness, how adorable is the lovely Etsy shop, Rocks Paper Metal? I absolutely adore their bright and fun color palette and casually playful designs. And I’m definitely not the only one. The lovely ladies that comprise RPM (sweet moniker), Kat and Diana, were quick to fill me in that their hands are full. And they are not kidding. Each RPM piece is diligently hand made by one of them. Oh, to have these talents….

Thankfully, I come bearing good news! How would you like to get your hands on one of these pretties for a fraction of the price? Kat and Diana were sweet enough to partner up with the blog to offer all readers 15% off! All you have to do is type MELIFICENT at checkout. And as if that wasn’t good enough, you will also receive a little extra surprise in your package!

If you are more of the betting kind, try your luck at the lovely Fashionable ESQ‘s giveaway, where you can win a pair of Rocks Paper Metal earrings!

Update; I snagged this dainty bar bracelet with the code;

{Hunger Games Week}: Mockingjay-inspired Accessories

Parties aren’t the only ones that are being influenced by Suzanne Collins’ epic trilogy, the fashion world is also being inspired to pick up some bow and arrows and play along.  I’m not complaining. I find arrows and birds to be beautiful touches to accessories, not only in the home, but also for wrist and neck candy. I personally want one of each of these lovelies, all found on Etsy, in case you are wondering. I am not beneath begging. ;)

1. Arrow Bracelet – $1.99
2. Silver Arrow & Bird – $50
3. Charms bracelet – $15
4. Deluxe Charm bracelet – $35