Lovable Friday!

1. I’ve always been super mesmerized by the zodiac. My mother had this incredible 70’s era book when I was growing up that physically described each sign (among other things). I was legit obsessed with it. I’m pretty sure I carried it with me everywhere. When I was older, I had my astrological chart read, and although the majority of it was a big flop, I still live for horoscopes. That’s why I immediately was drawn to these beautiful zodiac constellation necklaces from Etsy seller, Iaonato. The one featured above is Leo’s, but of course she has all other signs available – I just decided to share the best one (can you tell which sign is mine?).

2. To quote the newest Sherlock series 3 teaser trailer, “OH MY GOD.” That was basically my reaction when I saw these amazing Sherlock-inspired leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing. I’m really trying to justify a reason to spend $70 on ridiculously loud leggings that I will probably only wear to conventions/geeky events, but I’m coming up short. I’ll probably cave by the time this blog is published though. I’m weak after all.

3. Continuing on the fandom tip, OMGz today’s Tee Fury is just all sorts of perfection. Although I’m late to the party (as usual), the hubs and I started watching the reboot of Doctor Who (starting with the 9th doctor) and I am so unbelievably hooked. More on that later (yeah, it deserves its own dedicated post) though – back to this amazing crossover tee! The Girl in the Fireplace is my favorite episode (so far) of Doctor Who, so I was thrilled to see it mashed up with Harry Potter by none other than the amazing Karen Hallion. This was a no brainer: take my money please and thank you. ps; Can you imagine what a great companion Hermione would make??

4. Talking about those that instantly steal your money, let’s talk about Marc Jacobs continuing his amazing Boston Terrier series. Although I am not complaining (it warms my little heart), my wallet is starting to grumble a bit. Cue this ADORABLE watch. At $267 it’s a stretch (I mean, REALLY?), so I am hoping that someone will rip off the design soon enough. Is that terrible? Oh well.

5. My relationship with Tumblr is touch and go. Sometimes I would flood my blog with 50 posts in a row, sometimes I wouldn’t post for 8 months at a time. I’m back on this bandwagon now (follow me here) and have become immersed in the fangirl explosion that is tumbling (I can use it as a verb, right?). More than likely if you catch me laughing at my computer screen maniacally, I’m on Tumblr compiling more fandom gifs to my already ridiculously large collection. #sorryimnotsorry

Special mention; Benedict Cumberbatch and his ridiculously sexy voice reads lyrics to R. Kelly’s “Genius.”

Lovable Friday

1. Miami’s Vixen Workout; leave it to a Miami girl to put together a 60-minute workout to booty music while rocking sky-high heels for maximum results. But seriously, this is nothing to scoff at. I have not yet attended one of these killer sessions, but I hear they are beyond fun and get your heart rate begging for mercy. Who wants to be my partner in twerk (did I really just use the term twerk)??

2. Unicorn sweater; there are few better things than allowing a unicorn to keep you toasty in chilly weather, am I right? OK, so maybe there are (like Henry Cavill for instance), but right now, it’s all about this amazing unicorn sweater. It’s a little grade school mixed with a little magic, and I clearly must have it for our upcoming European travels. Did I mention my birthday is coming up??

3. My Little Skeleton; by now, you must realize that I am a huge My Little Pony fan. I have a decal on my laptop, I went to Build-a-Bear and created my own Rainbow Dash (she is named Daenerys, naturally) and somewhere, have a collection of all my vintage ponies. So when I saw this anatomical sculpture of a pony, I had a physical reaction. Although there is no glitter, streamers or confetti, as I would imagine would make up one of these bad boys, I approve. 😉

4. Lime Crime; I don’t know what took me so long to discover this FABULOUS beauty line, but just yesterday I stumbled on the pure glory of Lime Crime and their lipsticks, nail polishes and eye makeup. Not only are they fun, wild and fantastic, but their creator, Doe Deere, looks like she stepped straight out of an anime. Does she realize she now has to be my best friend?

5. Critter flats; oh, Marc Jacobs. Why do you toy with my heart? Along with Kate Spade, I’m pretty sure they are well on their way to destroy my bank account. Look at these kitty & mouse flats! Look at them, people! Would you even wear these? They are little works of art. If someone stepped on me while wearing a pair, I think I would go postal. And wait. While searching for a link to share with you all, I discovered he did not stop at cats & mice, but also made BOSTON TERRIER flats to match his iPhone case (which naturally I own). ::waves fist in anger::


What I Wore: Neon in the City

One of my favorite places in LA is the LACMA. I have to visit every time I’m in town and I’m never disappointed with their temporary exhibits. This time we were fortunate enough to enjoy one on Stanley Kubrick and all his legendary films. Can you believe I’ve only seen one (The Shining)??? I have to say, after completely enjoying the entire experience, I totally find myself wanting to immerse myself in his work. Movie marathon!!!

Something else I really enjoy? Sheer shirts with bling! I have no idea what draws me to own so many sheer blouses, but I hope the trend never goes away. It must be my tropical blood – wanting to be covered, but still airy enough to not suffocate in the Miami heat. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case while I was in LA – it was freezing! Shortly after I took these photos, I had to borrow the hubs’ cardigan to shield me from the elements. Before you judge, remember, I’m tropical, OK?

Blouse; H&M {similar}
Jeans; J. Brand {similar}
Loafers; Target {similar}
Ring; Marc Jacobs
Nail Decals; Sally Hansen Mod About You
Sunglasses; Target {similar}

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Lovable Friday!

1. Marc Jacobs Boston Terrier iPhone Case

I definitely had a physical reaction when I saw this BEYOND adorable iPhone case by Marc Jacobs. Usually if a dog is featured on accessories, it’s a Frenchie, so I was so happy to see that Marc Jacobs decided to use our favorite little furries instead! Although the case is a steep $50, I still find myself wanting to move it into my shopping cart. I’m easily swayed.

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Style This! {Conversation Pieces} + a Discount Code!!!

1. Conversation Pieces Oversized Hug Pullover {here}
2. Ban.do Metallic Gold Pom Pom Flower {here}
3. Asos Pointed Cap Toe Wedges {here}
4. Conversation Pieces Skinny Meanie Pant {here}
5. Marc Jacobs bow earrings {here}
6. House of Harlow Crater Necklace {here}

I am loving Conversation Pieces’ new Fall items! I can imagine myself looking out a window with a cup of pumpkin-spiced tea while wearing one of their oversized comfy sweaters and a pair of skinnies. Plus, I love that all their items are so affordably priced, giving everyone the opportunity to look their best for the season. With all the holidays coming up, our wallets will be very thankful.

And I’m giving it an extra reason: a discount code! If you feel the same about the site’s beautiful new arrivals, use code: Melificent to receive free shipping on any order! Pretty sweet deal huh?

I bet your Monday just got a little better.
Your welcome. 😉