{Adventures in Pinteresting}: Dip Dye Pots

I think this is my first adventures in Pinteresting that is not fashion-related – that’s crazy! Now that my test is over, I finally have time to do something I love ever so much: crafting. It’s my form of therapy (along with wine & gluten free cupcakes, of course), and just generally makes me a happier person. The second I saw this DIY on Pinterest, I knew I had to conquer it. It seemed so simple! Seemed.

Getting those lines nice & straight all around the pots was SO hard. But honestly, now that they house some adorable cacti and succulents, you can’t even notice. They are honestly the perfect statement piece for a coffee table, nightstand or to use as a gift, like mentioned in the original post. And aside from the precise tape wrapping skills needed, it is a pretty easy DIY to tackle on a rainy day while listening to your favorite new album (mine? JT’s The 20/20 Experience).

{Adventures in Pinteresting}: Chambray + Maxi

The moment I saw this pin, I knew I had to replicate it! Not only did it look great, but also comfy and appropriate for my current broken-foot-in-cast situation. I decided to wear it to take my certification exam b/c it would keep me warm in the frigid testing room and also keep me comfortable since I was going to be there for 4 hours in a cast. It worked great and made me still look fashionable (which is important after laying on a couch for a week feeling sorry for yourself). I also liked how the tied chambray shirt worked as an alternative to a belt by helping to accentuate a waist. I think I’m going to use & abuse a lot of maxi dresses for the remaining few weeks I will be casted. 😉

Maxi dress; c/o Conversation Pieces
Shirt; Target {similar}
Scarf; Ebay
Headband; The Sourcery via ShopLately
Earrings; Glint & Gleam via ShopLately
Bow cuff; Ebay
Transparent spike cuff; Glint & Gleam via ShopLately

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{Adventures in Pinteresting:} Black & Brown

Say hello to yet another new feature!

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that I absolutely adore Pinterest and use it as a resource for all things. ALL THINGS. So in order to showcase everything Pinterest inspires me to do, I decided to start posting my very own adventures in Pinteresting (see what I did there?). This time I decided to tackle the black jumpsuit with brown accessories that’s been floating around my stream, but with a few little Melificent tweaks.

For one, I decided to dump the plain old brown belt for a leopard one. I mean, nothing really beats animal print accessories when you want to make an impact, am I right? I also chose to go with a more rock ‘n roll vibe with my necklace choice and ditched the classic gold monogram to go with trendy spikes and hardware. Overall, just a more edgy version of the Pinterest inspiration.

My goal for these features is to help all of you realize that you don’t have to be carbon copies of everything you see on Pinterest, but just use them as inspiration to make them your own. And don’t expect just to see fashion picks, but also DIY, home, etc! Super excited to share them all with you!

{DIY Craft Nite}

It had been too long since I hosted a girls only crafting party, so I felt the need to remedy that. This past weekend, I invited some girls over to make our own headbands! We had a blast working from this template, and added some much needed wine and gossip to the mix. Best part? I was able to add some fun details with items I had laying around the house!

My favorite party dino that I painted years back. And an amazing graphic I had the hubs make.

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