Style Crush: Mary Margaret from Once Upon A Time

While feeling sick over the new years festivities, I decided to take the opportunity to catch up on TV. One of those shows was Once Upon A Time, which was recommended to me by almost all my friends. Of course, they know me well because I loved it! Not only does it feed my love of fantasy and fairy tales, but it is from the creators of my most favorite show ever in the universe, Lost. So it’s a win/win. Then throw in Ginnifer Goodwin‘s adorable wardrobe as Mary Margaret (aka; Snow White) and I’m dead.

Seriously, how cute are her outfits??

She always looks adorably geek chic, and that pixie cut she is rocking is just too much.

That’s why I got inspired to put together my own style boards featuring outfits Mary Margaret herself would be proud to parade around in while hanging in Storybrooke, Maine.

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{Adventures in Pinteresting:} Black & Brown

Say hello to yet another new feature!

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that I absolutely adore Pinterest and use it as a resource for all things. ALL THINGS. So in order to showcase everything Pinterest inspires me to do, I decided to start posting my very own adventures in Pinteresting (see what I did there?). This time I decided to tackle the black jumpsuit with brown accessories that’s been floating around my stream, but with a few little Melificent tweaks.

For one, I decided to dump the plain old brown belt for a leopard one. I mean, nothing really beats animal print accessories when you want to make an impact, am I right? I also chose to go with a more rock ‘n roll vibe with my necklace choice and ditched the classic gold monogram to go with trendy spikes and hardware. Overall, just a more edgy version of the Pinterest inspiration.

My goal for these features is to help all of you realize that you don’t have to be carbon copies of everything you see on Pinterest, but just use them as inspiration to make them your own. And don’t expect just to see fashion picks, but also DIY, home, etc! Super excited to share them all with you!

What I Wore: Jewel Tones & Glitter Collars

Oh color. Oh silliness. Why do I love you so? Not really quite sure, but any excuse to bring both those out is one I will surely take and run with. This past weekend was my hubby’s birthday and we put together the infamous Pinterest balloon wall. It came out great, but unfortunately, we were all too busy socializing, drinking wine and enjoying ourselves to remember to snap pictures of people in front of it. What a fail! Oh well, at least I was able to take advantage of it for my outfit post! And I think it may be one of my favorites to date.

Blouse; Marshall’s {similar}
Jeans; Levi’s via Macy’s {similar}
Earrings; Etsy {similar}
Hair bow;
Loafers; Target {similar}
Rings; various/vintage
Polish; Essie’s School of Hard Rocks

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My Summer Essentials

I adore summer. Not only does it bring my birthday, but it means lighter & breezier clothes and a more laid back attitude. Let’s face it, us Miami girls know how to do this time of year right, and I’m loving all the options this season to both have fun and act your age. I figured it had been a while since I had put together a style collage, so here you go! Two very different looks for two very different vibes: fun, flirty and spontaneous & edgy, sexy and mysterious.

Best part? I’ve constructed both looks to be extremely budget friendly! This gives you more cash in your bank account to put towards that vacation to your favorite sunny destination!

Edgy look;
F21 tank; Old Navy maxi skirt; Go Jane sandals; name plate necklace; floppy sun hat; Essie’s No More Film

Fun look;
Chevron romper; Go Jane wedges; triad necklace; chevron stackable rings; Essie’s Bachelorette Bash


Melificent Mentions

So I know I said I would be taking a week-long hiatus, but I couldn’t help but share some of these amazing nods to both myself and the blog. It’s been pretty exciting to see this blog take shape over the past couple of years, and I love having it as my unofficial 2nd job. I’m even more proud of the opportunities that seem to be sprouting all over lately. I can only cross my fingers and hope this string of amazing continues.

Photo credit: Jessica Blaine Smith

Both myself and my girlie outfit for SheCon were featured on Tyra Banks’ beauty and fashion website, Type F. Check out the rest of the slideshow to see other Miami ladies strutting their fashion sense both at the convention and on the streets of Lincoln Road.

I was also published on my first blog outside of Melificent for Ultimate Coupons. I wrote up a post about shopping gluten-free on a budget, which is a topic I am constantly grappling with myself. If you are also anti-wheat, make sure to check it out. Who knows? You may get some pointers! Also, the site has some fabulous ways to cut back on spending without losing style, comfort and fun so make sure to browse around a bit.