Paint Pastel Princess

If anyone gets the reference to the above title, I will love you forever.

I am loving that although it is Winter in most parts of the country, pretty Spring pastels have taken over the world of fashion. Dainty mint, peach, and lavenders are sprinkling all my favorite online boutiques and I am loving it. I imagine wearing these hues while eating brunch with a water view and sipping on a mimosa. Pretty specific, huh? I miss the outside world, OK?

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve stumbled on recently;

1. Christian Siriano heels; 2. Brighton tank; 3. Colorblock shift dress; 4. Unicorn necklace; 5. Mint crossbody; 6. Ombre sweater

To Crop Top or Not?

I remember back in my undergrad days, showing off your belly was totally in vogue.
In fact, I think my mid-section got more airtime than my own face during that time.

And now it seems that the trend has come back in crop tops once more. I’ve seen a lot of young girls sporting the look, and it isn’t always flattering, but I have to admit that I’ve been tempted to purchase one of these lately. I haven’t because I think I may be too old to rock them – my tummy definitely doesn’t look like it used to back in the day, but I’ve encountered some pretty cute styles out there. Then I saw this adorable ensemble on Lookbook, and I kind of fell in love:

So what do you guys think?
Should these tops be left to teens & college students in their early 20’s or
can an almost-30-year-old own this look?

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