Nerdy Must Haves


Unicorn garland; I’m pretty sure NoodleDollNelly is the cutest shop on Etsy. Ever. All their items are sure to make you smile ear to ear, and if they don’t, you may not have a soul. Sorry. One of my favorites of theirs is the unicorn garland. It would make the cutest addition to your little girl’s room, or lets be honest, your own room. You could also use it for photoshoots, parties, team meetings (if you are the best boss ever), etc. You get my drift. Unicorns are multipurpose. Get on my level.

Crybaby Usagi pin; Sure, Usagi is super annoying during her cry baby early years. But it’s what makes her transformation even more satisfying. If you are a little on the emotional side (and boy am I ever after becoming a mom), you will definitely appreciate her sad visage on your denim jacket in the form of this killer pin. Also, check out the rest of elorasaurus‘ shop – it’s full of adorable.

Mother of Wildlings tank; Everyone is hyped for Game of Thrones, and everyone has seen the “Mother of Dragons” tanks, tees, totes, everything. I like this new take on the “mother of” series. Ygritte was the best, and we all still miss her sass and power, so who wouldn’t want to birth a wildling? I used to want a dragons shirt, but this is one is now top of my list.

Happiest Rey on Earth tee; I am a huge fan of BeepBoopBeep Clothing, and this is one of my favorite designs. It actually made me tear up a little when I first saw it! Rey entering The Magic Kingdom with little BB8 in tow! I definitely am going to snag one of these for Luna’s first birthday (she’s going to visit the Mouse!), and I may have us rock a little matchy matchy action – just don’t tell the hubs! 😉


ps; Happy May the 4th!!!


Lovable Friday

1. DIY Desk Organizer

For all of us that have an ::ahem:: love of writing instruments, it can tend to get out of hand. Case in point: I am currently looking at about 15 pens and pencils cluttering my supposed dining room table centerpiece tray. That is definitely not where they belong, and it is flat out embarrassing. That’s why I love this super easy DIY consisting of toilet paper rolls and an old shoe box. Hello! Adorable pen/pencil/marker holder that will no longer leave you ashamed in no time!

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