My Geeky Valentine

I know a lot of you tout Valentine’s Day as a commercialized and ridiculous holiday. When I was single, I hated it. When I was in relationships, I hated it. It’s only now, as an old lady fart that I have grown to appreciate this holiday about love. Because it’s all around us, people. It doesn’t have to be romantic love – just a day to appreciate all the love surrounding you. Because trust me, every single one of us is circled by amazing people and animals that love us as much as we do them. So take the time out to step back and give thanks to the universe for that because it’s pretty special.

And aside from that, you get to wear pink! And hearts! The 14th really could be worse, amirite?ย Here’s my round up of pretty amazing geek-centric Valentine’s goodies;


Moon of my life tank | Galentine’s Day card | Fictional character brooch
Parks & Rec wall hanging | Pixel heart clutch
Spooky Mulder pin | Star Wars pillowcases | Harry Potter brooch boyfriend

I Heart You

Next weekend is Valentine’s Day, which means your life will get a little extra dose of sweet, whether it comes in the form of having an excuse to overindulge in chocolate or to wear your favorite heart-emblazoned ensemble. Either way, enjoy it. I know I definitely didn‘t enjoy the holiday growing up since I lacked greatly in the significant other department for some time. Little admission: one year while in college, I actually stayed home “sick” because I didn’t want to see all the girls with their flowers, balloons, etc. walking around campus making me feel even more lonely and lame.

Now as an adult, I can appreciate all the little idiosyncrasies of the holiday. It’s a time to acknowledge all the love in your life, whether it be romantic or otherwise. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship, I can wager to say that you – all of you – are surrounded by love in one way or another. Embrace that on February 14th.

& with that, here’s a roundup of all my favorite heart-themed items to rock all year round;

Top; Love shirt || Nail decals || Heart pillow
Bottom; Heart flats || Heart wallet || Heart sweater

Valentines Wish List

I don’t need much more reason to dress girly, so Valentine’s Day just puts me in overdrive. Heart patterns and sweet shades all around cause me to lose a little control. As for the holiday itself? I could do without. I’ve never really been a fan whether I was single or crazy in love. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress the part! Plus, I heard the hubs is taking me to Michy’s this year. I can handle that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some of my favorite v-day inspirations;

1. Anika Burke Heart Back Dress; 2. Anika Burke Heart Front Dress; 3. Heart Ring; 4. mini hearts; 5. Mini glitter notebook


1. Smitten Sweater; 2. Glitter heart clutch; 3. je t’aime necklace; 4. Scalloped wedges; 5. Heart Sleeved Sweater; 6. Cross My Heart bobbi pin

For more choice Valentine’s Day picks, check out The Fashionable ESQ‘s round up!

What I Wore: Keys Date

The hubs and I do Valentine’s…our way. This usually means something very low-key – remember the IKEA date? Or the stay-at-home foodie fest? Well, this year we decided at the very last minute to drive down to the Florida Keys and just bum around, enjoying the pure beauty of one of our favorite places. And what a perfect day! It was bright, sunny and chilly (we don’t get that trio often), and we were in heaven.

I’ve also finally gotten over my fear of colored denim and have jumped straight to blinding love. I was totally inspired by this Polyvore collage to pair animal print with my new absolutely favorite green pants – and who knew: it worked! I’ll slowly become braver and attempt color blocking in the future, but baby steps for now! I especially loved that I matched with all the local decor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Valentine’s Day 2011

I’ve been hearing a lot of negative comments this year about Valentine’s Day, but I have to admit that I really enjoy the holiday, mostly due to the fact that the hubs and I celebrate it a little more non-traditionally. We don’t make reservations at a fancy resturant, we don’t wear matching outfits, we don’t buy each other flowers and stuffed bears. We try our best to celebrate our love in a low key, yet romantic way.

Last year, we had a picnic in our soon-to-be-home, followed by a trip to IKEA and a home-cooked dinner while playing Star Trek scrabble. Awesome? I know.

Hot pink festooning; || Heart garland; Etsy seller restlessheartscrafts || DIY stick-wrapping

This year, it was my turn. I decided to decorate the dining area in all things pink & red, and try my hand at both breakfast and dinner. It was a daunting task, but surprisingly a success! Granted, the hubs helped me a lot, but I was impressed with my growing abilities in the kitchen.

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