What I Wore: Batman & Bows

January 17th, 2013 | Posted in Fashion, Personal by Meli

Maybe those two things don’t go together for everyone, but for me? Why not! Batman enjoys glamor, does he not? Heh. Either way, I haven’t gotten dressed in normal clothes for 3 weeks now, so I jumped at the chance to have a mini-date with the hubs this past Sunday. Sure, it included washing our cars and buying nail polish, but we did sneak in some drinks & snacks at a local brewhouse. It was nice and a welcome change from my caged animal status. Great news? It will be over in a little over a week! That means more posts and more outfits to share. Everyone, rejoice! ;)

Tee; Zara – sold out everywhere! :(
Jeans; J. Brand
Loafers; Target {similar}
Cuff; Glint & Gleam via ShopLately.com {similar}
Earrings; Forever 21 {similar}
Polish; Essie’s Blue Rhapsody

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Lovable Friday!

August 26th, 2011 | Posted in Art, DIY, Fashion, Home by Meli

1. Painted words as art

Like I’ve mentioned before, our walls are pretty bare in our home. It’s just so expensive to fill them up with nice, quality art. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of all these great wall art DIY’s going around, and I especially love this idea from Oh Happy Day. Who would have thought that writing your favorite quote using a paintbrush would look so elegant and refined? Both the hubs and I are big fans of simplicity and minimalism, so this project could not fit our style any more perfectly. This is one of those projects I’m definitely going to be attempting soon! Now to pick the quote…

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Lovable Friday

June 17th, 2011 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Party Planning by Meli

1. Geronimo Balloons

I’m a big fan of balloons. They just really set the mood and tone for a fun festivity. That’s why my jaw dropped when I discovered Geronimo balloons. They are nothing short of magical: huge and perfectly round 36 inch spheres, tied with glittery, gorgeous, fairy-like streamers of wonder. Yes, I am in love. Want to know more? Such a sweet story.

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Zara + Color = Love

April 21st, 2011 | Posted in Fashion by Meli

How much am I loving the new Zara line?
All the bright, vibrant colors? The light, breezy fabrics?
Oh please, ye fashion gods, shine down some good fortune. Or at least a money
tree to support my habit.

Lovable Friday!

March 25th, 2011 | Posted in Art, DIY, Fashion, Geekery by Meli

1. Derby Lite

This concept is just killer. I am always looking for new, fun and unique ways to work out. Unfortunately, bobbing on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes just does not do it for me. I get bored and restless at about the 6 minute mark. Cue Derby Lite! It’s a workout based on roller derby, only without the aggressive hits. Each 2-hour workout includes off-skates conditioning, dynamic warm-ups, on-skates skills and drills, upper body strength exercises and cool-down stretching (aka; not boring). Unfortunately, Derby Lite is not offered in Miami (wah!), but you can submit a form requesting that your city be added. I did, and you should too!

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