Cosplay: SnotGirl

As most of you know by now, I attended MegaCon Tampa Bay last weekend and it was ridiculously fun! It was the first time I was away (overnight) from Luna, so I’m not going to lie: I cried as we drove away from my house, but I was proud of myself for enjoying a little bit of “me time.”  I knew I wanted to cosplay, but when I travel, I don’t like to do anything too elaborate.


I recently got very obsessed with the new comic from Image, SnotGirl. If you aren’t familiar, it’s about a fashion blogger that portrays herself as being totally put together and fabulous, but really has raging allergies and zero self confidence. Of course, there is a lot more to the story, but I don’t want to spoil it for you all because I totally recommend you all start reading it RIGHT NOW. But, anyways, the second I started reading this comic, I knew I wanted to cosplay as Lottie. I mean, a fashion blogger? DUH.


This had to be my easiest cosplay to date. I had everything I needed in my closet, except for the wig, which I scored through Amazon Prime and a box of Kleenex, that I picked up that very morning. Sure, not a lot of people knew who I was (shout out to the two guys that got super jazzed to see it), but I absolutely loved it. I’ll probably rock this cosplay again, and try to feature her other outfits. Thanks to everyone that showed me love about it on Instagram!

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What I Wore: Murder Boyfriend


One thing is for certain in this crazy world: there will never be a shortage of fun at Geek Girl Brunch Miami. Getting to plan geeky events all over Miami with my best friend is really the best stress relief possible, and this month’s brunch was a blast! Since it was October, we decided to make the theme Murder Boyfriends, a term coined from the depths of Tumblr to describe Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham’s relationship on Fuller’s Hannibal. Naturally, I had to casually cosplay as my favorite cannibal.

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Florida Supercon 2016 Outfits

A couple of weeks ago, Miami welcomed Florida Supercon to Miami Beach during 4th of July weekend. I hadn’t been to a con in a year (!!!), so it was nice to be back in my element socializing with fellow geeks! I also had the opportunity to sit on my first panel that I organized myself with some ladies I really admire, which can now be crossed off the bucket list. All in all, it was a great weekend and look out for more posts detailing my experience coming up next week on the blog!

For now, check out the outfits I put together for each day I attended the con:



Kylo Tee; Jordan Dene
Detachable Peter Pan collar; eBay
High waist jeans; Forever 21
Internet pin; Tumblr
I Rebel pin; Geek Girl Gang
Nail polish; Essie’s No More Film
Lipstick; Colourpop’s Bootie


Friday was my day to wander the Con all by my lonesome, check out the exhibit floor and get my first convention-based tattoo! I knew I wanted to be comfortable, but also show my geek side. As usual, my immediate go-to was a Jordan Dene tee, because what else is there?? I threw on my favorite of my extensive collection and made it chic by adding my favorite peter pan collar paired with fun pins.

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What I Wore: Princess Peach


I promise my next style post will be something other than what I put together for a Geek Girl Brunch event. Promise.

But until then, I did put together a pretty easy casual cosplay for our most recent Videogame themed brunch. I grew up a Nintendo kid, and that never really changed as I became an adult. My husband (then boyfriend) bought me a GameCube to take with me to grad school when I moved away to Pensacola, and it literally became my best friend. I felt really isolated when I moved to a new city, and spent most of my nights either studying, typing away at another emo Livejournal post, binge watching TV shows, reading Harry Potter or playing games on my GameCube with the volume on mute and my music of choice blaring (it was usually 30 Seconds to Mars at that time). When we moved in together, we were one of those freaks that stood in line forever and bum rushed a Toy R Us to get our hands on a Wii console. We still have it and I refuse to get rid of it. Nintendo has been with me always, and I’m pretty sure that’s never going to change. That’s why I decided I had to be one of my beloved Mario Kart characters. I always played either as Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad, so I chose the Princess (naturally). 😉

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