What I Wore: Hedge Witch

I love falling in love with new fandoms. The Magicians is definitely a new(ish?) obsession. The second I saw the promo image on my OnDemand, I was hooked. So hooked, I watched a sneak peek of the first episode a couple of weeks before it aired on SyFy. It hasn’t disappointed since. It comes as no surprise that I am addicted to fantasy and witchcraft, so this spoke to my fangirl soul on so many levels. Also, can we talk about how GORGEOUS the cast is? I am obsessed with all of them. My true SDCC 2017 tragedy was not running into them at some point.

Bodysuit; Gypsy Warrior {no longer available}
Skirt; Nordstrom Rack {similar}
Socks, hat + Booties; Forever 21

With that said, my last Geek Girl Brunch Miami event (read more about it here) was a visit to Fillory. Our backdrop was the beautiful Barnacle Park in Coconut Grove, and although scorching hot, we had a great time. I decided to pay my compliments to Marina, my absolute favorite hedge witch and bad ass bitch.  I had all these pieces in my closet already (that witch life), so it was definitely one of my easiest GGB outfits to date!

Is this a tut? Am I doing this right?

What I Wore: Not All Who Wander Are Lost


Photo by; One Tiny Dinosaur

It’s always so fun to host Geek Girl Brunch Miami events. It’s become my one mama’s day out a month, so I enjoy it for all it’s worth! This month’s brunch was mine to plan, and being my birthday month, I decided to go with my first real-true-Internetworthy-hardcore fandom: Lord of the Rings. I remember joining Livejournal during the LOTR craze, and fangirling hard. I mean, my birthday cake had Frodo’s face plastered on it for my 21st and I stalked all fanpages possible for the entire cast. I still consider all of them my little babies, and love to see them all doing well. At one point, my screen name was “hobbitluv,” so yeah. It was serious stuff.

I knew I wanted to honor Frodo in a casual cosplay way (guys, it is HOT for a hobbit cloak, ok?) so I went boho. I made sure pieces I chose were flowy and comfy to emulate hobbit garb, and matched the colors of Frodo’s outfit. I paired it with my beloved Sting replica from The Noble Collection, and absolutely love the way it all turned out. I also love that I can use all the pieces again repeatedly because they are so cute, versatile and comfortable!

Boho top; Amazon
Maxi skirt; Amazon
Shoes; c/o Yellowbox {similar}
Accessories; Geek Girl Brunch Miami
Hair crown; DIY by friend
Lipstick; Colourpop’s Solow
Nails; Essie’s School of Hard Rocks

What I Wore: The Last Unicorn


As usual, Geek Girl Brunch days are my favorite days. It provides a creative outlet for my mind, and allows for some very coveted “me” time. Being an officer has been so fulfilling, and I can’t wait to continue planning some killer events with my bestie. With that said, I knew exactly what I was going to go for when we started planning for a Fantastic Beasts-themed brunch. I had gotten this incredible unicorn headpiece as part of a SDCC swag bag from The Fashionably Nerdy party. The minute I saw it, I was obsessed but had never had the opportunity to use it. Achievement: unlocked.


I challenged myself to find the rest of the outfit in my own closet, which turned out to be a cinch. I love my two tulle skirts so that was a given, and paired with my favorite basic crop top and pointy flats, I was ready to channel those dark + mystical unicorn vibes. I had extra fun with my makeup and realized hot pink eyeshadow can be a great every day look (I’m totally serious).


Not going to lie, I may attempt to rock this look on the daily in hopes that I may actually magically transform into a unicorn, so you have been warned.

Crop top; Top Shop {similar}
Tulle skirt; Jane.com {similar}
Flats; Melissa {similar}
Unicorn Horn; Firefly Path
Necklace; Rocksbox
Lips; Colourpop’s Tickler {no longer available}


MegaCon Tampa Bay 2016 Cosplays

I’ve shared all my outfit and cosplay posts from MegaCon Tampa Bay, but now it’s time for everyone else! There was seriously so many amazing cosplays at this con. At times, I would just park myself in a certain spot so I could check out everyone’s amazing work. Some made me gasp, some laugh and others wish I had a different skill set. Overall, I’m pretty stoked I attended this con, and good news! It’ll be back in Tampa next Sept. 29-Oct. 1st. Too early to start planning? Can David Tennant be invited again? Until next time, here are some of my favorite cosplays of the weekend!




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