Life with Luna: Selfish Mama’s


Luna is 19 months and inching closer and closer to two. Two. How is this happening and how did we get here? It’s both so exciting to see her grow and learn, and so heart wrenching how quickly time has passed. She has definite interests (Mickey Mouse, Elena of Avalor, PJ Masks and My Little Pony), and a budding personality (fierce, but loving), and is finally(!!!) starting to speak. As she has evolved, so have I. I used to be worried about having a child because I was always very selfish. I was the baby of the family and always very coddled. I was never taught anything otherwise.

Tank; Old Navy
Pants; Uniqlo {similar}
Sunglasses; Cat + Jack
Sneakers; Converse

Funny thing is, I have realized that although someone now comes before me always, and I do it without thinking twice, I need to be more selfish than ever. Huh? Well you see, I have to think about what kind of mother I will be to my child. I have to think about me and what my needs are to be the best mom I can be for Luna, because if I don’t feel right, I cannot be 100% there for my child. This new form of selfish has been something that I have found very difficult to tune into. Life often gets in the way, as do emotions. You often feel trapped into doing things that seem pre-packaged as what you “have to do,” but only create barriers. I am working on honing in on what I need to make myself a better person, a better mother, because I feel like everything is moving so fast, and I am missing so much.



Working mama’s: how do you cope with seeing things fly by at rapid speeds?

Life with Luna: Supercalifragilistic


I know these posts initially started to highlight what Luna was wearing, but it has kind of turned into a very vulnerable window into my life as a mother at different points in Luna’s life. And I’m pretty OK with that. What I’m not OK with at the moment? Transitions.


I’m not going to lie and say that I have everything under control. I don’t.
I wish I could be home with my daughter more than anything in the world. Going back to work full time was not an easy choice. I know I was lucky enough to be able to wait until she was over a year old to make the transition, but it has been just as difficult. I cry. A lot. Like, almost every day. Sometimes it hits me mid day when I’m using the bathroom at work. Sometimes I cry the entire way to work. Having to deal with problems at her current daycare have only made matters worse. So things have been very emotional over here these days, and that is putting it very lightly. Compile other extraneous (and unnecessary) stressors and sometimes I feel like my sanity is being chipped off slowly.


However, in the same breath, Luna is spectacular. Our moments during the week when we are together are so special and peppered with so many giggles and hugs. Our routines are smooth, and she is for the most part, a very happy and sweet little toddler. She is still my “wild child,” often running around faster than I can believe and not wanting to hold my hand, but so so loving and amazing. Breathing her in when she is sitting on my lap is better than any anti-anxiety medication, although I still abide by my one-drink-a-night-to-stay-sane rule.


Overall, life is messy. And I don’t have it figured out.
But it’s my mess, with my favorite people. And it’s not really a mess. It’s just life.

Onesie; c/o Younglings
Pants + Cardigan; Target {no longer available}
Shoes; Converse
Hat; H+M {not available online}


ps; any other mommies have lengths of time where they are extremely emotional?

What I Wore: Be Our Guest


I was very excited to take control of the Disney Princess brunch for Geek Girl Brunch Miami. My life has been encompassed by Disney since having a child, and I have no shame when I say that Luna is a Disney kid. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Elena of Avalor. Although Belle is definitely not my favorite princess (I know, gasp), I had to honor the new film by snagging this adorable replica of Belle’s famous gold dress for Lulu. I also LOVED the movie. Anyone else?

It was also the first time I wore a petticoat (ouch, itchy), and I loved feeling so flouncy and feminine. It was also sweet to see so many little girls looking at me like I truly came out of one of their fairytales. I can’t recommend Bonne Chance Collections enough for your kawaii clothing needs. I am beyond obsessed after making this purchase, and am pretty sure I’m just going to fill my closet with a bunch of their creations. As if you needed it, there is currently a flash sale going on – everything is $29.99! Thank me (or hate me) later.

Dress; Bonne Chance Collections {similar}
Petticoat; Amazon
Luna’s dress; Target
Luna’s shoes; Mini Melissa {similar}




Nerdy Must Haves


You didn’t think I had forgotten about this month’s must haves, did you?
Absolutely NOT.

1. Princess Leia leotards; I’ve already expressed my love for The Daily Threads on this blog often enough, but I just can’t stop raving about one of their newest designs: a tribute to one of the most kick ass princesses in the galaxy. I think it is the perfect outfit for your little one to rock while visiting any of the Disney parks or for a Star Wars themed party. I can’t wait to get one for little Lu.

2. Expelliarmus pennant; I cannot love this little pennant banner anymore. Sure, the pennant trend must be on its way out if the Target dollar spot is housing a bunch (wink nudge), but I’ll be damned if I don’t get one of these for some room of my house (I’ll find any excuse). Best part? It’s currently on sale!

3. Death Star heart pin; As everyone’s pin game continues to rage strong, I am working on compiling the most epic collection for my fandom jacket by the time I am visiting SDCC this year. It’s pretty amazing at the moment, but I feel like it could be so much better. That’s why I’m definitely adding this adorable Star Wars themed pin to it soon!

4. Legion on FX; This show totally sideswiped me, but I am completely and utterly obsessed. The styling, the imagery, the direction: everything is so flawless, it’s almost impossible to believe it is real. After seeing so many Xmen ventures tank, it’s really nice to see one done the way it should. Does anyone else already have a huge cosplay list just from the two first episodes?


Life with Luna: This Kid


Hello fellow freaks and geeks! Good news: I’m alive! My schedule has drastically changed, causing me to not have a lot of time to post frequently, but fear not! I will still have a post a week – you can’t get rid of me that easy. 😉


With that said, I now appreciate my weekends even more. I try my best not to schedule too many extra-curriculars so that I can spend them with the people that matter the most: my little family. Luna has become increasingly difficult to dine with (what do you mean I can’t grab everything on the table and toss it all over the place?), and just wants to run, run…run every time we are in a public space (and don’t try to hold her hand…), but we still find the special moments within the maddening ones. You have to, amirite?

Tees; This Kid Clothing Co. {1 & 2}
Pants; Target

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