Review: Walgreens’ Vixen’s Kiss Lip Color Set (Maleficent)


Hey everyone!
I picked up a pretty rad lip color set from Walgreens last week and wanted to share the results with all of you! Enjoy my first makeup review on the YouTube channel and please let me know what you think! I’d love to do more of these and incorporate more YouTube action into this blog. If you like what you saw, definitely subscribe to The Fangirl Diaries channel & share with your geeky girlfriends!

ps; you will see a huge decline in posts very very soon, but please stick with me! I’ll be getting acquainted with my new baby girl and adjusting to all the new demands of motherhood. I’ll be back on schedule before you know it!

My Beauty Favorites

photo 1

I decided to share my beauty regime now that I am pregnant because I know it can be difficult to first, feel pretty while pregnant and second, to find products you can still use while pregnant. Since I’ve been off the pill for a year, my skin has tapered off in terms of severe breakouts, but I can still suffer from occasional mild acne. This caused an issue since you cannot use any products with salicylic acid while pregnant. This basically includes all acne fighting cleansers and creams. What is a hormonal girl to do? Easy. Check out my favorites that I cannot live a day without below – they have worked like a charm for me and I’ve even achieved that “pregnancy glow” some days. Hope this helps, fellow expectant moms!


I am not afraid to admit it: I’m a Lushie. They just opened a store only about 15-20 minutes away from me so it’s kind of been dangerous. I can’t recommend their bath bombs enough, especially after stressful days (they have become my replacement for a bottle glass of wine), but their beauty products are the real winners here. I use Ocean Salt about twice a week as my main facial cleanser. It smells absolutely amazing and is an extremely rough scrub that will remove all those pesky blackheads leaving your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom (no joke – sometimes I just stroke my face afterwards). About once a week, I use Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner before finishing my shower. This smells even MORE amazing than the scrub and leaves your entire skin silky smooth for the entire day. Sometimes I leave this for when I’m going to wear something that exposes a lot of skin.  It also helps soothe those frequent belly itches!

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Miami Swim Week: Ford Beauty Suite & Inglot

This week is the always hectic, but always fun Miami Swim Week! This week’s events started for me yesterday at the Ford Beauty Suite and Inglot’s Beauty Lounge. Although I’m a very girly girl, I don’t pamper myself often, so it was super nice to be able to kick back and get a little pretty for a few hours. Granted, Miami tried to throw a wrench in that equation with our daily rainstorms, but god dammit, we were not having it! The party started onboard an amazing yacht in Miami Beach with some pretty outrageous vendors.

I loved the Intermix pop up shop, with some gorgeous pieces from such designers as Moschino, and those great striped sunglasses from Illesteve Leonard. Totally in love.

Also, check out this neck candy. So much beauty, so little time, folks.

I’m all for Voga Prosecco by the way, although not surprised after loving their Pinot Grigio for a couple of years now.

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Beachy Necessities

Think of this as a “what’s in your bag” beach edition. For us Miami natives, beach season is year round (go ahead, hate away), but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy it that much more in the summer. The summer months mean you play with your work/school schedule enough to give yourself the time to hit up South Beach or The Florida Keys more than usual. I subscribe to this way of thinking.

Being raised with my toes in the sand and always having an extra bathing suit in my trunk, I know what should and should not be in your beach bag. And I’m here to share the wealth with you today. So dust off that tote, and get a few sit ups in because we are headed to the coast, lovely readers!

1. Maxi dress; a maxi is the perfect go-to for beach days. It’s light, comfortable & doesn’t take up any room when packing. Plus, they usually look great layered over an adorable bikini. This one from Conversation Pieces just screams sunshine & fruity drinks (you know, the ones with umbrellas in them).
2. Bright sunnies; to me, sunglasses should make a statement, and what better way than with a bold color? Make sure they don’t clash though – these tangerine shades work great against my maxi’s tropical pattern (similar).
3. Fedora; even though you will be applying plenty of sunscreen, any extra (fashionable) coverage from the sun is always welcome. A hat is the perfect way to do so! I absolutely love this multi-colored fedora because it goes with almost everything in my closet (no longer available, but try an equally versatile black one)!
4. Fun mini wallet; save space in your bag for big, bulky beach towels by shrinking all necessities, including your wallet! It’s not like you are going to need everything in your every day wallet while laying out and drinking piña coladas, so keep it small and basic. I am still squee-ing over this adorable Boston Terrier wallet from Target.
5. Neon sandals; it’s Miami! You gotta inject some sort of neon into your wardrobe. For those of you that may be a little neon-shy, a pair of fluorescent-hued sandals may scratch the itch in a more subdued way (similar).
6. Sunscreen; as mentioned before, gotta take care of that skin! Although tans are nice, cancer is not.
7. Travel-sized perfume; I don’t know where I’d be without my Travalo. Probably stinking up the entire car after a long day in the sun, that’s where.
8. Instax film; although I recommend sitting back and enjoying what nature has to offer at the beach (after some envy-inducing selfies naturally), sometimes it’s fun to take some souvenirs home – and I’m not talking seashells. Ocean spray and sunshine always make for the perfect Polaroid backdrop, so take advantage and bring along your favorite camera and some film (if needed). Or you can use your phone & mosey on over to the Polaroid Fotobar to convert technological savvy into vintage memories.
9. Perfectly-sized tote; it’s the beach. Pack light! A medium sized bag is all you’ll need to tote these essentials – anything bigger will just cramp your style (and your shoulder)!

What I Wore: Easter Sunday

My godson (& nephew) was out of town for Easter, so we didn’t have much to do. We are not overly religious people (both raised cafeteria Catholic), so the holiday surrounds this little guy and watching him pop open eggs that usually have some sort of small die cast car in them. This year is a little different – I packed his eggs full of Pokemon cards instead to give him at a later date. ;)

As a substitution, we had my mom over for wine and a hangout sesh. We were initially going to watch Catching Fire (my mom is a recent Hunger Games addict), but just never got around to it. We had way too much catching up to do! It was nice and relaxing, as well as reassuring. No matter how old you are, it always feels nice to have your mom hold your hand and tell you things will be and are better. Am I right?

Crop top; H&M {similar}
Maxi skirt; c/o Conversation Pieces
Sandals; Enzo Angiolini {similar}
Accessories; assorted
Eye makeup; c/o BA Star

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