January Favorites

Ask and you shall receive! I hope you all enjoy my new YouTube series where I share my monthly favorites with you all: from beauty to baby! Please, please show your support and thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel (The Fangirl Diaries). Elsie and I hope to start up our podcasts and reviews again very soon, but in the meantime, all my Melificent videos will be uploaded under the Melificent.com playlist. :)

I Did a Thing: Manic Panic Tutorial

IMG_7380 copy

Being a new mama, I don’t have the time I used to. Perfect example is my salon adventures. Before I used to spend 4-6 hours at the salon every other month or so re-touching my ombre in whatever fashion color my little heart desired. I cannot afford to do that anymore (both in regards to time and finances), so I decided to be a little brave and do a thing. Namely, try to do my own ombre.

I got this idea from all my hours of watching  YouTube lately (mainly from this video), and it looked pretty doable so I decided to give it a shot. Before I go into what I did, I must stress from the bottom of my little heart that I advise you go to a salon to get your ombre initially done. This was quick and dirty for me because my hair was already bleached by my amazing stylist. Please don’t try to bleach your hair into an ombre style on your own. I’ve seen some pretty scary results.

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Inaugural EC Boom Box


I was so stoked to hear that Espionage Cosmetics was launching their own subscription service full of geek makeup and accessories. For those of you not in the know, Espionage is the premiere retailer for all things both geeky and girly.  They even made the hop from online to brick and mortar by opening up their own shop in Washington, The Geek Boutique. Their next endeavor, however, was one that spoke to my heart: a subscription box full of makeup, lifestyle items and accessories inspired by geekdom ($30/month). I was sold! So were a lot of others, apparently, because the first box sold out pretty quickly. I’m glad I was able to sneak my way in and snag a spot in time – the first box was so much fun!

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Melificent’s Ultimate Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays! They are upon us, geek girls. There is no denying it any longer. They are here, and you must brace yourselves. Braving the mall may be something on your list of December to-do’s, but I honestly rather sit at home with no pants and a bottle of wine and knock out my list with efficiency (and a nice buzz). If there are any geek girls on your list (of course there are), I’ve compiled a really fun guide of some of my favorite finds for a variety of different ladies.  Happy gifting!


Know a geek girl that likes to express her fandoms through subtle (or not so subtle) accessories? These are some of my favorite details that will add the boom pow to any outfit! A lot of these also make great stocking stuffers!

1. BB-8 Clutch | 2. Subscription to Fandom of the Month Club | 3. Death Star Earrings | 4. Magical Girl Necklace | 5. Potter Socks

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Review: Walgreens’ Vixen’s Kiss Lip Color Set (Maleficent)


Hey everyone!
I picked up a pretty rad lip color set from Walgreens last week and wanted to share the results with all of you! Enjoy my first makeup review on the YouTube channel and please let me know what you think! I’d love to do more of these and incorporate more YouTube action into this blog. If you like what you saw, definitely subscribe to The Fangirl Diaries channel & share with your geeky girlfriends!

ps; you will see a huge decline in posts very very soon, but please stick with me! I’ll be getting acquainted with my new baby girl and adjusting to all the new demands of motherhood. I’ll be back on schedule before you know it!