The Outfits of SDCC 2017

You might as well cue those post con blues because I’m feeling them, geeks.
It’s very hard to put my thoughts and feelings about this con into words. It was very different from others. I sat (nervously) on my first panel, I met incredibly talented people, cosplayed for the first time (in SD) and had a lot of fun. It was my first extensive amount of time away from my daughter (oh, I cried), and helped me gain some confidence with my projects.

Unfortunately, the one thing that went wrong while at con this year (aside from not running into the cast of The Magicians – whomp whomp) is that my extra lithium battery and charger were confiscated without my knowledge when I had to check my bag at the very last minute before boarding to San Diego. This meant I could barely take photos with my Canon while I was there – leaving only my iPhone to do the work. It was a big bummer, but I made the best of it!

I have to say I struggled to put together outfits for this trip. I thought they were all “eh” at best, with juggling a very demanding 9-5, Geek Girl Gang and a toddler. However, I loved the way they all ended up coming together, and wanted to share them all with you!

Day 1;
Tee – Geek Girl Gang
Shorts – Old Navy


Nite 1;
Vintage crop – 1138 Clothing
Skirt – Lularoe

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FanMailBox Unboxing: June’s Just For Laughs

Not sure if I have ever mentioned it on this blog, but I am pretty hard to impress when it comes to the comedy front. I tend to start comedies and grow tired of their humor within a season or two. That’s why when I really like a comedy – I reaaaallllly like it. I was so happy to see that a lot of those favorites were included in June’s FanMailBox, Just For Laughs.

The box was also celebrating the company’s 2nd anniversary, so there were a lot of goodies, like sunglasses, a pen, button, pin + tote bag emblazoned with the FanMail logo. Alongside the birthday surprises were a Dunder Mifflin travel mug, Broad City enamel pin, Friends greeting card set, Mean Girls’ Burn Book notebook, Psych “celebration kit,” a Princess Bride inspired candle, and a Pawnee Goddess tee (not pictured because I wore that ish the second I had a chance).

Overall it was such a fun box, and if you get a chance, definitely swing by their booth (4539) at Comic Con this weekend! There will be some great exclusives to snag!


This is it, geek babes. 
I’ll be on my way to SDCC tomorrow so I hope I’ll get to meet a lot of you in person! Don’t forget I’ll be on a panel on Friday at 1pm with some pretty amazing designers and bloggers talking geek fashion. I’ll be sipping on cocktails, shopping, cosplaying and generally fangirling the EFF OUT for the rest of the weekend. Follow along with the wild rumpus on my Instagram!

SDCC 2017 Roll Call


I used to go to San Diego Comic Con every other year.
Getting pregnant and having Luna kind of changed that tradition, but I am so happy that I’ll be back this year! Many people quote Disney as the happiest place on Earth, but to me it’s definitely SDCC.  Sure, it’s pure insanity and 4-5 days of day drinking, constant activity/partying and little to no sleep, but I would not have the experience play out any other way. Sensory overload is probably the best way to describe a true Comic Con experience. Throw in the fact that I have not gone into the convention in about 5 years and yep: I feel like a rookie again.

Despite my born again SDCC-ness, check out my tips for what you should bring/expect here and what you can wear here + here.

Who else will be in attendance? I’d love to meet + hang out with you all!
I also can’t wait to share all my SDCC 2017 outfits and events in the weeks to come.

Hatch Miami


After a long time of contemplating it, I finally took the plunge and decided to participate as a vendor at a local fair. My fellow Geek Girl Brunch Miami officers got accepted as vendors into Hatch Miami, which is a fair targeted at supporting local women in the city. You had to be a woman to be accepted into the event, and when I decided to participate, not only as a Geek Girl Brunch officer, but also as a business owner for Geek Girl Gang, I had no idea how positive the experience would be.

It was so refreshing and inspiring to be around other creatives. And not only creatives, but women. It felt like a big supportive family. I was able to meet some people I had never seen outside of social media, and make some new friendships as well with a lot of talented ladies. It made me more confident about my decision to open the shop back up and feed this creative monster within me. I can’t wait to soldier forward with new ideas and a surer mindset.
Although I’m not sure when the next event will be, I strongly urge you to keep your eyes peeled and attend if you are a South Florida local!