MegaCon Tampa Bay 2016 Cosplays

I’ve shared all my outfit and cosplay posts from MegaCon Tampa Bay, but now it’s time for everyone else! There was seriously so many amazing cosplays at this con. At times, I would just park myself in a certain spot so I could check out everyone’s amazing work. Some made me gasp, some laugh and others wish I had a different skill set. Overall, I’m pretty stoked I attended this con, and good news! It’ll be back in Tampa next Sept. 29-Oct. 1st. Too early to start planning? Can David Tennant be invited again? Until next time, here are some of my favorite cosplays of the weekend!




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Hello Kitty Cafe Truck: Miami

The Hello Kitty Cafe truck made its way to Miami this past weekend and for a split second, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go! I just registered Luna in daycare (sniff sniff), and they were holding an open house the same day and at the same time I was going to be visiting the truck. I had to adult at that moment and chose having Luna meet her teachers and classmates over kawaii time. But! Luna was in such good spirits after such a long and busy day, that we decided to take our chances and head over there in the early evening. It was such a great decision!


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What I Wore: Murder Boyfriend


One thing is for certain in this crazy world: there will never be a shortage of fun at Geek Girl Brunch Miami. Getting to plan geeky events all over Miami with my best friend is really the best stress relief possible, and this month’s brunch was a blast! Since it was October, we decided to make the theme Murder Boyfriends, a term coined from the depths of Tumblr to describe Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham’s relationship on Fuller’s Hannibal. Naturally, I had to casually cosplay as my favorite cannibal.

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Packing a Convention Bag

conventionpackingImage via Tumblr

I’m sure you’ve seen most fashion bloggers feature what’s in their bags or purses on their sites. As you know around here, I spend much more time and energy thinking about what I should pack in my convention bag, and chances are if you are reading this, you do too. So I figured I would share the wealth of information with you all, since I am so ridiculously hyped to attend Megacon Tampa Bay next month (have I mentioned David Tennant will be there???).

First off, if you are currently hunting for the perfect bag, check out my post from last year with a pretty fun round up. It’s imperative to pick the right bag because you’ll be toting all your most precious con goodies in it all day. But, on to the good stuff: what goes inside!

  • Small wallet with cash. Why is cash so important? Number one, it keeps you on a budget and number two, sometimes cash is the only way you’ll be able to nab something at a booth or cafeteria.
  • Business cards. Are you a geeky blogger like me? Conventions are just as much a networking event as they are a fun time for us! You never know who you may meet that will want to collaborate or hit you up later. Have them handy!
  • Water bottle and small snacks. Sometimes conventions can charge a lot for food and drink, so it’s important to bring little snacks to keep your sustenance without destroying your cash flow. Also, if you have food allergies like me, snacks from home that are safe to eat are absolutely necessary. I just recently heard that Megacon Orlando was not allowing outside food or drink at all, which is not cool, so make sure you check with the event beforehand.
  • Your phone and a charging case or battery pack. Your phone goes without saying, but it is absolutely necessary to make sure you are juiced all day long. You will be snapping photos, tweeting, making your Facebook and Instagram friends jealous, and even possibly livestreaming, so expect your phone’s battery life to be depleted at some point before you leave. I’m a big fan of Mophi cases, and this external charger is too amaze for words.
  • A book or gaming system. As to not deplete all your battery life while waiting in line for panels or for friends, make sure to take something else to entertain you during down time. I’m not much for handheld gaming, so I tend to bring whatever book or comic I’m reading at the time.
  • A permanent marker. You never know who you may run into that you’d like to get more information from. People do not always have business cards (but you will if you stick to this list – heh), and sometimes you just meet really cool people you’d like to befriend outside of the con scene. Sure, there’s Facebook for that, but you may want to be old school and jot your info down. Also, there are celebrities and artists at Con! If you are lucky enough to run into one informally, you can get their John Hancock on the fly.
  • Makeup. Chances are, your makeup will not hold up for the entirety of a day on the convention floor – especially if you are cosplaying! If people are constantly snapping your picture or you are meeting new people, you want to look your best, so make sure you bring whatever lipstick you are sporting and powder. Those are the two most important makeup items for me. If I were to recommend a long lasting lippie for a con, I would send you running over to Colourpop. These two items are small enough to fit into a backpack inner pocket, which is perfect to maximize space!
  • An awesome attitude. Cheesy, I know, but sometimes con life isn’t always super fun. There are long lines, lots of crowds and uncomfortable outfits. It’s so important to go in with a good attitude and expect some things to not be 100% as planned. This little tip of advice can actually be applied to anything, and is something I’m still training myself to accept.

What did you think of my list? Did I miss anything? Do you pack something you think is absolutely necessary that I missed?
Look forward to more Megacon-centric posts as we get closer to the big weekend!

Nerdy Must Haves



Eat the Rude patch; this one is for all those Fannibals out there. One of the greatest lines ever, “eat the rude,” has become the take away quote for Hannibal fans. I think this patch would make the perfect addition to your fandom vest/jacket. If you are like me, and are putting together fandom-specific vests/jackets (currently working on my Sailor Moon one), then I suggest getting your hands on more affordable ones through AliExpress. Don’t say I never hooked you up, ladies! ;)

Potter Baby Bandana; something that really saved our lives and baby Luna’s style when she was suffering from severe acid reflux was baby bandanas. Rather than having her in an ugly and bulky bib when we would go out on the town, we would put one of these cute bandanas on and it would catch all the spit up, while not impeding on fashion (because duh, Luna has to keep up her reputation). This Potter ugly sweater one is so perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I’m not the only one swooning over it either, because it is currently sold out. Make sure to let PetiteGeekChic know you want more!

Kylo Ren print; all hail Nan Lawson! She has been one of my favorite artists for awhile now, and her work can be found scattered all over my house (most recently in Luna’s nursery), but she has been churning out some quality fandom prints lately. I featured her Kylo Ren, but she has a complimentary Rey (wouldn’t they look great facing each other???), an amazing Eleven, and this touching Snape print.

Stranger Things pin; if you are like me (and everyone who ingests pop culture like it’s air), you are a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It’s everything that is good with the world, and makes my little 80’s heart happy. I am thrilled to see so many artists making swag to honor it, and I cannot wait to add this sweet Hopper pin to my collection.