YouTubin': March Fanmail Box Unboxing

Can you believe I haven’t uploaded a video in TWO months? Life has been crazy, hectic, beautiful and overwhelming. You know…mom life. Working mom life. But I found some time to unbox the most incredible FanMail Box for March and I’m pretty sure you are going to love it as much as I did. 
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Nerdy Must Haves


You didn’t think I had forgotten about this month’s must haves, did you?
Absolutely NOT.

1. Princess Leia leotards; I’ve already expressed my love for The Daily Threads on this blog often enough, but I just can’t stop raving about one of their newest designs: a tribute to one of the most kick ass princesses in the galaxy. I think it is the perfect outfit for your little one to rock while visiting any of the Disney parks or for a Star Wars themed party. I can’t wait to get one for little Lu.

2. Expelliarmus pennant; I cannot love this little pennant banner anymore. Sure, the pennant trend must be on its way out if the Target dollar spot is housing a bunch (wink nudge), but I’ll be damned if I don’t get one of these for some room of my house (I’ll find any excuse). Best part? It’s currently on sale!

3. Death Star heart pin; As everyone’s pin game continues to rage strong, I am working on compiling the most epic collection for my fandom jacket by the time I am visiting SDCC this year. It’s pretty amazing at the moment, but I feel like it could be so much better. That’s why I’m definitely adding this adorable Star Wars themed pin to it soon!

4. Legion on FX; This show totally sideswiped me, but I am completely and utterly obsessed. The styling, the imagery, the direction: everything is so flawless, it’s almost impossible to believe it is real. After seeing so many Xmen ventures tank, it’s really nice to see one done the way it should. Does anyone else already have a huge cosplay list just from the two first episodes?


iRead: American Gods


I started reading American Gods almost 2 years ago while traveling for work. I ended up being robbed while on vacation shortly after, and the book bag they took had this little book tucked away in it. It wasn’t until recently that a friend bought me a new copy that I began to read it again. I was newly inspired to pick it up again when I found out they would be making a show out of it on Starz and it was headed by one of my favs, Bryan Fuller.

Needless to say, I was really pumped to get started and wrapped up in one of Gaiman’s worlds, as I have never read any of his work (I know, gasp). Unfortunately, I really can’t say I dug it much. This will be a somewhat spoiler-free review, but if you prefer to go into it completely in the dark, then do not click below.

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Buzz Bags Review: Sherlocked


Buzz Bags strikes again with another killer bag from one of my favorite fandoms, BBC’s Sherlock. It comes at a very apropos time as well. For those of you not in the crazed Sherlock fandom know, like myself, the very popular Sherlocked Convention that is held in the UK yearly is making the move to the US. Unfortunately, that’s still too far for me as I have my West Coast visit already planned for next year being SDCC 2017, but it’s pretty excellent for all the US fans.


But I digress! This bag was full of some fun accessories, and possibly my most favorite ever. Living in Miami, going to the beach is {nearly} everyone’s favorite past time. That means anklets are a style staple, and I actually got my first fandom anklet ever! If you follow me on Instagram, then you already saw me post a story squealing over it. I wish I could have added a picture of me wearing it, but it broke after getting stuck in my pants. Sad face! Buzz Bags are so awesome that they are going to send me a replacement anklet though, so hurrah! Crisis averted.


Aside from the adorable Sherlock-themed anklet, we got 2 beautiful necklaces: one sporting the fan favorite line “I am Sherlocked” and the other a key to Apartment 221b. The package was rounded out by two quotable pins and a magnet, and some amazing nail decals that I can’t wait to sport once I find the time to paint my nails again! Overall, it was an awesome little package as per usual. If you are interested in grabbing one of your own, head on over to their site. They have some pretty amazing bags coming up for the rest of the year as well!