FanMailBox Unboxing: June’s Just For Laughs

Not sure if I have ever mentioned it on this blog, but I am pretty hard to impress when it comes to the comedy front. I tend to start comedies and grow tired of their humor within a season or two. That’s why when I really like a comedy – I reaaaallllly like it. I was so happy to see that a lot of those favorites were included in June’s FanMailBox, Just For Laughs.

The box was also celebrating the company’s 2nd anniversary, so there were a lot of goodies, like sunglasses, a pen, button, pin + tote bag emblazoned with the FanMail logo. Alongside the birthday surprises were a Dunder Mifflin travel mug, Broad City enamel pin, Friends greeting card set, Mean Girls’ Burn Book notebook, Psych “celebration kit,” a Princess Bride inspired candle, and a Pawnee Goddess tee (not pictured because I wore that ish the second I had a chance).

Overall it was such a fun box, and if you get a chance, definitely swing by their booth (4539) at Comic Con this weekend! There will be some great exclusives to snag!


This is it, geek babes. 
I’ll be on my way to SDCC tomorrow so I hope I’ll get to meet a lot of you in person! Don’t forget I’ll be on a panel on Friday at 1pm with some pretty amazing designers and bloggers talking geek fashion. I’ll be sipping on cocktails, shopping, cosplaying and generally fangirling the EFF OUT for the rest of the weekend. Follow along with the wild rumpus on my Instagram!

Sticker Swap + Coupon Code


I am no stranger to sticker subscriptions and agenda madness. You see, if I didn’t have an agenda, I wouldn’t remember anything and would basically be lost in this world. And agendas aren’t agendas without sticker flair, amirite? That’s why I was so stoked to check out Sticker Swap. You get new stickers every month, and they feature such a wide variety made by independent artists that they are sure to cater to everyone’s interests.


I mean, what were the chances that I would get a cafetera in my bundle? For those of you not in the know, this little contraption on the bottom right of the photo above is what makes the wondrous black fuel that most Miami mamas live off of: Cuban coffee (i.e., “cafecito”). I need to find the perfect spot for this sticker because it is literally too good to be true.

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YouTubin’: March Fanmail Box Unboxing

Can you believe I haven’t uploaded a video in TWO months? Life has been crazy, hectic, beautiful and overwhelming. You know…mom life. Working mom life. But I found some time to unbox the most incredible FanMail Box for March and I’m pretty sure you are going to love it as much as I did. 
If you want $2 off your own, use code MEL2OFF

Nerdy Must Haves


You didn’t think I had forgotten about this month’s must haves, did you?
Absolutely NOT.

1. Princess Leia leotards; I’ve already expressed my love for The Daily Threads on this blog often enough, but I just can’t stop raving about one of their newest designs: a tribute to one of the most kick ass princesses in the galaxy. I think it is the perfect outfit for your little one to rock while visiting any of the Disney parks or for a Star Wars themed party. I can’t wait to get one for little Lu.

2. Expelliarmus pennant; I cannot love this little pennant banner anymore. Sure, the pennant trend must be on its way out if the Target dollar spot is housing a bunch (wink nudge), but I’ll be damned if I don’t get one of these for some room of my house (I’ll find any excuse). Best part? It’s currently on sale!

3. Death Star heart pin; As everyone’s pin game continues to rage strong, I am working on compiling the most epic collection for my fandom jacket by the time I am visiting SDCC this year. It’s pretty amazing at the moment, but I feel like it could be so much better. That’s why I’m definitely adding this adorable Star Wars themed pin to it soon!

4. Legion on FX; This show totally sideswiped me, but I am completely and utterly obsessed. The styling, the imagery, the direction: everything is so flawless, it’s almost impossible to believe it is real. After seeing so many Xmen ventures tank, it’s really nice to see one done the way it should. Does anyone else already have a huge cosplay list just from the two first episodes?