If My Blog Was An Outfit

April 10th, 2014 | Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Geekery by Meli

I love meeting new geeky lady friends via the Twitterverse. Thanks to Her Universe and their fabulous #flauntyourworld hashtag, Megan and I started our bloggy-ship? Blogship? Either way! She’s an adorable geek girl hailing from Comic Con’s stomping grounds, San Diego, and she has a great blog over at The Nerdy Girlie. She also loves tea, the UK and Doctor Who. Hello new bestie! While looking through her site, I loved the If My Blog Was An Outfit post, and had to do my own!

Necklace | Tank | Clutch | Lipstick | Nail Polish | Flats | Skirt

I love wearing clothes that reference my fandoms, but I like them to be a little discrete and still fashionable (OK, so this tank isn’t super discrete…). I also love me some bright clothing, neon preferably. Most of the time, I am in sweet little skirts, preferably paired with flats. If they are glittered: perfection.

I also love me some whimsy, so a unicorn clutch would round out this outfit perfectly. I equally stay faithful to my rock roots, so I like to add a little edge with fun and spikey accessories. My nail polish obsession only continues to grow – glitter-filled Deborah Lippmann shades are my favorite because they are just so happy and pretty, while M.A.C. is always my go-to for lipstick. Candy Yum Yum is my new favorite, especially for the upcoming Miami summer.

Finally, my iPad! It’s always with me either for work or for play – it’s where I read all my books. I spend many a late night cuddled in bed with the hubs and the newest YA series. Right now? Vampire Academy! In a nut shell: glitter, geekdom, neons, unicorns, and nail polish. Yep, pretty Melificent.

Lovable Friday: Geeky Roundup

April 4th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Everyone knows I love me some geeky goodness (have you loved The Fangirl Diaries yet?), but I like my geek to be sprinkled with chic, and that, my good friends, is a rarity. So I figured this Friday I would bestow you all with some of my finds that have that exact combination.

1. Sherlock brooch; there is just not enough quality Sherlock accessories floating around, so when I saw this amazingly stylized brooch, I had to have it. And don’t stop there, Kate has the cutest laser cut items in her store. One of each please.

2. Game of Thrones bow ties; now that the hubs has gotten in touch with his inner Matt Smith, he is all about the bow ties. I have since learned how difficult it is to find a good one, and this one actually got the mister to smile. It may be due to the amazing house sigils emblazoned on them though.

3. Tardis temporary tattoo; I can’t lie. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Doctor Who tattoo, but that is a big fandom decision right there. In the meantime, I can test the waters (of mars – har har) with these adorable temporary tattoos from Geek Ink Designs. Find more fandoms too – from Potter to Star Wars!

4. Potter ring; unlike what I mentioned about Sherlock, the Internets are flooded with amazing (& not so amazing) Potter accessories. It can be difficult to sift through everything out there, so it’s nice to find one store with so much to choose from. I adore this shop‘s little knick knacks (special shout out to the Luna Lovegood ring) fandom-related or not, but I must say it’s hard to deny all those glasses, bolts & hallows!

5. The Hobbit tee; I appreciate good typography almost as much as a great fandom, so the tees over at UnicornEmpirePrints really satisfy me on so many levels. They are so gorgeously made, made by fans and such a great price ($18 a pop)! Definitely grabbing one (or 5) for our romp in Comic Con this year!

What I Wore: Geeky Chic

March 25th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Although I wasn’t an avid cosplayer during this year’s Megacon, I wanted to dress the part (comfortably). I am a huge fan of Her Universe and their adorable “every day cosplay” line because it allows you to do just that with little to no effort. Remember my 10th doctor dress? I really like this little number I snagged at Hot Topic only a few days before the con because of its fun pattern. For a Doctor Who fan, the bad guy motif is immediately apparent, but for all those non-geeks (boo hiss), it just looks like a cool patterned skater dress. That means I can wear it to any event – multifaceted!

ps; check out a $15 off coupon for Her Universe here!!!

Dress; Her Universe via Hot Topic
Sneakers; Forever 21
Belt; Forever 21 {similar}
Earrings; Gimme Swords
Shades; Gap {similar}
Tardis nail decals; Fandom Cosmetics

MegaCon 2014

March 24th, 2014 | Posted in Art, Geekery, Local by Meli

After a whirlwind weekend at Megacon, I have returned, blogosphere.
We had this trip planned for some time, and it just happened to land at the most opportune time. We needed an escape, and we definitely got one in the form of mass geekery. The hubs and I attend conventions because we love the lifestyle and the culture of geek fandom, but also because we really enjoy meeting new people, discovering new artists and supporting them. There is also a special vibe at these conventions. There is an air of comradery, love and acceptance, and it was exactly what I needed.

While there, I did stumble upon some pretty amazing artists, vendors, human beings and here they are in no particular order:

1. Sarah Wilkinson; I had a physical reaction to this woman’s art. As I was walking down Artist Alley, I had to suck in my breath when I saw this particular piece because I felt like it had been knocked out of me. It moved me beyond belief, and I was so happy to hear that she had similar experiences with other con-goers. She even told me a man began to cry as he described what the piece meant to him, which of course, caused her to cry and that it was a beautiful experience. I can only imagine that moments like those are why you make art. Although I did not get personal with her on my feelings towards the piece, I’m sure my tear-filled eyes said enough as I stared at it and made my purchase.

2. Evie Tees; this is an Etsy shop that I had been following for some time now. I adore their taste level when it comes to fandom tees – something that I truly appreciate. It’s fun, but doesn’t forgo quality. I actually was immediately drawn to their booth without knowing it was actually theirs! I loved what I saw and immediately started soaking it all up, until I recognized their adorable lapel pins. What made the experience even better was that Elena, the owner of the shop, and her friend Jessica, were truly amazing people. They were easy to talk to and incredibly sweet. So much so that we swung by to say hello not once, not twice, but every day of the convention.

3. Clark Orr; there are art prints you find at conventions, and then there are Clark‘s designs. Wow. Each piece had some sort of additional element, like 3D printing, black light capability, etc. The hubs was immediately drawn to the Back To The Future 3D Hoverboard print, and I could not argue. It was gorgeously done (& even came with a pair of old school 3D glasses). Again, what made him even more spectacular was that he was such a nice dude. I love it when you can strike up a conversation with an artist and its not just a purchase.

4. Jessica Grundy; Absolutely beautiful, fanciful, and sometimes somber, sketches of little girls. Her booth immediately caught my attention and the more I looked through her prints, the more I fell in love. Ultimately, batgirl stole my heart, but without even realizing, I stopped at her booth again the following day before realizing I had already been there and purchased something! When it’s good, it’s good. I can’t wait to continue stocking up via Etsy.

Special shout outs go to WeLoveFine (great tee site) and Art of Danny (whom I featured in my Supercon post last year).

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

February 14th, 2014 | Posted in Geekery by Meli

I couldn’t help myself. ;)
I hope you all have a fabulous daymake that weekend – full of love and happiness.