Melificent’s Ultimate Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays! They are upon us, geek girls. There is no denying it any longer. They are here, and you must brace yourselves. Braving the mall may be something on your list of December to-do’s, but I honestly rather sit at home with no pants and a bottle of wine and knock out my list with efficiency (and a nice buzz). If there are any geek girls on your list (of course there are), I’ve compiled a really fun guide of some of my favorite finds for a variety of different ladies.  Happy gifting!


Know a geek girl that likes to express her fandoms through subtle (or not so subtle) accessories? These are some of my favorite details that will add the boom pow to any outfit! A lot of these also make great stocking stuffers!

1. BB-8 Clutch | 2. Subscription to Fandom of the Month Club | 3. Death Star Earrings | 4. Magical Girl Necklace | 5. Potter Socks

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TeeBlox Review & Coupon Code


Now I know I’ve been coming at you guys with a whole series of geeky subscription boxes, but here’s another one to anger your bank account. TeeBlox provides you with a monthly tee that you can choose from 4 different categories: games, movies & TV, beers & liquors & hot meex (which is a mixture of the other 3). It will run you only $9.99/month and most of the shirts are officially licensed, so you know you are getting legit merchandise.

When TeeBlox reached out to me, I decided to choose the movies and TV category because I’m a pop culture junkie. When I received my first box, I was pleasantly surprised to see more than just a t-shirt inside! First things first, the tee. I got a Kingdom Hearts shirt, which is really cute, but I don’t play the game. It is great quality and I enjoy the design though. My only complaint would be that TeeBlox does not offer women’s sizing yet, so I had to opt for the men’s small which will now run large on my smaller non-pregnant frame. Thankfully my best friend’s mother is a seamstress so she’ll be able to alter the tees to fit me as I lose the baby weight, but others may not be as fortunate. I’d love to see them include women’s sizes in the future!

In addition to the tee, I received 4 stickers: a Captain America shield, Star Wars/Starbucks mashup, the Stay Puft marshmallow man, and the logo for TeeBlox. These are so great and the perfect size to decorate your computer or notebooks. I also got 4 buttons (the “I’m My Hero” one being my personal favorite), a huge (& I mean HUGE) Boardwalk Empire poster, and a free comic. Out of the extras, I especially enjoyed the stickers and buttons, as they are elements that I often use to express my fandom.

Overall, I think you get a great deal for $9.99/month, and I can’t wait to see what tee I will receive next! As if the price wasn’t nice on its own, I come bearing additional gifts in the form of a coupon code! If you use the code: MELIFICENT, you will score 15% off! If you do use it, I’d love to see you sporting your new tee so make sure to tag me on IG, Twitter or Facebook!

Edit; looks like TeeBlox will be offering womens sizing in the near future, so whoop whoop!

DisclosureI was compensated by TeeBlox with a free subscription in return for this blog post. However, all opinions are my own.

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Aliens

Fandom Friday

Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

Who doesn’t love thinking of the possibilities that space could offer? Other universes, potential alternative home planets and, most intriguing, other life forms. Are we really alone in this expansive universe? It’s an age old question (and one the History Channel loves to delve into) that has had our culture obsessing over alien life for quite awhile. It’s no surprise that aliens are commonly included in most sci-fi shows and movies: both depicted as evil and adorable. So without further ado, here are 5 of my favorite aliens:


1. The Doctor; You know that The Doctor would make it to #1 on my list, right? Duh. Although he is an alien, The Doctor represents hope in humanity and acceptance. He helps others grow and discover who they truly are, and how special they are. He warmed my heart during my darkest of times, so The Doctor (specifically 10) is my all-time favorite alien.

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Nerdy Must Haves


Sailor Moon Leggings; Since my belly began expanding with my pregnancy, I am in desperate search for comfort paired with fashion. I’ve found that leggings do this best! I can push them down under my belly and feel such relief, but when paired with a tunic top can look so chic and stylish. That’s why geeky leggings are my new best friends, and I am all about TeeFury’s new line – especially these Sailor Moon ones!

Mother of Dragons Tee; Like most ladies, I love me some Daenerys Targaryen. She’s the ultimate bad ass female – I mean, she birthed DRAGONS, you guys. Who doesn’t want to be able to say that? I definitely have to rock this tee at some point in my pregnancy because although she may not be a literal dragon, I know my little Luna is going to be a fiery one. ;)

LSP Sweater; So I know I featured a LSP cardigan last time and now here I am with a sweatshirt, but I honestly can’t help myself. I think Lumpy is fresh to death and I’d love to wear her all over my body (weird?). Too bad it’s unbearably hot right now in Miami or I’d order one stat (if they weren’t sold out).

LightSaber Rattle; Do you want to die? Because I do. How cute is this adorable lightsaber rattle??? Sometimes it is very difficult to shop geeky for a little baby girl, but leave it to Etsy to do the trick. This was promptly put on our registry.

5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play


Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

I used to be a huge gamer when I was a kid, so the majority of my video game memories and expertise lies in the original NES console. I did get really into the Nintendo Gamecube while I was away in grad school, and at times played my hubby’s PlayStation, but otherwise, my favorite games tend to be tabletop. Honestly, there is nothing better than a game night at Casa Sanchez and I wish we could have them more often!

71O6Z0Qmv5L._SL1063_1. Clue: Sherlock Edition
OK, so the Brits refer to it as ClueDO, but it’s exactly the same as the classic Clue game we all grew up with. This edition just switches out all the elements you have grown to love with characters and settings from BBC’s Sherlock. Um, what’s not to love? I can literally play this all day and not tire of it. It’s such a blast.

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