What I Wore: Star Lord Cosplay

January 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Being a newbie in the cosplay world, I am still grappling with how to do things my way.

I know I can’t sew and even though I’m creative, I kind of suck with DIY most of the time if it is overly complex. This makes me have to go more  traditional routes when I want to do a cosplay (i.e., store bought). However, I’m pretty happy with how my Star Lord turned out for last weekend’s Magic City Comic Con. I had wanted to do a sexy Star Lord (or Star Lady) ever since I saw a photo of a girl rocking some booty shorts and boots.

There is always that one moment as a newb cosplayer where you are absolutely terrified your outfit will flop or you won’t be recognized, etc. However, I was pleasantly surprised with all the acknowledgements I did get, whether on social media or in person at the Con. Overall, I think it was a great outfit and I’m happy to say that I didn’t spend too much money putting it together. In fact, it was pretty affordable and all the clothing pieces are things that I will wear in my regular day to day, so I thought it would be fun to share with all of you that think cosplaying is too difficult or stressful!

Shirt; Old Navy
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Jacket; Forever 21
Boots; Target {similar}
Walkman; Etsy
Mask & gun; Toys R Us

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Nerdy Must Haves

January 20th, 2015 | Posted in DIY, Fashion, Geekery, Home by Meli

1. Nerd Alert Soy Candle; Being a puppy parent, I’m often super aware of what scents my home must eminate. Not the best, sometimes. So I’m a big fan of candles, air freshners and the like. However, I’ve never stumbled on such great themed ones as the ones at The Burlap Bag. This one clearly speaks to my soul, closely followed by Unicorn Puke.
2. Sailor Moon Tee; Who saw the season finale of Crystal? It was so amazing! I can’t wait for the new Black Moon story arc! With that said, it doesn’t look like the Sailor Moon rage will die down any time soon, and that’s fine by me! I’m loving this super graphic tee by Suppah Sonik – now if only I could figure out how to order from them!
3. Brunch Me DIY Tee; OK, so not nerdy per say, but I think still appropriate considering Geek Girl Brunch Miami is in its serious planning stages now. I absolutely love Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and her creativity and penchant for loud, brash colors, so there was no surprise that I am a sucker for her easy peasy quotable tee tutorial. Think of the nerdy possibilities!
4. Frodo + Sam PJ’s; All fellow Ringers will support me on this splurge! Valentine’s Day is coming up and what better couple to stand behind than Frodo and Sam! I dare you to find a more loyal and loving pairing in all of The Shire. This adorable sleep tank is guaranteed to only bring you dreams of potatoes and second breakfasts.

What I Wore: The Moon Tarot

January 14th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

During an especially trying time in my life, I turned to divination. I had always been interested being a spiritual person, and believing in the supernatural, but it was only recently that I began visiting our local “witch store.” Since then, crystals have been a staple around my neck and have really helped center me. I also just recently began to learn the art of tarot and have a trusty pendulum. I use all these tools for good and positivity. I wish no one harm, and just want to bring clarity and love to both my life and that of others that trust me with readings and what not. So clearly, I was immediately drawn to this amazing Sailor Moon tarot tee. My only wish is that they would actually sell a Sailor Moon themed tarot deck. I guess a girl could dream. ;)

Tee; Look Human
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Army vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Booties; Forever 21 {similar}
Necklace; Macy’s {similar}
Sunglasses; Charming Charlie {similar}

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iRead: Ready Player One

January 12th, 2015 | Posted in Books, Geekery by Meli

Another new feature on the blog for 2015!
One of my “resolutions” for this new year is to read more books. My good friend Aurora just told me that she was able to read 30 books in 2014, and I would love to be able to do the same. I started the year with one of the most fun books I’ve read in a very long time: Ready Player One. Now this had been a book I had been recommended constantly, and I actually bought it back in September! I didn’t start reading it until October, and then actually forgot about it until this month. Once I started getting the ball rolling, I finished the book in 2 days. It was one of those books you cannot pry yourself away from, and often made me lose precious hours of sleep (but so worth it).

So what is it about anyways? The book sleeve touted that it was the adult’s Harry Potter, but I would have to disagree. Ready Player One is set in a dystopian-esque future where the majority of the population has decided to immerse itself fully in a virtual reality simulation called The Oasis in order to escape their foul and depressing reality. The creator of The Oasis, James Halliday, was an 80′s pop culture geek who decided not to leave his fortune to family or friends upon his passing, but instead made it a contest: unlock 3 secret gates in The Oasis, and win it all. Some of the most talented gunters (those that study all things Halliday) are the main characters in this story and it follows their adventures to find the gates, defeat them, and all the obstacles that get in their way (mainly “The Sixers,” a big-time corporation that aims to use Halliday’s fortune for evil).

The book is peppered with a bunch of geeky pop culture references, which made me smile from ear to ear. I also loved the eventual theme that you cannot run away from your reality, and that despite how bleak it may seem, life is really worth living. I actually think it would be a great read for individuals that are suffering from depression, adolescence or just going through a rough period in their life. It just so happens that I have been down in the dumps, so getting this message was a real punch in the gut. Sure, it is a fun romp, but it has some pretty deep themes running through the story, which I really appreciated.

If you are an 80′s kid, definitely check out this book! Another reason to do so is that it may be made into a movie. There are some obvious copyright issues that are standing in the way (think of the challenges needed to complete and clear those gates), but that hasn’t stopped me from researching dream casts and possible directors (did someone say Nolan???). Honestly, if they have a tough time casting, I’m willing to volunteer to play Art3mis. Just sayin’.

Have you read Ready Player One? If so, what did you like about it?
What are you reading now? I’d love to get more suggestions to my growing list!

Nerdy Must Haves

January 5th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery, Home by Meli

1; Tardis serving tray: So I may not be using this tray to serve afternoon tea (lets be real, it would be more like mid-day cocktails), but it would still make the absolute cutest geeky addition to a home. Like mine. Just sayin’. Buying it. What?
2; Discord Pop figure: I have to say that Discord is my favorite MLP character. No surprise there, I love me a bad guy. But real talk: isn’t he the cutest? I clearly need him in Funko form. Reality: I have no room in my home for any more pop figures and have a genuine fear that they might take over my life. Are there any support groups out there yet?
3; Rocket Raccoon tank: Cutest.Tank.Ever. Rocket & Groot were my favorite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, so naturally this tank is a top must have. What kills me are the fuzzy ears and tail that come attached. They totally beg for whiskers and fangs to complete the look. Even more of a draw? It makes it perfect and easy to participate in some everyday cosplay, whether it be for a Disney visit or a convention!
4; Doctor Who hoodie: OK, I know what you are thinking – “I’m so sick of all this TARDIS merchandise.” Most of the time, I can agree, but I love this more discrete Doctor Who hoodie. The varsity style really makes it wearable and the slight nods to the fandom, such as the 63 to honor the year the show began, make it a nice touch for those in the know.