5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play


Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

I used to be a huge gamer when I was a kid, so the majority of my video game memories and expertise lies in the original NES console. I did get really into the Nintendo Gamecube while I was away in grad school, and at times played my hubby’s PlayStation, but otherwise, my favorite games tend to be tabletop. Honestly, there is nothing better than a game night at Casa Sanchez and I wish we could have them more often!

71O6Z0Qmv5L._SL1063_1. Clue: Sherlock Edition
OK, so the Brits refer to it as ClueDO, but it’s exactly the same as the classic Clue game we all grew up with. This edition just switches out all the elements you have grown to love with characters and settings from BBC’s Sherlock. Um, what’s not to love? I can literally play this all day and not tire of it. It’s such a blast.

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What I Wore: Odd Duck Craft Fair


I always seem to be out of town or busy whenever we have a local craft fair here in South Florida, so after a last minute change of plans (no MegaCon for me – boohoo), I was at least happy that I would be able to make it to The Odd Duck Craft Fair in Downtown Hollywood. Little victories, my friends.

Although I ultimately wasn’t very impressed with the size and turn out of the event overall, it was nice to get out on such a beautiful day, enjoy a delicious smoothie and pick up some fun accessories from some great vendors. Plus, there is always next month’s Indie Craft Bazaar at Revolution Live to look forward to!

With that said, it is HOT here in South Florida so this outing called for a lightweight outfit with subtle fandom references and some cute geeky specs. Looks like we have a lot of steamy weather to look forward to in the months to come! Start feeling that envy Northeast! ;)


Tank; c/o Conversation Pieces
Shorts; Old Navy
Utility vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Sneakers; Jane.com {similar}
TARDIS necklace; Fandom of the Month Club
Luna pin; Danny Brito
Glasses; c/o Firmoo {50% off code here}
Polish; O.P.I.’s Gargantuan Green Grape






Accio Baby!


Needless to say, after 7 years of marriage and a heartbreaking loss, we are SO excited¬†to welcome a little bit of magic into our lives this coming October! I can’t wait to share the journey here on the blog, and hope to bring all the geek chic you expect to mommyhood.

Accio baby!

Fandom of the Month Club

Fandom of the Month Club is a completely genius idea! It is a monthly subscription box, but filled with fandom jewelry. The fandom changes monthly giving everyone an opportunity to geek out to their favorites. I follow the creator, Erin (@thegeekycauldron on IG), and when I saw her posts mentioning the service, I knew I had to check it out. Fandom-themed jewelry every month for only $13/month? Where do I sign up?

Obviously I had my reservations. Would the quality be top notch? Will I enjoy the fandom for the next month? Will I actually wear the pieces I receive? Those reservations disappeared in a cloud of smoke the second I received my first box.

Naturally, I was overjoyed when I opened the envelope and saw what fandom was being targeted. Doctor Who? Allons-y! I immediately loved the little themed jewelry sacks (I’m actually using it to store my jewelry for Megacon weekend – great for traveling!), and what it held inside was even better!

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5 Fandom Friday: Five Times I Totally Fangirled

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot fangirl encounters over the past few years, so it was honestly tough to pick just 5 instances. Pro tip: if you want to increase your fangirl moments, just attend San Diego Comic Con. You are sure to make memories for a lifetime.

1. Meeting Gavin Rossdale for the first time.

I honestly can’t believe I’m allowing this terrible picture of me to circulate but I had to use a photo from the actual moment that this happened because it was magical. I’m a huge BUSH fan and have been since I was a teenager in the 90’s. I was pretty sure I was going to marry Gavin Rossdale and went through a brief period of hating Gwen Stefani for taking my place (I have since moved on). Naturally, I would tweet at him once he discovered social media and would squee with delight when he would tweet at me back, but nothing compared to actually meeting him after a show in Orlando. He actually recognized me from all the photos I had been posting on to Twitter (these were the pre-Instagram days) and remembered my name (?!?!) – it was so surreal. He was such a sweetheart and it really was a shame that it rained on us for hours making my styled hair and flawless makeup go to shit for this amazing photo. Despite how awful I may look (& how angry G seems to look), it never fails to make me smile because I remember walking away and actually jumping up and down like a little girl and not being able to wipe that stupid smile off my face for DAYS.

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