Nerdy Must Haves

Hey Guys!

I survived Hurricane Irma with minimal damage (thank God!), but I still do not have Internet access, or in turn, TV. That means I can’t blog as regularly as I used to and have to travel to a local Starbucks to do so (that goes for work too). I’m also very behind on all things pop culture. But we are safe and no other storms look to be threatening us (peace out, Maria!), so all is good. There are a lot of fun things coming up in the next few months, so I’m excited to be able to share them all with you.

For now, enjoy all the things I have been coveting, but having to refrain from purchasing in lieu of hurricane supplies.


  1. Wizardry + Witchcraft palette; I am more than fully aware that I am behind on the Storybook Cosmetics trend, but I wasn’t sure if their makeup was just a collector’s piece or if they were actually wearable. After watching several reviews on YouTube, I can say that I am beyond impressed with this palette. It’s beautifully pigmented and perfect for the fall. Way to go, triplets!
  2. Weird Mom Club tee; I haven’t gotten excited about a brand in a long time the way I am about the Weird Mom Club. Nicole has perfectly captured what it is like to not be the run of the mill mother in a sea of normality. I often feel like an outcast with my tattoos and general style whenever at a parenting event, but this little shop has made me realize I am not alone. I’m currently obsessed with getting this ringer tee. Are you a weird mom too? Check out Nicole’s awesome products!
  3. Rainbow dress; I’m always on a constant hunt for adorable clothes. Lately, I don’t get much of a chance to wear anything cute (I lament about this often on my IG stories), thus the lack of outfit posts on the blog, but it doesn’t stop me from scouring the net for them. This dress immediately caught my eye as it looks comfy enough to work with my mommy lifestyle, especially paired with a cute pair of sneakers or espadrilles. Score!
  4. Avada Kedavra Satchel; If something was ever on brand, this little satchel sure is! I became completely obsessed with it after seeing CritiqueGeek sporting it on her IG. It also has a matching wallet because BoxLunch clearly hates me and wants all my money. It would be absolutely perfect for my wizarding anniversary trip in November and has instantly flown to the top of my wish list.


What I Wore: Wonder Bread

You have to love outfits that make you smile, and when I saw this dress, it did absolutely that. I feel like you cannot possibly wear a frown on your face if you have this baby on. And doesn’t everyone need an outfit like that in their life? I think so.

I’m sure you have seen me post about this sweet little polka dot dress from Unique Vintage all over my Instagram, and I loved that someone said it reminded them of Wonder Bread. Memories of eating Wonder Bread at my grandmother’s house immediately spring to mind, and I can’t lie. I still buy it for the house too.

The world needs a little more smiles and love these days, and if I can give it to them in this brightly colored frock, then I’d wear it every day.

Dress; c/o Unique Vintage
Sneakers; Keds {similar}
Lips; Colourpop’s Trust Me

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What I Wore: Hedge Witch

I love falling in love with new fandoms. The Magicians is definitely a new(ish?) obsession. The second I saw the promo image on my OnDemand, I was hooked. So hooked, I watched a sneak peek of the first episode a couple of weeks before it aired on SyFy. It hasn’t disappointed since. It comes as no surprise that I am addicted to fantasy and witchcraft, so this spoke to my fangirl soul on so many levels. Also, can we talk about how GORGEOUS the cast is? I am obsessed with all of them. My true SDCC 2017 tragedy was not running into them at some point.

Bodysuit; Gypsy Warrior {no longer available}
Skirt; Nordstrom Rack {similar}
Socks, hat + Booties; Forever 21

With that said, my last Geek Girl Brunch Miami event (read more about it here) was a visit to Fillory. Our backdrop was the beautiful Barnacle Park in Coconut Grove, and although scorching hot, we had a great time. I decided to pay my compliments to Marina, my absolute favorite hedge witch and bad ass bitch.  I had all these pieces in my closet already (that witch life), so it was definitely one of my easiest GGB outfits to date!

Is this a tut? Am I doing this right?

Nerdy Must Haves

  1. Mickey blouse; I am loving the trend of working girl fandom pieces. This is such a great example that you can transition geek chic into the work place and look good while doing it! It could also moonlight as a cute nighttime Disney date top. Options, people!
  2. AT-AT poodle skirt; the creativity of this skirt just amazes me. It is such a wonderful play on the 50’s poodle skirt, and I need to have it in my closet right now. Can you imagine this for Dapper Day? I die. Fun fact: I used to dress as a 50’s girl repeatedly for Halloween, so it has an extra special place in my heart.
  3. Wonder Woman costume; I have to say that I fully intended to dress Luna up as Wonder Woman this year for Halloween, but I figured everyone else would so I’ll be going a different route. BUT Luna will have a day to dress up at school and this will definitely be what she will be wearing. How cute is this! I love that it is original, handmade and is not store bought. And so should you. 😉
  4. Game of Thrones makeup brushes; I know everyone is riding high on the GOT wave these days with the second to last season airing. Lord knows I am (how good was this week’s?!?!). I don’t know if I’d actually use these brushes to apply makeup, but they are absolutely beautiful. The one that really slays me? The hand of the king. So gorgeous! Bonus? They’re on sale!

The Outfits of SDCC 2017

You might as well cue those post con blues because I’m feeling them, geeks.
It’s very hard to put my thoughts and feelings about this con into words. It was very different from others. I sat (nervously) on my first panel, I met incredibly talented people, cosplayed for the first time (in SD) and had a lot of fun. It was my first extensive amount of time away from my daughter (oh, I cried), and helped me gain some confidence with my projects.

Unfortunately, the one thing that went wrong while at con this year (aside from not running into the cast of The Magicians – whomp whomp) is that my extra lithium battery and charger were confiscated without my knowledge when I had to check my bag at the very last minute before boarding to San Diego. This meant I could barely take photos with my Canon while I was there – leaving only my iPhone to do the work. It was a big bummer, but I made the best of it!

I have to say I struggled to put together outfits for this trip. I thought they were all “eh” at best, with juggling a very demanding 9-5, Geek Girl Gang and a toddler. However, I loved the way they all ended up coming together, and wanted to share them all with you!

Day 1;
Tee – Geek Girl Gang
Shorts – Old Navy


Nite 1;
Vintage crop – 1138 Clothing
Skirt – Lularoe

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