Nerdy Must Haves


1. Sherlock Crop; While we mourn the long and torturous wait that is the newest season of BBC’s Sherlock, we can at least look cute. This frilly cameo-style design makes it perfect to pair with high waisted jeans and a pair of Chucks for an understated fangirl look. For those of us rocking some new mom pooches, you can also layer it on top of a long tank or maxi dress.

2. Chibi Moon Skater Skirt; Something that will never go out of style in my mind is the high waisted skater skirt. I’m obsessed with them. In fact, it’s my go to when I’m putting together a geek chic outfit (the ones in my closet are *almost* fitting again), so if they already have a fun fangirl print, it is a no brainer when deciding whether it should be mine or not. This one is celebrating my newest favorite scout, Chibi Moon. Move over, Jupiter. Ever since becoming a mom, I love the sassy and adventurous spirit of Chibiusa!

3. I’m Your Mother Tee; Sure, everyone has seen plenty of merchandise, jokes and hashtags for “I am your father,” but how about giving the moms the love??? This tee does exactly that, and I am loving it! As both a Star Wars fan and new mommy, I couldn’t think of a better style staple to cover in spit up.

4. Star Wars Earrings Set; More Star Wars, I know. I promise I’ll stop…someday. But seriously, this set of little Star Wars themed stud earrings are too much! I think they are a little on the steep side coming in at almost $20, but I have to admit they are all sorts of adorbs and a subtle way to rock your love of the force on an every day basis.

I Did a Thing: Manic Panic Tutorial

IMG_7380 copy

Being a new mama, I don’t have the time I used to. Perfect example is my salon adventures. Before I used to spend 4-6 hours at the salon every other month or so re-touching my ombre in whatever fashion color my little heart desired. I cannot afford to do that anymore (both in regards to time and finances), so I decided to be a little brave and do a thing. Namely, try to do my own ombre.

I got this idea from all my hours of watching  YouTube lately (mainly from this video), and it looked pretty doable so I decided to give it a shot. Before I go into what I did, I must stress from the bottom of my little heart that I advise you go to a salon to get your ombre initially done. This was quick and dirty for me because my hair was already bleached by my amazing stylist. Please don’t try to bleach your hair into an ombre style on your own. I’ve seen some pretty scary results.

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What I Wore: Hello Sweetie

IMG_7457 copy

What does one wear when going to meet a Time Lord?
That is what I had to ask myself last week when I was getting ready for our Geek Girl Brunch Pride, Prejudice and Zombies advanced screening. My co-chapter officer, Aurora, works in journalism, so she was able to secure this amazing event for our brunchettes and had us in the front seat: nabbing a quick meet and greet session with the stars of the movie before the theater Q&A. That meant I was going to meet Matt Smith: the 11th Doctor. My 2nd favorite Doctor. This is a huge deal for us Whovians and you could definitely smell the excitement (aside from everyone’s giant smiles and audible squee’s, of course).

IMG_7466 copy

Naturally, I went with sparkles because of who I am as a person. No, if I’m being honest, I definitely needed to wear this amazing tee from Jordan Dene but wanted to dress it up a bit. Thankfully, it was loose enough to fit another (sparkly) shirt underneath. The sequined collar and sleeves totally transformed the look! I paired it with my favorite new pleather leggings (because I’m Regina George-ing my 4th trimester), and the most incredible faux fur vest because it was cold in Miami for once!

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My Geeky Valentine

I know a lot of you tout Valentine’s Day as a commercialized and ridiculous holiday. When I was single, I hated it. When I was in relationships, I hated it. It’s only now, as an old lady fart that I have grown to appreciate this holiday about love. Because it’s all around us, people. It doesn’t have to be romantic love – just a day to appreciate all the love surrounding you. Because trust me, every single one of us is circled by amazing people and animals that love us as much as we do them. So take the time out to step back and give thanks to the universe for that because it’s pretty special.

And aside from that, you get to wear pink! And hearts! The 14th really could be worse, amirite? Here’s my round up of pretty amazing geek-centric Valentine’s goodies;


Moon of my life tank | Galentine’s Day card | Fictional character brooch
Parks & Rec wall hanging | Pixel heart clutch
Spooky Mulder pin | Star Wars pillowcases | Harry Potter brooch boyfriend

Nerdy Must Haves


Bowie Potter tee; I will always remember dancing feverishly in my 20’s to Bowie at our favorite rock club. All hair swishing, hip swaying, drink spilling…it represents my carefree youth. I will always remember first reading Potter after fervently saying I never would. The relationships formed with these fictitious characters in a magical world also represent and parallel my own “coming of age.” Both these things together? All the feels! This tee must be mine. SIRIUSLY.

Edit; this post was written before the passing of David Bowie. My heart breaks.

Blogger tee; I’m identifying myself more and more as a blogger. Of course, I still say I’m a behavior analyst when asked what I do, but I am now starting to add, “…and blogger” to the end of that sentence. And it feels good, even if people scoff or laugh when I say what my blog is about. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life – how many people can say the same? That’s why I’m gunning for this blogger tee to further say it loud and proud – plus, it’s adorable, no??

Jordan sweater; the amount of strange noises that emanated from my being when I saw the beautiful Keiko Lynn post this to her Instagram was intense. In middle school, I was beyond obsessed with My So-Called Life (& I still am). I even wrote a letter to ABC about how they shouldn’t cancel it – obviously it wasn’t very effective. But I digress. Jordan Catalano was every tween’s unicorn, and who doesn’t remember that amazing episode that opens with Angela dancing in her bedroom to “Blister in the Sun” on the morning she realizes she is totally over Jordan Catalano. Basically, NEED THIS NOW.

Luna Lovegood skirt; although my little Luna is not specifically named after Lovegood, she is my favorite character in the series (aside from hot, dragon-taming Bill Weasley). I’d love for my Luna to possess a lot of Lovegood’s qualities, but until she’s old enough to start developing them, I can wear all the things that make her great with this perfect skirt.

In summary, give me all the things.
Please + thank you.