5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Aliens

Fandom Friday

Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

Who doesn’t love thinking of the possibilities that space could offer? Other universes, potential alternative home planets and, most intriguing, other life forms. Are we really alone in this expansive universe? It’s an age old question (and one the History Channel loves to delve into) that has had our culture obsessing over alien life for quite awhile. It’s no surprise that aliens are commonly included in most sci-fi shows and movies: both depicted as evil and adorable. So without further ado, here are 5 of my favorite aliens:


1. The Doctor; You know that The Doctor would make it to #1 on my list, right? Duh. Although he is an alien, The Doctor represents hope in humanity and acceptance. He helps others grow and discover who they truly are, and how special they are. He warmed my heart during my darkest of times, so The Doctor (specifically 10) is my all-time favorite alien.

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Geek Girl Brunch Miami: Sherlocked


Last month, Geek Girl Brunch Miami hosted its second brunch and the ladies chose Sherlock as the theme. The Local House in Miami Beach was nice enough to host our event, and we even had a special surprise for all our brunchettes: free mini-manicures with Sherlock-themed nail art! Overall, it was a really great morning and I absolutely love how much our girls get along! If you are in the area, definitely sign up – we have so many fun events planned this summer and we’d love to have you join!

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SDCC Parties


Now, I may be a bitter Betty sitting at home while the rest of you live it up at San Diego Comic Con next weekend, but I have to remind myself it’s for the absolute best reason: my daughter baking inside of me! For those of you that are joining the fun and mayhem, I have some great parties for you to check out by some of my fellow geeky bloggers, friends and cohorts that you won’t want to miss!


1. Geeks Go Glam Party (THURS @ 8pm); This is the best kick off party for those geek girls that want to show their fancy side. I personally love putting together outfits for SDCC when I’m attending, and this is the perfect opportunity to throw in an uber fancy one into your suitcase! Think high heels and bow ties mixed in with your favorite fandoms! Hosted by two of my favorite bloggers that I have been lucky enough to become friends with, The Nerdy Girlie and Being Geek Chic, you know you’ll be in good hands. Plus, with the addition of a performance from one of the members of the UK band, The Filthy Souls, there is absolutely no way you won’t have a good time. Grab your tickets here before they’re gone (no badge required)!

2. Fashionably Nerdy SDCC Cocktail Hour & Mixer (FRI @ 5pm); Now this is a definitely “do not miss” kind of party. Hosted by my fantastic co-workers over at Fashionably Nerdy in order to socialize with our team and the really amazing geeky designers you love! Swag bags will be given out to the first people to arrive and there will be special door prizes, raffles and a prize for the best ~Geek Chic~ dressed! Sponsors range from Her Universe to Gold Bubble Clothing, so you are going to want to get your hands on those goodies! No official RSVP or badge needed – just head over to the Grand Hyatt Grand Lobby Bar with your best party face on (and tell them Melificent sent ya!).


3. SherlockeDCC 2015 (FRI @ 7pm); Done with the Fashionably Nerdy party after snagging some amazing swag? Great! Head on over to the San Diego Public Library for the 3rd annual SherlockeDCC party! I can attest to the pure awesome of this party since I attended last year. We enjoyed amazing themed drinks, a photobooth and incredible views of San Diego from the 9th floor balcony. Again, this is being thrown by The Nerdy Girlie, Being Geek Chic & The Baker Street Babes so I figure this year can only be bigger and better. No badge needed, just pick up your ticket here.



What I Wore: Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay


This past weekend was Miami’s biggest comic book convention, Florida Supercon. It’s held on Miami Beach and hosts an array of vendors and special guests (still a little bummed Billie Piper canceled). Although it ain’t no SDCC, it is the best we have here in South Florida and I really appreciate the push to support geeky culture down here. I have faith that in a few years, SuperCon may grow to be one of the best in the country.


I knew I wanted to cosplay, but also knew I would be rocking a nearly 6 month baby bump. I immediately got to thinking about what I could make work with a more round shape, and then it came to me: OH MY GLOB! Clearly, I had to be Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess. It was a hit and for the most part, comfortable. I was just completely drained by the end of the day – I ain’t what I used to be. ;)


Dress; Tobi {similar|similar}
Sneakers; Fila via Zulily
Wig; Amazon
Star hair pin; DIY
Necklace; Etsy
Nail Polish; Essie’s Play Date
Lipstick; Maybelline Vivids’ Brazen Berry


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5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Fandom Friday

This was a tough one. After all, what is classified as a guilty pleasure? Something you are embarrassed to like? Chances are, what is embarrassing to me is not to you, so this may be a little hard to nail down. I also wasn’t sure if it had to be traditionally “fandom,” so I just threw in everything I kind of feel ashamed to love. ;)


1. My Little Pony; OK, so I’m not necessarily ashamed to love this show, but since it is a cartoon geared towards little girls and I’m a grown adult, it could be viewed as silly. I’ve watched countless documentaries on the “Brony-life” and have collected ponies since I was a child. I actually have a little tote bag full of original 80’s ponies that I’m going to pass on to my daughter. I don’t even want to look at how much some of them may go for on eBay. Because sentiment is worth more, right?

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