Urban Decay x Alice in Wonderland


I was so excited when I got to try out the entire Alice in Wonderland collection from Urban Decay. As many of you know, I’m a beauty and makeup junkie, so I’m totally loving the idea of featuring more of that on the blog (tied in with geekiness, of course)! As long as I can remember, I’ve always lusted over Urban Decay products because they aren’t afraid to be bold and brash. Since I’ve always loved dressing up (whether I knew it was cosplaying at the time or not), their brighter shades always drew me in when trying to make an impact with my costumes. Plus, they are big fans of glitter. And so am I. SO AM I.


This collection, which consists one gorgeous eyeshadow palette and 6 beautiful lipsticks, is limited edition. That means, you better run to your local Sephora, Ulta or online retailer to snag one because the last time I checked at my local Sephora, there were zero of these babies in stock. And it’s easy to see why. The packaging is perfection, with some of my favorite Alice quotes. For an outsider and “weirdo” like myself, I always related with the story’s take on the perception of “being strange.”

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Convention Outfit Inspirations & Tips

Everyone! It is convention season, and it is most definitely in full swing.
I’ve been living vicariously through everyone’s amazing posts and photo ops and the like, but now it is my turn! Miami will host its largest convention, Florida Supercon, July 4th weekend and I’ll be both on a panel, hopefully getting a tattoo (!!) and just roaming the convention floor. I thought in honor of my first Con in a year (!), I’d put together some inspiration outfits for you all in case you are struggling with what to wear to a Con, along with some handy dandy tips!

Convention Style: Fandom Skirt


I love this look because it’s comfy, while still being really girly. I’m a big fan of pairing crop tops with high waisted skirts, and this one in particular from TeeFury is just too perfect. In order to make it convention appropriate, you have to throw on a pair of comfy (yet stylish) sneakers, and I personally love how a fandom baseball cap looks with more feminine pieces. The juxtaposition is so fun! Add on a few more understated accessories, such as a necklace and themed nail polish, and you are all set to go!

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Nerdy Must Haves


1. X Files Pin; In a world that is being overrun by enamel pins, it’s nice to see that fandoms are still being represented in popular trends. One of my favorite pin makers, Sweet & Lovely, kills it with this monochrome X-Files one. I personally love that you can put this on your lapel, denim jacket or as flair to your favorite bag, and it is appropriate for so many occasions. Hell, put it on your dress at the next wedding you attend – you simply can’t go wrong with a little paranormal love.

2. Harry Potter Kids Dress; In my constant hunt for all things baby geek, I noticed that one of my favorites, Linda of 1138 Clothing, now offers a Harry Potter-inspired toddler dress! This is also made in big girl sizes, so this means that we can potentially have a little “Mommy and Me” action in the future. The design is so absolutely adorable, complete with a peter pan collar (I’m such a sucker for those), oversized glasses logo and a flared house skirt. You may see me wearing one of these very, very soon. ;)

3. Bookish Dress; Can you tell I’ve been on a girly kick lately? I am absolutely loving this sweet little dress from Jesiiii. She usually is a purveyor of the most kitschy and cute designs (sometimes on wood block, sometimes on pins), but she just released this number for preorder. At $60, it’s not a bad deal for such a unique and custom piece. If Belle is your inner Disney princess, you gotta snag this bookish dress!

4. Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks; I found out about Katy Perry’s latest collaboration with Covergirl through YouTube. I saw Tasha Leelyn swatching the entire line, and now I’m super intrigued! Although I haven’t tried any of them out, I decided to add them to this list because they looked so good while swatched. I like that they have some bold colors, which is not the norm for drugstore makeup, and they are a demi-matte, which shouldn’t dry out your lips too bad. The packaging is also so killer – I love the big bold typography on white. As I’m writing this post, I’m already thinking about picking up a few at my Target run later. If I do, I’ll make sure to swatch them for you guys!

What I Wore: Princess Peach


I promise my next style post will be something other than what I put together for a Geek Girl Brunch event. Promise.

But until then, I did put together a pretty easy casual cosplay for our most recent Videogame themed brunch. I grew up a Nintendo kid, and that never really changed as I became an adult. My husband (then boyfriend) bought me a GameCube to take with me to grad school when I moved away to Pensacola, and it literally became my best friend. I felt really isolated when I moved to a new city, and spent most of my nights either studying, typing away at another emo Livejournal post, binge watching TV shows, reading Harry Potter or playing games on my GameCube with the volume on mute and my music of choice blaring (it was usually 30 Seconds to Mars at that time). When we moved in together, we were one of those freaks that stood in line forever and bum rushed a Toy R Us to get our hands on a Wii console. We still have it and I refuse to get rid of it. Nintendo has been with me always, and I’m pretty sure that’s never going to change. That’s why I decided I had to be one of my beloved Mario Kart characters. I always played either as Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad, so I chose the Princess (naturally). ;)

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YouTubin': Buzz Bags Unboxing


I hope you guys are enjoying the extra content that I’ve been sharing over on my YouTube channel, The Fangirl Diaries. This time around, I’m unboxing the May Buzz Bag, which is Alice in Wonderland themed. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel as I hope to be more active on it going forward and make sure to click the “like” button!

Special thanks to Buzz Bags for sending me these awesome packages to review!