What I Wore: Sunday Adventures

March 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery, Local by Meli

You may think Friday night or Saturday may be the time for adventures, but Sunday is definitely my favorite day.  Monday is lingering right around the corner, which makes it that much more special. You really want to hold on to the freedom, the experiences before another stressful work week begins. And that belief created our Sunday Fundays. We try to go somewhere new every weekend and this time around was The Alchemist in Wilton Manors. It’s such a charming little coffee and sandwich shop that grows their own produce and hand roasts their coffee. It’s also surrounded by other little shops and restaurants in the Eucalyptus Gardens. Overall, a great way to start Spring in South Florida.

Tardis crop; Etsy
Maxi Skirt; H&M {similar}
Sandals; Payless
Hat; Forever 21
Ring; Kitson {similar}
Druzy choker; The Midnight Gypsy via Five Sisters
Tolkien adventure necklace;  Be Muse

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5 Fandom Friday: My Comfort Films

March 20th, 2015 | Posted in Geekery, Movies by Meli

For as long as I can remember, watching movies has comforted me in my most trying times. Whether it be illnesses that won’t quit, breakups, or bouts of homesickness…cinema has always been my savior. If I popped in the right DVD (or VHS if we want to go waaaay back), a smile would immediately cross my face and for those 90-120 minutes, life would feel right again. Or at least, I would forget about all that was ailing me and be transported to a warm and fuzzy place.

These are the ones that just do it for me:

1. 10 Things I Hate About You; a huge smile erupts on my face when I see that this movie is playing on Netflix (ps; it is NOW) even though I own it. There’s just something special about scrolling through your viewing options and seeing one of your favorites show up. Like a little packaged surprise! This movie reminds me of high school, which was a turbulent and hormonal time sure, but also such a carefree one. It was also the first time I ever saw Heath Ledger (& I’m pretty sure everyone else’s too), and he quickly became one of my absolute favorites. Plus, THAT scene. You know the one. You’re just too good to be true…..CLASSIC.

2. That Thing You Do!; I’m sure you’ll see a theme with this list. I’m a sucker for 90′s teen flicks. This one is just so special to me though. I love all music-related films so I was really excited for this movie to come out when I was a teen. So much so that I bought the soundtrack before the movie had premiered and listened to it on repeat so much that I knew every word to every song by the time I actually saw it in the theater opening day. It’s such a sweet, sweet story and never fails to get me in a better mood. AND, it’s pretty much impossible not to sing along to the main theme. Try it. I dare you.

3. Empire Records; yep, keep those teen flicks rolling. This is honestly the first time I realized I had a favorite movie. I watched this movie so often that I could spit back every piece of dialogue (and still can). In fact, I still use quotes from it on a daily basis anytime I see fit. If you are able to recognize said quotes, you will instantaneously be in my inner circle. You have been warned. Also, if you are in the NYC area next month, make sure to check out the 20th year anniversary (!!!!) of the film at Rough Trade in Brooklyn which will be turning their store into the beloved Empire Records. I so wish I could go!

4. The Lord of the Rings trilogy; it was due to these films that I truly realized I was a fangirl. I lived, breathed and ate every piece of this fandom during its entire run and had all the collectors editions of the films. I grew to love this cast like they were my buddies and still squee pretty hard when I see a group or pair of them together randomly. It renewed my faith and love of the fantasy genre and helped me start reading again after a long dry spell in college. Needless to say, when it’s on TV, I need to watch it. Fun fact: my LJ username was HobbitLuv for a bit. Yeah, it was legit guys.

5. The NeverEnding Story; when something is good, it never gets old and this movie is the perfect example. My cousin gave me a VHS tape with this movie and Romancing The Stone when I was a kid. I never watched Romancing the Stone passed the first viewing, but my heart just could not get enough of The NeverEnding Story. It filled it with just the perfect pinch of fantasy, romance and utter wonder. Till this day, I’m still on the fence as to whether watching Atreyu’s horse, Atrax, sink into the Swamp of Sadness permanently scarred me as a human being. That, my friends, is what a true film should make you question. ;)

Honorable mentions: The Secret of Nimh, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Swingers, The Sandlot, Fight Club, The Harry Potter series, Almost Famous & Kill Bill (1 & 2).

Nerdy Must Haves

February 25th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery, Home by Meli


Potter crop top; I love it when designs include elements of a fandom only. It instantly makes it super-fan relatable and will cause little knowing smirks everywhere you go. This crop top is the perfect example. How cute would this be paired with a high waisted skirt or shorts? It’s definitely going on my list of outfits for my next Wizarding World adventure!

JK & Radcliffe holy candle; I met the creator of these hysterical holy fandom candles at Shock Pop a couple of weeks ago. She is a complete doll and her products are amazing. Unfortunately, this specific design was sold out at her booth, but I found it on her Etsy shop! If you have a wicked sense of humor, you will get a kick out of all her candle designs. I personally can’t wait for a reason to gift one – these make excellent gag gifts for the fangirl/fanboy in your life!

Potter alphabet cards; I can’t even deal with the cuteness that is the Afternoon Coffee Etsy shop. I’m obsessed. Mainly due to these Harry Potter alphabet cards. How adorable would they be in a kid’s room (or an adult’s)?? Check out the rest of her store too if you are a Potter Head. I promise your eyes will be overjoyed and your wallet will be depressed.

Unicorn phone case; This baby is unfortunately out of stock on Asos, but how perfect is it? Granted, I’m sure it would be a little bulky to carry around, but on the plus side, you’d never lose it in a crowded purse, am I right?? Plus, it’s a freaking unicorn. That trumps all.

What I Wore: Mischief Managed

February 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Who doesn’t want to be a bad ass Gryffindor? I had a lot of fun styling all these outfits during our Wizarding World weekend, but this one was one of my favorites because it seemed like something an actual Hogwarts student would wear on their days off. I loved that I could adorn my military vest with various Potter-themed buttons and pins, which makes it a subtle homage paired with my mischief managed tank. Even our utilitarian annual pass holder lanyard somehow managed to work into the look. It was so fab sharing all my vacation looks with you all – I can’t wait until our next visit!

Tank; c/o Jordan Dene
Vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Jeans; Forever 21
Potter pins; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Protection crystals necklace; Five Sisters

Boohoo #TBT Style Icon: Audrey Inspired

February 19th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion by Meli

Everyone bases their style on someone, right? Sure, I love my geekery, but the basis for the way I style those geeky outfits, makeup, accessories and hair comes from the most perfect lady in the history of ladies: Audrey Hepburn. I like high waists, form flattering silhouettes and classics paired with tons of personality. I like high buns, cat eyed sunglasses and strong brows. But most importantly, I like the heart and soul behind the icon that was Audrey Hepburn, and hope I can portray even 1/4 of that with my own style and life.

That’s why when Boohoo asked me to recreate a style icon’s look using a dress from their immensely awesome dress line, I jumped at the chance. I think I chose the perfect dress that reflected what Audrey’s style would look like today, paired with a little Melificent on the side. The result? A whimsical shift dress paired with fun and kitschy accessories, and topped with Audrey’s iconic top knot (thanks Blo Coral Gables!). Plus, you know I had to throw a little geek in there – check out my denim jacket’s button details! ;)

Dress; c/o Boohoo
Denim jacket; Old Navy
Kitty flats; Jane.com {similar}
Unicorn clutch; eBay
Bow ring; Marc Jacobs
Shades; Zara {similar}

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