5 Fandom Friday: 5 Fictional Characters You Most Identify With

Fandom Friday

By: The Nerdy Girlie & SuperSpaceChick

The toughest part of being a fangirl is explaining to others that are not your connection to fictional characters. When I really love a show, book or movie, the characters feel like family and friends to me. So when something happens to them, it deeply affects me. I know the rest of you geeky girls will feel me, but it can be tough to put into words (says the blogger).


1; Amy Pond: Amy has taken the title of my favorite fictional female. Her story line in Who really resonated with me more than any other I’ve ever read/watched/experienced. She was a strong and feisty redhead that used this exterior to mask her fears and insecurities. Deep down inside was a girl that wasn’t sure what she wanted out of life and her journey as a companion helped her grow as a woman so much. She realized what was important in life to her, and who she really was. 

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My Beauty Favorites

photo 1

I decided to share my beauty regime now that I am pregnant because I know it can be difficult to first, feel pretty while pregnant and second, to find products you can still use while pregnant. Since I’ve been off the pill for a year, my skin has tapered off in terms of severe breakouts, but I can still suffer from occasional mild acne. This caused an issue since you cannot use any products with salicylic acid while pregnant. This basically includes all acne fighting cleansers and creams. What is a hormonal girl to do? Easy. Check out my favorites that I cannot live a day without below – they have worked like a charm for me and I’ve even achieved that “pregnancy glow” some days. Hope this helps, fellow expectant moms!


I am not afraid to admit it: I’m a Lushie. They just opened a store only about 15-20 minutes away from me so it’s kind of been dangerous. I can’t recommend their bath bombs enough, especially after stressful days (they have become my replacement for a bottle glass of wine), but their beauty products are the real winners here. I use Ocean Salt about twice a week as my main facial cleanser. It smells absolutely amazing and is an extremely rough scrub that will remove all those pesky blackheads leaving your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom (no joke – sometimes I just stroke my face afterwards). About once a week, I use Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner before finishing my shower. This smells even MORE amazing than the scrub and leaves your entire skin silky smooth for the entire day. Sometimes I leave this for when I’m going to wear something that exposes a lot of skin.  It also helps soothe those frequent belly itches!

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What I Wore: My Little Luna


I know, I know. You may be bored of this look, but it’s just so perfect and comfortable now that my expanding waistline gets in the way of most outfits. I’ve realized I totally hate pants this pregnancy, so if you have any good looking and comfy maternity pants to recommend, that would be great. Until then, I’ll be rocking leggings, shorts and dresses come November. Just kidding, I’ll bring you something different next week, I promise!


Seriously though, this look lets me inject a little personality into my weekend outfits, which I gladly welcome. Basics can be so boring to me. Also, when did my bump grow so much??

Crop top; Forever 21 {similar}
Maxi dress; Jane.com {similar}


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5 Fandom Friday: 5 Nerdiest Things You’ve Ever Done


Brought to you by; The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

I have to admit that this was a really fun prompt. I am pretty damn nerdy and ridiculous when it comes to my fandoms, so I’ve done quite a few things that I deem up there when it comes to superlatives. It was actually difficult to only whittle it down to 5. I will never lie about one thing: I fangirl. And I fangirl hard.


1; First fans to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

When I found out that there was going to be a theme park based on Harry Potter, and it was going to basically be in my backyard, I had to be there. I didn’t care that opening day was in June, which meant terrible heat and humidity. I didn’t care that there would be throngs of people to fight to get in. I didn’t care that we had to wake up at 4am. We somehow (I still think someone slipped us some Felix Felicis) ended up being the first 50 people in the park right behind the cast. It was amazing – we were on the Today Show and interviewed by NBC6. Daniel Radcliffe even walked right past us like he was an every day normal muggle. It was one of my most favorite days.

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Fashionably Nerdy


I am so proud to announce that I have joined the Fashionably Nerdy family as their Geek Chic Mom & Kids correspondent. I had followed the girls for some time and viewed them as The Fangirl Diaries‘ West Coast counterpart (it was really sweet that they did too). I always loved their content and I got the chance to meet Stephanie at the SherlockedCC event last year at San Diego Comic Con. That kind of solidified my love for the site and their team, so needless to say, I couldn’t have been happier when they approached me to join! I’ll be blogging and vlogging about all things fashionably geeky (naturally) when it comes to maternity and motherhood. I can’t wait to share a little more about this new chapter in my life and hope you all enjoy the ride!

You can check out my first post about how to dress your bump with crop tops (no, I’m not lying) here.