What I Wore: Knope Knows


I can’t really explain being a mommy because I feel like it never makes any sense unless you are a mom yourself. I know before I was a mom, I didn’t understand when people would tell me they were wrecked, but so infinitely happy. What? How is that possible? Isn’t a full 8 hours of sleep and weekly mental health days needed to live a happy life? Haha.

I am the most tired and overwhelmed I have ever felt in my entire life. I have no idea what time is because I have zero of it. I have not seen the latest blockbuster and haven’t visited the newest Miami hot spot. Three drinks no longer get me drunk, they get me sleepy. My roots are basically down to my ears and I am covered in white hairs. My eyebrows haven’t been plucked in months and my nail polish is constantly chipped (or not there at all). I have bags under my eyes for the first time in my life. I can barely keep up with work and am absent from most social functions. Short skirts are no longer a part of my wardrobe.


But I’m the happiest I have ever been. See what I mean? It makes no sense.
But that’s just the way it is. I see the world with new, shinier and sparklier lenses. I have a reason to do everything I do besides for myself (which, don’t get me wrong, is more than enough). And I feel love and appreciation in such powerful ways on a daily basis that I can say with 100% certainty I never felt before. There is a smile on my face more days than not, and it’s so nice.

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Life with Luna: Strangeways Studio {+ GIVEAWAY}


I think I have to keep my eyes peeled because someone is trying to steal my job. Namely, little baby Luna is getting way too good at these ootd’s. She’s such a ham, and although she hates getting dressed these days (you would think I was killing her!), she has a blast grinning for the camera. Definitely my daughter. ;)


All of you know that I’m a fan of shopping small whenever I can, and that I adore finding fandom related outfits for the babe. This can be super hard to do, especially if you are trying to remain on budget. This is why I am totally obsessed with StrangeWays Studio. I personally think they have the best selection of fandom onesies out there that won’t break your bank in half. And it doesn’t hurt that the majority of their inventory are for fandoms I absolutely adore. Potter? Parks & Rec? Doctor Who? Yeah, sign me up.


You may remember a much tinier Luna showcasing their stuff on the blog before, and we are just as in love a few months later. I can’t recommend their soft and stretchy onesies enough. Luna is currently sporting their 6-12 month size and I can see her wearing them for a very long time. They hold up to multiple wears and washes very well too, which is important.

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Geek Girl Gang Giveaway!



Who wants to win the first Geek Girl Gang pin set?
They sold out in the first week they were released, which was so humbling and amazing for me. I had always wanted to start my own business and product line. I knew I wanted it to reflect my personality and what I wished there was more of out there in terms of fashion/accessories for the modern geek girl. I never thought that something I created would be wanted by other people, and it’s an amazing feeling.

My husband and I are hard at work building a website and getting all the logistics figured out on how to open a small business, while I just finished designing the 2nd pin set. Look out for that set to be released on Instagram before the opening of the site and our first shirts. We are trying to set our sights at officially opening as a legit business in mid-summer, and I hope to do a little South Florida convention tour.

But! In the meantime, here is your chance to win our first set, which includes the four 1″ buttons featured above. It would be the perfect flair for your SDCC outfit this July! All you have to do is:

  • Add GeekGirlGang on Instagram
  • Comment to this post with what you would like a future product release to be on Geek Girl Gang!

A winner will be chosen at random a week from today, Wednesday, the 25th!
Good luck, geek girls!

Life with Luna: SwankyShank


I absolutely love finding new shops for Luna. I’m really picky with the way I dress her and have entirely too much fun styling her in the morning (yes, it is styling and not dressing). She used to hate getting dressed, but I notice that she’s gotten much more used to it these days. She even stared totally enraptured when my best friend was showing me her baby’s newest outfits. I think I may slowly be creating a monster that will buy me out of house and home. ;)


With that said, I like unique and fun pieces that show personality because lets face it: they are kids! If their clothes aren’t fun now, then when! That’s why I totally dug Swanky Shank when I discovered their shop on Etsy. It really stood out to me because their pieces were so kitschy, and their scripted slogans were so beautiful! Plus, their store header states that they make clothes for the free spirit – and that’s exactly what I want to raise. My free-spiritedness (word? yes?) was definitely stifled as a child coming from a Latin family in a very conservative city (yes, Miami is conservative). Now as an adult is when I’m really “letting my freak flag fly,” but I don’t want Luna to ever think she has to bottle that up.

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