The Bodhi Tree House Grand Opening – Miami


A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening of a new holistic store in Wynwood, The Bodhi Tree House. It was tucked away in some warehouse space, but I was absolutely blown away when I walked inside. It really looked like you were in a treehouse. It was like something out of a Wes Anderson movie mixed with a little bit of magic. It’s impossible not to feel serene and at peace while in the tree house, and everything they offer is so up my alley.


Crystals and mysticism have become a big part of my life for the past year, and I loved being in such a spiritual healing environment. Naturally, a packed grand opening party doesn’t lend itself to too much calm, but I can’t wait to visit soon and actually shop and look into some of their classes. I also loved that they had a little cafe in the back of the store offering healthy treats. I was able to enjoy crystal-infused water for the first time, which was pretty neat.

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Unboxing Vlog: July Kawaii Box Plus Giveaway!

I am so happy to announce that I’m going to start making YouTube videos (or vlogging, whatever the cool term is now) for the blog! I got a great new camera for my birthday in preparation for Luna, but it also comes in beyond handy for all my blogging needs and desires. I’d love to hear what you guys would like me to make videos of for the blog, but for today, I will be starting with an unboxing video!

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Pipsticks & Agenda Lovin’


I am so so so happy to be working with Pipsticks! If you don’t remember, I reviewed their sticker subscription service a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love. We have since decided to make beautiful music together, and this month’s package was no different. I immediately wanted to rip it open and devour all the kawaii goodness it was sure to hold. But look at how nice I am. I actually took my time to give you guys nice pictures before the fangirl destruction (sad cloud face was placed to cover my address, not to reflect any kind of negative emotion – sorry, stalkers). ;)

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Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

Fandom Friday


1. Doctor Who/Sherlock; I’m sure this comes as no surprise to all my fellow BBC fangirls. This is the crossover that we have always hoped would happen, but have succumbed to just reading plenty of fan fiction. Have you guys seen this excellent mash up? It will only make your heart ache more for this project to actually happen.


2. Sailor Moon/Adventure Time; I am pretty quick to state that I think anything should be crossed with Adventure Time – it just lends itself to make any world a little more fun and bright. However, the image I used above definitely sparked an intense desire for it to happen with Sailor Moon. The anime can be pretty silly at first, but then progresses to some heavy themes. Think how adorable it would be a little more light hearted??? And with Jupiter as Marceline, what! Need this now.

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Glamulet Review & Promo Code

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I’m sure most of you ladies have been suckered into some sort of bracelet/charm collection. The most successful and popular being Pandora. Now, this little addiction can get quite costly (as can Alex & Ani, which I just recently started collecting), so I was happy to review Glamulet and their more affordable charm bracelets. They offer just as many beautiful charms, but at prices that won’t hurt your wallet, while also giving you free shipping. What is not to love with the holidays quickly approaching (seriously, they are and I’m having anxiety about it)? They are also packaged beautifully and I loved opening my little blue ribboned box!

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