5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play


Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

I used to be a huge gamer when I was a kid, so the majority of my video game memories and expertise lies in the original NES console. I did get really into the Nintendo Gamecube while I was away in grad school, and at times played my hubby’s PlayStation, but otherwise, my favorite games tend to be tabletop. Honestly, there is nothing better than a game night at Casa Sanchez and I wish we could have them more often!

71O6Z0Qmv5L._SL1063_1. Clue: Sherlock Edition
OK, so the Brits refer to it as ClueDO, but it’s exactly the same as the classic Clue game we all grew up with. This edition just switches out all the elements you have grown to love with characters and settings from BBC’s Sherlock. Um, what’s not to love? I can literally play this all day and not tire of it. It’s such a blast.

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The Age of Adaline {Fashion Through the Ages} & GIVEAWAY!


I’m sure all of you have seen the trailer for the new Blake Lively flick, The Age of Adaline. The film revolves around a woman that somehow was able to remain 29 years old for almost 8 decades. She manages to keep this a secret until she falls in love. The rest can get a little dicey. Naturally, a film spanning 8 decades is going to focus on fashion and The Age of Adaline does just that.

I thought it would be fun to show you all how you too can fool people into thinking you are ageless with your fashion – all it takes is incorporating a few key pieces from different decades into your modern wardrobe. Check it out!

I tend to gravitate towards 60’s and 70’s styles. I love the more flared silhouettes and free flowing fabrics. Not to mention all the fun hair accessories! With that said, it’s easy to incorporate these looks into a modern outfit. I personally think this would make a great music festival outfit (think SunFest, South Florida locals…). Pair a basic crop top with a pair of extreme flare jeans, add a fun flower headpiece and your most comfortable pair of sandals and boom! You got a retro modern look that would make anyone flash the peace sign your way.

Levis Jeans | Crop Top | Sandals | Hairpiece

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5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Theme Park Rides

fandom.5.fridayBrought to you by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick

Ever since I was a kid I loved visiting theme parks, and living in South Florida made that a pretty easy thing to do since we are only a 3 hour drive from Orlando. An extra hour in the car gets you to Tampa, which houses Busch Gardens, so we were never in short supply of options. As an adult, the love only grows and I’m sure as we grow a family, the love will be reborn in a different and even more special way.



1. The Hulk Coaster {Islands of Adventure}
This is my all time favorite ride at Islands of Adventure. Sure, Wizarding World opened up and all that jive, but this coaster on Marvel Island never lost its magic. Most trips, I find myself either starting with it or running half way across the park from Hogsmeade to make it to The Hulk before the park closes. What makes it so special? That amazing initial launch where you accelerate to 40mph in 2 seconds. It makes you feel like you are flying!
POV Video


2. Escape from Gringotts {Universal Studios: Orlando}
I used to be obsessed with The Forbidden Journey in the Hogsmeade portion of Wizarding World until Diagon Alley opened up. Then it was quickly replaced by Escape from Gringotts. It is absolutely impossible to not go on this ride and not leave smiling. I personally have a smile slapped on my face the entire time. The technology is amazing, but of course, what takes it to the top of my list is that super fun drop at the beginning. I love that Bellatrix’s curse seems to levitate your cart and actually suspends it at a 40 degree angle before dropping you into a series of intense spins and turns. Such a great way to get your adrenaline pumping!
POV Video


3. Sheikra Coaster {Busch Gardens: Tampa}
I don’t get to go to Busch Gardens enough, but I love every single visit. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a coaster junkie and love trying new ones (even if I do shake in my boots until it’s over – then I want to ride it again). The last time I went to Busch Gardens, we had some bad weather, which means the brand-spankin’ new coaster, Cheetah Hunt, was closed. However, we were able to go on Sheikra and whoa! Was it a thrill. Standing at 200 feet tall with a max speed of 70 mph, it was daunting to say the least (dear lord, that climb), but so amazingly fun! I can’t wait to visit again and experience that eternal 4 second hang before they drop you those 200 feet.
POV Video

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 1.50.54 PM

4. The Haunted Mansion {DisneyLand: California}
You may wonder why I listed The Haunted Mansion in California and not in Orlando, since we have the same attraction, and there is a reason and one reason only: The Nightmare Before Christmas. See, in California, The Haunted Mansion is taken over by Jack Skellington and his friends in honor of Christmas time. This revamp happens from late-September through early-January and the hubs and I just happened to visit during that window last year. I didn’t even know this happened, so needless to say, I was pretty stoked since Nightmare is one of, if not my absolute favorite Disney movie. I squee’d throughout the entire thing, but was pretty disappointed with the merchandise. I think there should be more available during this time at the park, but was sad to see such a measly assortment.
POV Video


5. Rock n’ Roller Coaster {Hollywood Studios: Orlando}
I had to finish strong with another coaster! This one is at DisneyWorld’s Hollywood Studios and is Aerosmith themed. It’s totally in the dark, so you have no idea what you are riding until you are literally strapped in and on the move. Naturally, this is pretty scary when you finally reach the point you can see the cars (which are made to look like stretch limousines) screeching into a neon tunnel (that would be because they are going from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds), but at least you have Aerosmith tunes blaring from the speakers on either side of your head to keep you a little calm.
POV Video

**Honorable mention goes to Expedition Everest at DisneyWorld’s Animal Kingdom park. I just visited the park for the first time last year and rode on this coaster. Sooooooo much fun!

What I Wore: Odd Duck Craft Fair


I always seem to be out of town or busy whenever we have a local craft fair here in South Florida, so after a last minute change of plans (no MegaCon for me – boohoo), I was at least happy that I would be able to make it to The Odd Duck Craft Fair in Downtown Hollywood. Little victories, my friends.

Although I ultimately wasn’t very impressed with the size and turn out of the event overall, it was nice to get out on such a beautiful day, enjoy a delicious smoothie and pick up some fun accessories from some great vendors. Plus, there is always next month’s Indie Craft Bazaar at Revolution Live to look forward to!

With that said, it is HOT here in South Florida so this outing called for a lightweight outfit with subtle fandom references and some cute geeky specs. Looks like we have a lot of steamy weather to look forward to in the months to come! Start feeling that envy Northeast! ;)


Tank; c/o Conversation Pieces
Shorts; Old Navy
Utility vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Sneakers; Jane.com {similar}
TARDIS necklace; Fandom of the Month Club
Luna pin; Danny Brito
Glasses; c/o Firmoo {50% off code here}
Polish; O.P.I.’s Gargantuan Green Grape






Accio Baby!


Needless to say, after 7 years of marriage and a heartbreaking loss, we are SO excited to welcome a little bit of magic into our lives this coming October! I can’t wait to share the journey here on the blog, and hope to bring all the geek chic you expect to mommyhood.

Accio baby!