Ugly Christmas Sweater Round Up

Although I absolutely adore the ugly Christmas sweater trend, I have to admit that I’ve never actually been to or hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party. The closest I came was going to a small get together with friends where we had to wear one, and of course, I made mine Marvel. ;)

Since the rise in popularity of this trend, the geeks have taken over and there are a slew of nerdy sweaters you can choose from for the upcoming holidays. I know I definitely want to wear one Christmas day, even though it will surely be just as steamy and humid as any other unbearable Miami day, but all these options are making it so hard to choose!


Holiday Awakens | Holiday Mix Vol. 1 | The Sweater That Lived | Adventure Time | Sailor Moon | At-At Hoth

Life with Luna: Mini Time Lord OOTD


Luna has finally started to grow out of some newborn clothes, which means we can start having more fun with her wardrobe (lets face it, NB clothes isn’t the hippest)! I love fun, hip baby clothes as much as the next mom, but obviously I’m always shopping around for fandom related threads for my little one. This is a way harder feat than you would imagine – especially if you want these baby clothes to still be fashionable and trendy. That’s why I nearly passed out when I discovered Willow + Wither while on an Instagram rabbit hole (what I call clicking on one account, that leads to another, that leads to another…).

IMG_6506 copy

Kara has the most amazing fandom-inspired baby clothes you have ever seen! From Doctor Who to Supernatural, she covers all the bases in the most geek chic way. And she doesn’t stop at baby clothes – she also makes most of her pieces in adult sizes, which means you can rock some seriously geeky mommy and me outfits! I’m so glad she was willing to send me a few of her TARDIS pieces so that I could show them off on little Ms. Luna. I have to say, she looks pretty spectacular as a pint-sized time lord, don’t you think?

TARDIS leggings; c/o Willow + Wither
TARDIS hair bow; c/o Willow + Wither {not available}
Onesie; Gerber
Blanket; Modern Burlap


IMG_6557 copy

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Star Wars Fashion Round Up

Yes, I know.
My blog has turned into Star Wars HQ, but if you are a geeky girl like myself, I doubt you are complaining all that much (hopefully).  With The Force Awakens premiere quickly approaching, a very important question arises: What will I wear?!?! I’m here to take the guess work out of it for you because there are some seriously awesome Star Wars threads out there to choose from! Here are some of my favorites;



Rebel Pilot 2-Piece Dress; I have been in love with this dress from 1138 Clothing for awhile now. I adore the pin up vibes and have been dying to snatch one of my own to wear to a local con. However, it works just as well for a fancy premiere outfit – maybe if you and your significant other are making a date night out of it? Or even a geeky first date!

BB-8 Skater Skirt; BB-8 is everyone’s new favorite – it’s undeniable. How can you say otherwise when he is so flippin’ cute! It also helps that his vibrant orange hues paired with grey and black make the perfect palette for fun fashion pieces. This skater skirt by Go Follow Rabbits is absolutely adorable and can be paired with either a black or white basic crop top to really nail that flirty but geeky look!

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Life with Luna: 4 Weeks


Well, the honeymoon period is definitely over.
Little Luna has us working around the clock, and the days are no longer being defined as “easy.” She has some pretty killer gas, which can leave her screaming in hysterics, and we just recently had to administer a suppository after a full 24 hours of no poopy diapers. I can’t tell you how much fun that was (spoiler alert: we cried more than she did). She isn’t eating quite as well as she was the first 2 weeks with us, so now we usually have to wake her up for feedings and kind of force her at times to complete 2oz. This seems to be the way it goes with IUGR babies, so it will be an uphill battle with her in regards to gaining weight. Speaking of weight, she is now at 7lbs, 5oz!!! She’s finally about the size of an average newborn & is starting to grow out of some sleepers & rompers, which is really exciting!

Unfortunately, it looks like she is starting to develop a flat head, so I have to be cognizant and carry her more often (as well as increase tummy time sessions). Luna isn’t at the weight necessary for baby-wearing (8lbs), so this is making it really hard to balance my day-to-day to-do list and baby (I’m typing this post one-handed). I’m sure this will be a lesson in prioritization . ;)


Overall, I am so proud of our little nugget. She continues to surprise me every day (she has managed to turn over 6 times in a week during tummy time), and makes me want to be a better person. Sometimes it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I am a mother, and I have a kid. When I really let that sink in, at times it can be a little nerve-wracking to be honest. But then I stare into her eyes and know we are going to be just fine.

Her Universe x Hot Topic | Star Wars Fashion Collection


Her Universe has teamed up with Hot Topic to bring us geek girls the most gorgeous Star Wars fashion line ever. Sure to make a killing with the upcoming holiday season and the release of The Force Awakens, what I love most about this collection is that not only is it beautiful, but it is also affordable! This is such a golden era of geek girl fashion. I am floored on the regular with the quality and craftsmanship of fandom-related clothing and accessories. Geekery and fashion can finally go hand in hand (as it always should have), and I am loving it.

The collection is available at select Hot Topic stores and online now (& on sale)!
What’s your favorite piece?
I’m personally lusting hard over that Boba Fett bomber jacket (although the Darth Vader jacket is hot as hell too) and am adding it to my Christmas list stat!