But this right here is like a level up. I was a pass holder for Universal but literally the second I became one, I got pregnant so that was all over. This is the first time I feel like an elite member of a theme park and I am so absolutely excited to take advantage of it. The moment Luna was born I knew I wanted her to be a Disney kid. I grew up on Disney and I can honestly say that it molded me and taught me a lot of great things. The most important: to dream. I love Disney’s message and although I can have my gripes here and there, I am a huge supporter of the Mouse. So the love was reborn when she came into the picture.

And here we are.
Look forward to a lot of fun Disney style posts in the year to come, and a whole lot of magic.

Aladdin Bodysuit; Love Tribe Apparel
Wide Leg Cropped Pants; Uniqlo
Kicks; Adidas
Ears + accessories; Disney


It’s really hard to wrap my head around the fact that my little baby is two. I feel like I was just writing the “one” post for her yesterday, and here we are. The past year has been so revolutionarily different from the last. It was more learning how to balance mom life with personal and work. It was hard. Many times I felt very much alone. But it made me realize how much I am really capable of. I’ve always struggled with confidence and believing in myself (I blame it on being the “baby” of the family), but Luna gave me a great gift. She let me see what I am truly made of. She has made me feel like a wonder woman, and there are few moments where I feel like I can’t conquer something if I try hard enough, and that is quite a feat. She has also opened my eyes to the people I want in my life, my goals, and what is truly important. I am a different person: a better one because everything is in perspective.

As for Luna, she has grown in so many ways. She loves the outdoors and is a very active child. Her favorite past time is running outside and she has just recently begun to jump, which is adorable to watch. She also loves music (she was made her music teacher’s helper at school), singing and dancing. Her favorite movie is Moana, and her favorite TV shows are PJ Masks, True + the Rainbow Kingdom and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves to rough house and her giggles could light up the whole world. She always cleans up after herself, loves to wash her hands, and is successfully potty trained. She is sassy, says “cheeeeese!” when she sees a camera, and is a social butterfly. She loves to pick her outfits every morning and will shout “BOW! (go)” at the top of her lungs when we are taking too long to get out the door. She is beautiful and magical. She is my best friend, and my tiny partner in crime. It’s us against the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for all the gifts you unknowingly give me every day, Luna.
Happy second, my lion.



All photos by Agustin Sanchez.

What I Wore: Mom Life

I’m not going to lie. The past few weeks have been real difficult over on the Melificent side of the world. Lets not even touch on all the current events unfolding that have both simultaneously broken my heart and angered me down to my very core. Of course, when I put my situation next to all that, I am eternally grateful to be alive, healthy and surrounded by love. But guys. Sometimes momming ain’t easy. And it takes a village. And, well. Some of us don’t have that village. So it’s been lots of hustling on the job side, while balancing all our to-do’s and being there for little Luna. This mom is exhausted.

I had been complaining that I wasn’t looking very cute lately, as I have been leaning towards more of the mom uniform and less of the fashion blogger. But, this past weekend I decided to blend them both. And what do you know? You really can find comfort and style while running after a toddler. Who knew?

Crop top; Born Savage
Leggings + Tank; Forever 21
Shoes; Adidas
Hat; AliExpress
Sunglasses; gifted
Lips; Colourpop’s Tulle