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Like I’ve been mentioning so much lately, things were pretty dark and dreary last year. It seemed like things would only grow darker, but then something appeared: the light. I feel like so much positivity has been presented in 2015, it’s almost too much to bear. That’s why now, on my 34th birthday, I have to stop and really give thanks for this amazing life and everyone that shares it with me.

I’m about to embark on a whole new journey in just a few months, and I couldn’t feel more pumped to take on the challenge of my new job as mommy. The blog is growing and I have such big plans for my professional career. I’m finally starting to think that I can throw around the term, “girl boss,” without feeling silly.

I am looking at 34 with such brightness and energy. I have made a lot of mistakes recently, sure. But I know I am never too old to learn, and that I did. I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of my life and am so happy that I am moving full steam ahead in that direction. I still don’t have life figured out, but that is what makes the ride so exciting.

Thanks for wanting to be a part of that ride.


Pipsticks Review & Coupon Code

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I can’t tell you how much of a sticker fan I was when I was younger. I used to go to Publix with my dad for our weekly grocery trips and I would immediately run to the sticker racks. I was allowed to buy a couple of sheets a week to use on my scrapbooks, crafts, what have you. It literally made my day to see a new pack of adorable stickers – ones that were puffy, others that were scratch and sniff, and, of course, the coveted Garfield ones! That’s why I was so happy to get a package in the mail from Pipsticks, a monthly sticker subscription service.

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I didn’t know what to expect when I ripped open the absolutely adorable packaging, but was so surprised to see the amount of goodies held inside! There were 15+ sheets or individual stickers included in my envelope, and some really fun postcards and one especially pertinent notecard that I plan on framing immediately. I like that the sticker sets varied from cute and kawaii to big and bold. They are perfect for fellow agenda freaks and crafters alike. I can’t wait to start using them to decorate what’s left of my 2015 Bando planner! They were also really unique and clearly expertly chosen. I loved the design aesthetic on basically everything.

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If you are interested (& how could you not be), check out their 3 different clubs (they even have one dedicated especially for kids – how sweet) and enjoy free shipping if you are in the US! Even better? Check out my coupon code for all my readers: MEL 15 for 15% off any order!

Nerd Out App

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I am completely loving the idea for this new nerd-centric app, Nerd Out. It was created by Michelle Jensen, from Your Friend Elle, and its goal is to curate all geeky events in one beautiful little FREE application. That’s right. You’ll be able to find out where the nearest geeky events will be taking place in your hometown, or even when planning a vacation elsewhere. I know I often wonder if I’m in town for certain conventions or events while I’m visiting other cities, and it would be great to just pick up my phone and know minutes (maybe seconds) later without any insane Google searching.

You’d also be able to connect with friends, build your schedule and set alerts for events. Basically, it’s what the geeky community is lacking in terms of social media. Did I get your attention? Awesome. This project is going to need some support from the community in order to get it made, so if it seems like something you’d like made into reality, definitely check out their campaign here and contribute whatever you can.

You can also find them on social media at the following links;