YouTubin': Influenster “Super Mom” Vox Box Review

I’ve been having such a blast filming these videos for you guys over on my YouTube channel, The Fangirl Diaries. I’m coming at you guys with something a little different this time, and am reviewing the latest Influenster Vox Box. It was targeted at “Super Mom’s,” so I had a good time checking out what they included for us mommies (& criticizing some others)! Remember to subscribe to the channel if you are digging this extra content! 

What I Wore: Girls Nite


When you and your bestie became moms months apart, you have even more built in support. We are constantly texting each other back and forth and asking for advice. Sometimes, we just want to vent. And sometimes, we just want to dance. And that’s exactly what we did last week when we heard She Wants Revenge was playing a show in South Florida. We used to dance around like maniacs to the band during our indie kid club days, so it was such a perfect way to reminisce about our wild, childless days.

I’m pretty sure everything hurt as I was driving home and I was so tired, but it was amazing to be out drinking beers and dancing to good music after all this time. Fellow moms: make sure you do you as often as possible!

With that said, I knew I had to dress comfortably and wear my best dancing shoes, and this stellar droid dress I found at Forever 21 of all places was the winner! It’s form fitted and short, but so unbelievably comfortable. It hugs me in all the right places and actually makes me confident about my post-baby body, which is still under-construction. And it’s high neck is perfect for rocking a nice high updo, which is basically all I’ve been doing since I’m completely over my hair.


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Buzz Bags Review: Game of Thrones


Do you remember the last time I reviewed Buzz Bags here on the blog? It’s a fandom jewelry subscription box that rivals Fandom of the Month Club. They have a different theme each month and for $15 you get a bag stuffed with goodies (namely, 3-5 accessories). In my experience, the bags often come with 5 more than 3, so you are definitely getting your moneys worth. When I broke down the Random Fandom Buzz Bag last time, I had a few gripes. Specifically, I was looking for more of their quality jewelry and less filler. Ask, and you shall receive.


April’s bag was Game of Thrones themed and it was slammed with amazing finds! I was so happy to see their beautiful necklaces included (3 of them, no less!) because I thought they were definitely the stars of the show last time. I instantly fell in love with the Targaryen sigil necklace because I love me some Khaleesi, but the Westeros map and house cog are so wearable and adorable too! I’d love the way these would look paired with a choker and a deep V cut top.

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Magic City Jedi


As a new mom, I’m always looking for new ways to exercise and work on my fitness. Right now, I’m attending a spinning class every weekend but it’s really far (but so affordable!). That’s why I was so happy when I found out that Miami had its own Jedi Academy (amongst other reasons, of course). South Florida doesn’t tend to be very fandom-friendly, so I was floored. The owners of Magic City Jedi, Alfred and Santiago, are a total joy and wanted to make sure that they brought quality combat techniques to Miami’s chapter after training with San Francisco’s Golden Gate Knights. The classes are more choreography-based, so they teach you the moves you loved to watch on screen. There is also a little Hatha Yoga incorporated since there is a definite overlap with those teachings of The Force.


I had the opportunity to take a class along with my chapter of Geek Girl Brunch last month and I can say that it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We initially started the class with a quick (but peaceful) meditation and then got to start learning moves with a foam saber. This way, everything was as safe as possible while we got used to maneuvering with our peers. The masters level students were also in attendance to help us, and we would often split into partners where they would instruct us 1:1. It was beyond amazing, and surprisingly empowering. When I would flow through the 6 moves in succession successfully, it was such a rush!

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