SDCC 2017 Roll Call


I used to go to San Diego Comic Con every other year.
Getting pregnant and having Luna kind of changed that tradition, but I am so happy that I’ll be back this year! Many people quote Disney as the happiest place on Earth, but to me it’s definitely SDCC.  Sure, it’s pure insanity and 4-5 days of day drinking, constant activity/partying and little to no sleep, but I would not have the experience play out any other way. Sensory overload is probably the best way to describe a true Comic Con experience. Throw in the fact that I have not gone into the convention in about 5 years and yep: I feel like a rookie again.

Despite my born again SDCC-ness, check out my tips for what you should bring/expect here and what you can wear here + here.

Who else will be in attendance? I’d love to meet + hang out with you all!
I also can’t wait to share all my SDCC 2017 outfits and events in the weeks to come.

Nerdy Must Haves


1. Lord of the Rings Collar Set; My true love of La Barbuda is already known on this blog, so I won’t further gush. However, I love this new LOTR themed collar set. It’s so beautiful, and means so much. You see, I still count LOTR as being my “gateway fandom.” I had always been a fangirl my entire life, but the LOTR movies are what caused me to become immersed in a fandom online, and form friendships (initially) based on it and yadda yadda. The rest is absolute history, but LOTR holds a special place in my heart and always will.

2. Geek Girl Gang Ringer; is it tacky to post about my own products on Nerdy Must Haves? Oops. It’s been amazing to have a product I created (with my in-house designer’s help) slowly become so popular! I’m constantly restocking the Geek Girl Gang ringer because it flies off the shelves. I absolutely love that it is fostering a sense of community among geek girls and is bringing us all together with a message of friendship and camaraderie.  Go get your ringer here + join the gang. 😉

3. Wonder Woman socks; OK, so…was Wonder Woman not the best thing ever? I found myself in tears during the “No Man’s Land” battle because it was just so amazing to think that my daughter will have an amazing role model to look up to (aside from the women in her every day life). Without giving any spoilers, she was perfect: feminine, powerful and passionate. These socks are just cute. But they represent so much, don’t they?

4. 1138 Fandom Formal Collection; I have been obsessed with Linda’s designs for quite some time now and it’s been amazing to see her grow as an artist. She is ever evolving and beyond talented. I am so excited for her launch of the Fandom Formal Collection, which is inspired by Star Wars. How gorgeous is that Leia dress, you guys? If you haven’t heard of her (do you live on this planet????), check her out on IG here and order a custom pretty NOW.

What I Wore: To Boldly Go


Our latest Geek Girl Brunch Miami theme was Star Trek, and I was having a moment. I had the perfect cosplay – a science officer dress that I wore for Halloween a few years back. I happily tried it on and….it no longer fit. My post-baby body just wasn’t having that bodycon fit for anything in the world, so I had to improvise. I’m actually really glad I had to because I would have never stumbled on this amazing neon space themed crop tee.

It was the perfect homage to “the final frontier,” while still keeping me comfortable enough to drink one too many mimosas, socialize with our brunchettes and have an impromptu dance party. Yeah, you heard me. That’s how Miami does brunch: with DJ’s.

Can we also have a moment of silence (or squee-ing?) for Studio DIY’s Can’t Clutch This subscription? My pop tart clutch is TOO.MUCH. It literally gives me so much joy every month, and who doesn’t need a little bit of that in their life?


Shirt; Forever 21
Jeans; Forever 21
Flats; Old Navy
Pin; gifted
Clutch; Studio DIY
Nail polish; Inglot’s 896
Lips; Inglot’s 148


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Life with Luna: Selfish Mama’s


Luna is 19 months and inching closer and closer to two. Two. How is this happening and how did we get here? It’s both so exciting to see her grow and learn, and so heart wrenching how quickly time has passed. She has definite interests (Mickey Mouse, Elena of Avalor, PJ Masks and My Little Pony), and a budding personality (fierce, but loving), and is finally(!!!) starting to speak. As she has evolved, so have I. I used to be worried about having a child because I was always very selfish. I was the baby of the family and always very coddled. I was never taught anything otherwise.

Tank; Old Navy
Pants; Uniqlo {similar}
Sunglasses; Cat + Jack
Sneakers; Converse

Funny thing is, I have realized that although someone now comes before me always, and I do it without thinking twice, I need to be more selfish than ever. Huh? Well you see, I have to think about what kind of mother I will be to my child. I have to think about me and what my needs are to be the best mom I can be for Luna, because if I don’t feel right, I cannot be 100% there for my child. This new form of selfish has been something that I have found very difficult to tune into. Life often gets in the way, as do emotions. You often feel trapped into doing things that seem pre-packaged as what you “have to do,” but only create barriers. I am working on honing in on what I need to make myself a better person, a better mother, because I feel like everything is moving so fast, and I am missing so much.



Working mama’s: how do you cope with seeing things fly by at rapid speeds?

Nerdy Must Haves


1; Can’t Clutch This – if you haven’t heard of Studio DIY‘s subscription service, you must do so. For a ridiculously low price ($20), you get the most adorable clutch every month. I mean, look at the newest design. I simply cannot. Sure, they rope you in with extra accessories that you can not deny, but still so amazing. I am absolutely obsessed and think you should be too.

2; Usagi Bunny Pin – so there may be a theme to this month’s post because the need for kawaii is so strong these days! There are a lot of Luna and Artemis pins, but I love this variation on the cute Sailor Moon homage. I’ve always had a soft spot for Usagi’s comforter bunnies, so this one speaks to my heart and soul. Newest fandom jacket addition? Check!

3; Rainbow Skirt; I cannot have enough rainbow print anything, so naturally this one from ModCloth jumped out to me. It is the perfect summer staple, paired with one of my favorite geeky tees. In fact, now I feel like this needs to happen for SDCC!

4; Sparkle Booties – in case you haven’t noticed, my style aesthetic is rock ‘n roll geek, and these fit in so perfectly. RIGHT? I am head over heels for them and feel like they may be one of the horcruxes needed to bring Bowie back. Because Bowie left horcruxes. RIGHT? I just want these boots, OK. OKAY.