Geek Out: Swimsuit Edition

August 13th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

OK, I know most of you hate me when I post about our amazing weather here in Miami, but I’m going to have to do it one more time. Although we have had a pretty terrible summer (hello rainstorms every damn day), our temperatures are still lovely and humid, making it perfect for quick trips to the beach or in my case, the backyard for some quality pool time. I always show you how you can incorporate your geekiness into every day wear, but I hadn’t thought about swimwear! Whether you are lucky enough to have tropical weather year round like us, or are taking a vacation to a tropical location, the right swimsuit is always important. Thankfully, a lot of suits are starting to go geek, giving you yet another avenue to express your fandoms, while still looking your best!

Batman One Piece Suit; boutique in San Diego {similar}
Batman ring; Forever 21 {similar}
Batman earrings; Hot Topic {similar}
Sunglasses; Forever 21 {similar}

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Geeky Girl Stereotypes

August 11th, 2014 | Posted in Geekery by Meli

What do you think a “geeky girl” is supposed to look like? Act like?

I’ve been approached several times recently while promoting my blog at events by people that are shocked to hear that I consider myself a geek. Number one, isn’t that an insult? Number two…”But, you are dressed so cute! I would have never thought!” Can we talk a bit about this?

Having geeky interests (sci fi, anime, gaming, etc), does not instantly mean that, as a woman, you must look unkempt. It also does not mean that you do not know how to socialize. My idea of the perfect day is being pampered at a salon and then going dancing and drinking at one of my favorite bars. Just because I spend my free time watching Sailor Moon and obsessing over all things BBC does not mean I can’t do the others. It’s silly to think that people are that one-dimensional. Also, what does loving Doctor Who have to do with my sense of style? I don’t understand how the two go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, I know some girls that have taken to labeling themselves as “geeks” so that they can be the object of desire for a whole group of men. These kind of girls have marred what it is to truly be a geeky girl, and have made people start to doubt the authenticity of a good looking girl that likes nerdy things. I find this to be so unfair. Who are you to say that I can’t be a nerd because I may look good in a crop top? I really wish shows like The Big Bang Theory would portray their female leads as being sexy and a little more fashion forward. Have you noticed how the guys always have the best geeky tees that are lusted over by fanboys across the country, yet do we see any of the girls sporting adorable Her Universe dresses or perfect fandom accessories? Nope. In fact, the only girl that looks hip and trendy most of the time is Penny, who is the token “cool girl” that could care less about the boys’ geeky interests.

C’mon media, help us geeky girls out. Women are slowly taking over this culture (did you hear that 44% of the audience for Guardians of the Galaxy were female?!?) and we deserve to be portrayed in a more positive light. What do you think about these unwanted stereotypes? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

In the Name of the Moon: Sailor Moon Inspired Finds

August 5th, 2014 | Posted in Geekery, TV by Meli

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was heavily into Sailor Moon growing up. It was my first taste of anime, and I couldn’t get enough of the Magical Girl genre. I didn’t stop with the anime series though, I also watched the movies and the live-action series (don’t judge). Unfortunately, since I have such a terrible memory, I don’t remember details and am a little rusty on my canon. However, Hulu has helped me refresh by re-releasing all 200 episodes (2 at a time every Monday)! I’ve been torturing anyone I can find by having them watch with me, and twice a month, you can also find me glued to the newest series, Sailor Moon Crystal, which is also being aired by Hulu (this one is based on the manga). Basically, it is all Sailor Moon, all the time at my house and I couldn’t be happier.

With this seemingly being the summer of Moonies, I, of course, find it completely necessary to stock up on all things Sailor Senshi. Here are some of my favorite finds;

Top Row; Artemis Tee (x), Luna/Artemis Sleep Masks (x), What Would Luna Do Sweater (x) | Middle Row; Sailor Moon Inspired Stickers (x), Moon Crisis Compact (x), Sailor Moon Tee (x) | Bottom Row; I am Sailor Moon Tank Dress (x), Luna Crop Top (x), Sailor Moon Patches (x)

ReBrand in Process: Let’s Geek Out!

August 4th, 2014 | Posted in Blog, Geekery by Meli

Really really happy to announce that I will be rebranding the blog for the next few months. I’m sure you’ve all seen a gradual change to include all things geeky in pop culture, but I am going to take it one step further. From now on, Melificent will be a geeky fashion and lifestyle blog. That’s right. All geek, all the time. Don’t worry – outfit posts will continue to be featured, but they will center around how to rock your favorite fandoms in a chic way. All other content will center around how to live a geek chic lifestyle (fashion, beauty, home decor, DIY, conventions/events, cosplay, etc).

Of course, that means a new layout, new business cards, new promotional images and all sorts of fun stuff. But that will come with time. I don’t want to overwhelm the poor hubs! I hope you all are as excited about this as I am – I love my blog, but saw it slowly drifting into unknown and unfamiliar territory. I wanted to bring it back to something I know, and love.

SDCC 2014 Photo Diary

July 31st, 2014 | Posted in Geekery by Meli

Let’s face it. San Diego Comic Con is the most epic time of year. In fact, I may even refer to it as my favorite holiday (who needs Christmas?). For these reasons, I find it hard putting together a highlights post with just words because it may end up looking a little something like this: aldksfnboierjaqeorwanv!!!!!!a;odifja?!?! And who really wants to read an entire post of that nonsense? So I figured a photo diary would be the way to go.

However, before I get to the photos, I want to thank everyone that made my 5th trip to Comic Con such a memorable one. I can’t wait to continue living the convention life and sharing it with all of you. Next up? I’ve got my sights on you, New York Comic Con!

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