Lovable Friday: Geeky Roundup

April 4th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Everyone knows I love me some geeky goodness (have you loved The Fangirl Diaries yet?), but I like my geek to be sprinkled with chic, and that, my good friends, is a rarity. So I figured this Friday I would bestow you all with some of my finds that have that exact combination.

1. Sherlock brooch; there is just not enough quality Sherlock accessories floating around, so when I saw this amazingly stylized brooch, I had to have it. And don’t stop there, Kate has the cutest laser cut items in her store. One of each please.

2. Game of Thrones bow ties; now that the hubs has gotten in touch with his inner Matt Smith, he is all about the bow ties. I have since learned how difficult it is to find a good one, and this one actually got the mister to smile. It may be due to the amazing house sigils emblazoned on them though.

3. Tardis temporary tattoo; I can’t lie. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Doctor Who tattoo, but that is a big fandom decision right there. In the meantime, I can test the waters (of mars – har har) with these adorable temporary tattoos from Geek Ink Designs. Find more fandoms too – from Potter to Star Wars!

4. Potter ring; unlike what I mentioned about Sherlock, the Internets are flooded with amazing (& not so amazing) Potter accessories. It can be difficult to sift through everything out there, so it’s nice to find one store with so much to choose from. I adore this shop‘s little knick knacks (special shout out to the Luna Lovegood ring) fandom-related or not, but I must say it’s hard to deny all those glasses, bolts & hallows!

5. The Hobbit tee; I appreciate good typography almost as much as a great fandom, so the tees over at UnicornEmpirePrints really satisfy me on so many levels. They are so gorgeously made, made by fans and such a great price ($18 a pop)! Definitely grabbing one (or 5) for our romp in Comic Con this year!

World Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Health by Meli

Quite a few someones actually….

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, but what we need more than anything is acceptance. When telling people what I do and the population I work with, I am often greeted with sympathetic expressions, generally paired with an ignorant statement, such as “Oh those poor children. They can barely do anything.” I’m not calling out friends, family and acquaintances as being ignorant, just not informed about these amazing children and all they are capable of doing. And I see it all the time. Ultimately, it is not their fault.

Unfortunately, what is being presented to people via the media is to blame. Our culture is inundated by propaganda stating that children have been kidnapped by autism or robbed of their lives. It makes it seem like these children are lost, never to be found. This cannot be farther from the truth. Every single day I am blown away by all the children I work with, and their abilities to grow and learn. It may not be in the traditional way their peers do, but they are more than capable of achieving goals just as their peers.

This is not a death sentence, and I think that is what I would like people to understand more than anything on a day like today. These are very special children that deserve love, acceptance and opportunity. We are the ones robbing them of that, not autism.

If you are not familiar with autism, educate yourself here.

What I Wore: Boho in Otown

April 1st, 2014 | Posted in Fashion by Meli

Even though it was just for a quick day trip, I had to make sure that I was looking cute for our Orlando adventure. Comfort was key since we were going to be spending just as much time traveling as enjoying the city. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you really have to neglect style. I absolutely adore my tried and true wide legs, and paired with a plain white tee (what up Tide pen) and bright accessories, you can’t really go wrong. Although the hubs labeled it as boho chic, I was reminded of my 90′s youth. Kind of what Angela Chase might wear these days, right?

ps; I’m hoping one day I’ll get over my self consciousness of being photographed in public (namely when there are people around) – am I the only one that seeks out abandoned locations for that very reason?

Tee; Old Navy
Jeans; Free People via Marshalls {similar}
Sneaks; Forever 21
Hat; H&M {similar}
Shades; Charming Charlie {similar}
Necklace; Etsy
Arm party; assorted
Watch; c/o Timex

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One Day in Orlando

March 31st, 2014 | Posted in Food, Health, Local by Meli

Some may call us crazy, but we fell in love with a vintage desk at 1618 Something Different last weekend while at MegaCon in Orlando. This is something that we are severely lacking in Miami, so I definitely wanted to experience it since I’d much rather have something special and unique in our home than what everyone picks up at Crate & Barrel, IKEA or West Elm. We hear that we have similar (?) antique shopping here in South Florida, but I have yet to see or believe it. If you know of such places, please leave me some suggestions in the comments!

Either way, we decided to make it a one-day adventure. We’d wake up early, drive up, pick up our desk and then spend the rest of the day exploring as much as possible before starting our trek back home. A really amazing bartender we met at The Imperial in Washburn Imports during our last visit gave us a list of must-do’s, so we pulled it out and started choosing. We ultimately selected East End Market, and I am SO glad we did.

East End Market reminded me of something you would find on the west coast – think the Ferry Building in San Francisco – only bite-sized. A bunch of quality, locally sourced products all in one adorable little space. Fresh herbs could be found out front with picnic benches sprawled for customers to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. A number one highlight for me was my completely gluten-free & vegan lunch from Skyebird. I had this great taco salad (with mushrooms as a meat substitute) and delicious tropical kale juice in an adorable mason jar.

For people with food allergies like myself, knowing that you can eat safely (and deliciously) means so, so much. The fact that Miami is so far behind the game makes me very upset, and has literally left me feeling like I cannot go out to enjoy a meal with my husband or friends. Take note, Miami. You have a very long way to go. Again, if you have any suggestions for great places that I may have missed here in the Magic City, please let me know!

Even though I only featured one of the shops, check out all the rest of East End Market’s merchants here.
I can’t wait to visit again the next time I am in Otown!

What I Wore: Geeky Chic

March 25th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Although I wasn’t an avid cosplayer during this year’s Megacon, I wanted to dress the part (comfortably). I am a huge fan of Her Universe and their adorable “every day cosplay” line because it allows you to do just that with little to no effort. Remember my 10th doctor dress? I really like this little number I snagged at Hot Topic only a few days before the con because of its fun pattern. For a Doctor Who fan, the bad guy motif is immediately apparent, but for all those non-geeks (boo hiss), it just looks like a cool patterned skater dress. That means I can wear it to any event – multifaceted!

ps; check out a $15 off coupon for Her Universe here!!!

Dress; Her Universe via Hot Topic
Sneakers; Forever 21
Belt; Forever 21 {similar}
Earrings; Gimme Swords
Shades; Gap {similar}
Tardis nail decals; Fandom Cosmetics