What I Wore: Earl Jeans Brunch


A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to attend a blogger brunch hosted by the lovely Netty of The Fashionable ESQ. We’ve been friends since high school and although we don’t see each other all the time, we always make it a point to support each other and our endeavors, and I absolutely love that. Plus, we start exactly where we left off every time we spend time together, which is always the hallmark of a true friendship. She is working with Earl Jeans, and they were wonderful enough to send all attendees some great pieces to wear while Love is Blind provided the absolutely delicious eats and tasty cocktails (that I could not enjoy – wah).

Now entering my 7th month of pregnancy, I was thrilled that this embellished top fit, and complemented my new maternity jeans from Old Navy so well. It also felt great to rock a heel (in the form of a wedge) for the day after schlubbing it in sandals for so long. I decided to pair this look with some Doctor Who elements, which tied in perfectly with the dark blue tones. Overall, it felt nice to dress up and spend some girl time with favorites and make some new friends in the process.

Top; c/o Earl Jeans
Jeans; Old Navy
Wedges; Target
Shades; Zara {similar}
TARDIS bracelet; Hot Topic
Hair bow; c/o 1138 Clothing
Lipstick; Clinique’s Spiced Apple



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FanMail Promo Code

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.27.23 PM

You may remember my review of the newest geeky girl subscription box, FanMail. I absolutely loved the inaugural box and thought it was one of the first geeky boxes that is truly worth the fee. I got so many amazing goodies from so many different fandoms that I basically didn’t know what to do with myself. What could be even better?

FanMail decided to partner up with me, and offer all my readers $2 off their next box with the code: Mel2OFF! Isn’t that completely wizard? I thought so! I’m especially excited for this month’s theme: Super Sheroes. You know you are going to get some pretty amazing stuff crammed in that little box with such an amazing pool of ladies to choose from!

Remember to give the ladies behind FanMail some love too by adding them on the following social media outlets and telling you how much you love them and their company:


Geek Chic Maternity

So you may be wondering how I continue to make geek chic work in my favor while now starting my 3rd trimester. Honestly, it’s all about choosing the right maternity wear paired with the right cuts from your own closet. I have officially entered the phase where my regular pants do not fit in the least, so I had to go ahead and do the inevitable: buy maternity. But! I come to you with the hard work done: which fit the best and are the most flattering without looking frumpy and granny.


I’ve moved on to another crop top maternity ensemble: the crop top over the maternity tank. I personally love this look because it’s so comfortable paired with the right jeans (Old Navy’s Rockstar maternity line is awesome). I absolutely adore my Adventure Time crop because it is so colorful and allows for you to play with brightly hued accessories, like my Oh My Glob necklace & hot pink glasses!

Maternity tank | Adventure Time Crop {sold out} | Jeans | Sneakers | Glasses | Nail Polish | Necklace

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The Geekie Awards: Voting Has Opened


I know I had mentioned that I have been nominated for a Geekie Award for Best Website/Blog, which is still beyond surreal by the way, but voting has officially opened and I would absolutely love it if you guys could vote for me if you enjoy reading my blog. You can vote every day, once a day, leading up to when voting closes on August 31st. I can’t tell you how much your love and support means to me with this!!

If you want to give me some ultimate love, head over to THIS PAGE and vote for me under Websites & Blogs.
Thanks for all the support this past year, my fellow geeks!

Geeky Wears for your Bridal Party

If you have followed me for long enough, you know I love event and party planning, especially if I get to add some personal (& geeky) touches. There’s nothing like an event with personality, and I think having yours shine through is so important in making it unique. That’s why I absolutely love the growing trend of geeky weddings! There have been some really beautiful ones (this Star Wars one immediately comes to mind), and I want to show you how easy it can be to incorporate your fandoms in a classy & subtle way when dressing your wedding party.


Geeky Bridal Party


Weddington Way has introduced a new Gents Shop, which makes the initial bridal party shopping even easier for you and your lucky friends and family. You can customize the guys’ suits to match perfectly with your little ladies’ frocks (which are also just a click away) without much stress, which is always valued during the craze of wedding planning. Once your outfits have been chosen (I dug the retro vibe of this Alfred Sung dress & grey herringbone suit), the fun can truly begin!


For the ladies, I honestly think the options are limitless when it comes to geeky components that you can add to their outfits. My personal picks were a pair of geeky earrings that compliment their dress (these heart pixel studs would really look great and subtle with an updo), a possible alternative bouquet that illustrates your fandom (totally love these Sailor Moon rods) and a nerdy manicure of either your or their choosing. These are such easy ways to incorporate the worlds you love into your most special day – and I promise none of your girls will complain – they are just too fun!


Dudes have it a little less easy. Suits and tuxes can be tough, but there are definitely ways to bring out the fanboy in any groomsmen. I like the idea of a subtle fandom-inspired pocket square to begin with. These can be matched to your wedding colors and feature a fun geeky design like these I found through Etsy, or be a physical prop, like this amazing Chewbacca pocket partner. I also love the look of a suit with Chuck Taylors, and these superhero themed ones would look so rad. Don’t believe me? Here is photo proof! Finally, a man isn’t ready to 007 without a pair of nice cufflinks, so lets make them geeky, shall we? These deathly hallows ones are just one of the many you can find scattered all over Etsy at affordable prices. I especially love when each of your guys has a different look like these awesome men!


Are you planning a geeky wedding soon? Do you want to?
What are your ideas?
I’d love to hear them in the comments!