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I legitimately started the road to lose weight in December, but as you all know, that’s like…the worst time to diet. I lost 5lbs, and then gained them all back. It wasn’t until the new year that I kick started myself again and thought of easy ways to shed the baby weight. Since a lot of you have been asking me how I’m losing the weight, I thought I’d detail these simple changes I’ve made. As of the day I wrote this post, I am down 23lbs and have 18 to go if I want to be exactly at my pre-pregnancy weight (I was at my skinniest ever when I got pregnant, sooo…).

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.52.32 PM

1. Drink lots of water. I am so bad at this one. I found myself going through entire days on one child sized cup of water. I kid you not. It’s hard to find time for anything with a newborn, drinking water included. I decided to try to overcome this after hearing that half the time you think you are hungry, you are actually dehydrated. I bought this fun bubblegum pink water jug that is the equivalent of 8 glasses a day and decorated it with some of my Pipsticks stickers. Now it is so adorable & fun, I can’t wait to fill it up every morning and get to drinkin’!

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Life with Luna: 12 Weeks


It’s incredible to me that I have a 3 month old baby – where  did the time go? I’m about to start back up at work, and I can’t lie. Not only am I sad, but so nervous. Will I be able to juggle every thing on my plate? This is the true test of mommyhood right here and I’m about to be thrown into it head first! But, back to Lu…

She is a new baby! Thanks to Zantac to alleviate her reflux, Luna and I have such fun and smooth days together. We have a little routine together that works so well. She still hates tummy time and gets bored of locations, so I’m constantly switching up where we do it: her playpen, the crib, the changing table,etc. Although she’s still not a fan, she’s tolerating it for sometimes 10-15 minutes straight and up to 30 minutes a day, so w00t! Turning my phone’s front facing camera towards her as she does it really helps.

She also loves to go out! This kid takes after her parents – she is her happiest out and about checking out new scenery and fresh faces. This makes us super happy because like I had mentioned before, cabin fever was setting in. Now I’m just trying to find the time to focus on me. I haven’t painted my nails since before she was born (I’ve just been sticking on decals), my eyebrows are a hot mess & I forgot what it is to style my hair (I’m lucky if I get to wash it during the week). When looking at all the things I have to accomplish in the week ahead, they take the back burner, but although not a priority when on paper, I do get bummed out when I look at my haggard reflection in the mirror.

For all those mama’s that read my blog, how did/do you find the time to pamper yourself?
Can this even be done during the first few months of baby-dom? Am I being naive to think it can be?


Nerdy Must Haves


Bowie Potter tee; I will always remember dancing feverishly in my 20’s to Bowie at our favorite rock club. All hair swishing, hip swaying, drink spilling…it represents my carefree youth. I will always remember first reading Potter after fervently saying I never would. The relationships formed with these fictitious characters in a magical world also represent and parallel my own “coming of age.” Both these things together? All the feels! This tee must be mine. SIRIUSLY.

Edit; this post was written before the passing of David Bowie. My heart breaks.

Blogger tee; I’m identifying myself more and more as a blogger. Of course, I still say I’m a behavior analyst when asked what I do, but I am now starting to add, “…and blogger” to the end of that sentence. And it feels good, even if people scoff or laugh when I say what my blog is about. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life – how many people can say the same? That’s why I’m gunning for this blogger tee to further say it loud and proud – plus, it’s adorable, no??

Jordan sweater; the amount of strange noises that emanated from my being when I saw the beautiful Keiko Lynn post this to her Instagram was intense. In middle school, I was beyond obsessed with My So-Called Life (& I still am). I even wrote a letter to ABC about how they shouldn’t cancel it – obviously it wasn’t very effective. But I digress. Jordan Catalano was every tween’s unicorn, and who doesn’t remember that amazing episode that opens with Angela dancing in her bedroom to “Blister in the Sun” on the morning she realizes she is totally over Jordan Catalano. Basically, NEED THIS NOW.

Luna Lovegood skirt; although my little Luna is not specifically named after Lovegood, she is my favorite character in the series (aside from hot, dragon-taming Bill Weasley). I’d love for my Luna to possess a lot of Lovegood’s qualities, but until she’s old enough to start developing them, I can wear all the things that make her great with this perfect skirt.

In summary, give me all the things.
Please + thank you.

What I Wore: Luna Adventures

IMG_2324 copy

Hi everyone! I hope you had a killer holiday break – I know I did! My hubs’ employer was amazing enough to gift him with nearly 2 weeks paid leave during the holidays so that he could spend it with us! I can’t tell you how nice it was to have him around to help, and to be able to go out on the town as a family. Luna loves to be out (wonder who she got that from) and we had such fun days together.

Although I’m bummed that I have to face reality soon (my leave ends in 2 weeks), I’m so ready to tackle this year! I love my new role as a mom, and look forward to learning how to balance and have it all in 2016. Here’s to new adventures!

IMG_2321 copy

Tee; c/o Dorky Pop
Pleather leggings;
Hat; Forever 21 {similar}
Shades; Betsey Johnson {similar}


Funny enough, my shirt helped me recruit a couple of new Geek Girl Brunch members while eating lunch at Yardhouse! If you love it as much as I do, you’ll have a chance to win your own at next month’s Sailor Moon brunch. If you won’t be in attendance, fear not! You can use my code, MELIFICENT, to get 10% off any purchase from Dorky Pop. Super kawaii!

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