Turn That Frown Upside Down

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Life has its way of really throwing you some curve balls. Sometimes, life decides it’s going to throw you 50 all at once. Because you can handle it, right? For moments like these, I’ve compiled a list of ways to turn that seemingly perpetual frown, upside down.

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1. Exercise.

I know. I hate it too, girlfriend. But if there is something working out does, it relieves stress. Blogilates and Tone it Up are my two favorite (+ free) YouTube channels that help me get in shape when I need it. I can feel summer’s hot breath on my back, so it does me well to get back on track with my fitness.

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Life with Luna: 2017


Before my very eyes, Luna is turning into a toddler. She is really perfecting her balance and speed while walking, and is {finally} starting to imitate words, such as Papa, up, agua + Aba (her grandma).  You may notice one of those words is not Mama, but I digress…{hrmph}.

It’s really hard to wrap my head around this rapid passing of time on most days. I still remember the moment of her birth clearly, and when I see us well on the way to being half way to 2, it can do a number on my heart. Time can do this.


Onesie; c/o Younglings NYC
Jeans; Target {no longer available}
Boots; c/o Bobux
Sunglasses; Baby Gap {similar}
Bracelet; Pura Vida


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Creating a Sacred Space


Things have been going on in my personal life that have been causing me a lot of stress and anguish that I’d rather keep off the blog (don’t worry, Luna is fine). However, this thing has made me realize how important it is to somehow balance myself and make sure I’m there for my daughter in every way possible. Life can get very hectic for all of us, and I wanted to create a little retreat for myself that I could go to when I have the time to just meditate or send thoughts and prayers. I consider myself a spiritual person, but honestly, this space can be anything for you, regardless of religion. Ultimately, it is just my little corner of peace from a sometimes very loud and stressful life.

As mentioned, I think everyone can benefit from a space like this, so I thought I would share how I created mine! First off, I’d like to say how hysterical I find it that I got almost every single piece at Hobby Lobby, which is known for its staunch, conservative views. I don’t agree with this one bit, but I’ll be completely honest here: I freaking LOVE their products and am borderline obsessed with the place. I’m a consumer, and I’m not ashamed of it. Sue me.

But on to the creating! As I mentioned, I took my happy-little-namaste-needing-self to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and started shopping for supplies. Although we own our own home, it has an open floor plan, which means not a whole lot of nooks and crannies for little spots like these. I actually had to move my hamper out of the way so that I could use this small corner of our bedroom, so I was looking for a small table. This one was perfect as it matched our bedroom’s decor, but had adequate tabletop space, which is needed! You could also add a little pouf or blanket so that you can comfortably sit in front of it, but I just don’t have the room so I sit on the floor.


I got two small dishes: one that holds all my crystal jewelry and pendulum, and another that holds my sage and palo santo. The jewelry is self explanatory. I wear it when I feel I need the extra inspiration or protection, depending on the crystal and the situation. As for the pendulum, it’s my favorite magical item. Find out more about them here.
The palo santo and sage are to cleanse my space and self of negative energies. This is a staple in my life. I smudge quite often, and an added benefit is that both smell so great. They leave my house smelling lovely (which is nice considering I barely have time for housework these days).
Again, if this isn’t your vibe at all, you can have little trinkets that remind you to be at peace or maybe bring you closer to a role model or a person that meant a lot to you (like your grandmother’s ring, for example). I also have an absolutely tiny (& adorable) Buddha bust that stands watch at the center of my table.

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Life with Luna: 4 months


Time feels like it is racing by. I recently visited my bestie who just had her daughter, and when holding little Zelda, I could not believe that just 4 months ago, I had someone even tinier in my arms. It really put things into perspective. Before I know it, my baby girl will be a year old and hobbling around like a tiny drunk human and these precious moments will be only memories. Luna only gets more amazing with every day.

She has finally decided to start rolling over from tummy to back consistently, but she will only grace me with one performance a day (which is apparently normal at this stage). She is also getting very vocal – sometimes screaming with joy or determination (I will stick you in my mouth, toy!), and can sit up with some proper propping (definitely not the case with this photo). Lu is a pro at tummy time now, even with her helmet, although she much rather be on her back having dance parties with mom and dad.

Luna started this journey barely scratching the growth charts at the 3rd percentile and is now in the 50th for weight and 25th for length. It’s amazing how far she has come in such a short period of time. She’s such a tough little girl that is laid back and goes with the flow. She has easily adjusted into our lifestyle and schedules, and seriously makes our lives so much happier on a daily basis. All mommy and daddy ask for is for a better sleep pattern (sleep regression sucks)!

Until next month, moon of my life!

Life with Luna: DocBand Baby


Over the past few weeks, my husband and I have been deciding how we should tackle Luna’s flat spot. We were referred to Cranial Technologies by our pediatrician, and their report suggested that Lu’s little noggin’ was on the severe end of moderate. Should we get her a helmet or just hope it rounds over time? People out there have a lot of opinions about this topic, and seem to be either vehemently against it or tout it as the best thing they have ever done for their child. Ultimately though, I knew it was our decision to make.

And we went with the helmet.

I couldn’t stomach the idea that if it didn’t round out on its own down the line, that there was something that could have helped her, but I decided to pass on it. I haven’t cried yet, which is nothing short of a miracle. I think I’m the only one with the problem though. Luna has not taken issue with it at all. She sleeps just as well, and although wasn’t as smiley the first couple of days, is now her usual happy self. One thing I have noticed is that she is really struggling with tummy time. The extra weight on her head (how ever light weight the helmet advertises to be) is really doing a number on her, and she is barely lifting her head up – often just laying down in total defeat with or without crying.

I asked multiple times if the helmet would stunt or stand in the way of her development, and I was assured it would not, so I’m hoping she is just adjusting to the new weight on the top of her head and will be raising it up higher and with better control in no time (at the time I wrote this post, we were only on day 3). We are scheduled for a 7 week treatment window, and I cross all my body parts that that was an accurate estimate. Although I’m looking forward to decorating this new accessory (look out for it on social media), I can’t wait for it to be retired. I soothe my mommy emoness by reminding myself that I am doing what’s best for my child, no matter what that may mean. And also by telling myself that if this is the worst I have to battle, then I’m the luckiest mommy on this planet.


Have any of your kiddos had to use the DocBand (or a similar cranial helmet)? Any advice to offer this newcomer?