Life With Luna: 1 Week

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It’s pretty hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a week since I gave birth to my little girl (at the time of this post). It seems like only yesterday that I was in that hospital bed wondering what you would look like and if you would be healthy and strong. You have defied all odds since. An amazing eater, a peaceful sleeper, an all around incredible baby. I find myself just staring at you as you sleep, and thinking how I could have possibly gotten so lucky to have such a magical little being in my life that I get to call my own.

Every day I worry: I put you in warm clothes, wrap you in 2 blankets, and always make sure you are wearing a hat to maintain your body temperature so that you don’t expend all your calories trying to keep warm. I can’t sleep when you sleep because I always have to have an eye on you (whether it be myself or Daddy). You smile from gas, but we like to think it is genuine. You love it when we laugh, hold you close and play you music.

I’d like to join the masses and say this transition has been super difficult and that we are in “baby boot camp,” but honestly, I thought it would be worse. I am happy to stay up and be sleep deprived if it means I get to look at your face. You have brought your Dad and I even closer after last year’s struggles. I value family more. All in all, you are the best thing I have ever done.


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I am a Geekie Award Winner


As if the week of Luna’s birth wasn’t eventful, emotional and full of so much happiness and love on its own, I woke up all bleary-eyed for one of those early morning feedings in the hospital to find my phone being blown up by Twitter notifications. As I picked it up in the darkness, I could barely believe what I was reading. I had won a Geekie Award!!!!!

After working so hard to make this blog something special and unique during a time where everyone and their mother has one, there were no words to express how I felt to see it being recognized. I am so floored and humbled by everyone that voted for me and helped me win. I am constantly thinking of ways to make my blog interesting – not only in terms of fashion and beauty – but also by injecting a slice of humanity and reality into {almost} every post.

My number one goal is always to be real and I hope I am accomplishing that. I was worried about keeping up with posts and bringing quality content once Luna was born, but now I realize that this is not just a hobby for me. It is a passion, and you will always find time for your passions.

Thanks again for all the support because most of the time, it is my driving force. I love sharing things with you all, and by doing so, hope to help – whether it be minimally or more profound. So thank you for letting me into your lives.

You can see my silly little speech here & a list of all the winners here.

Luna’s Birth Story


Luna and I are safely back at home now, while we continue to transition into parenthood and attempting to get a little routine going. I wanted to make sure I shared my birth story on the blog before the details got hazy (truth: they already are) because I really enjoyed reading other bloggers’ recaps. A lot of the time, people won’t share the nitty gritty of their labor experience, but I think it’s important to be truthful. It helped me anticipate and prepare for what that day would possibly bring in store for me and I’m glad it did.

At about 36 weeks, Luna was diagnosed as being IUGR (Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction). Basically, that means your baby is not growing as they should be. Case in point, she was measuring 33 weeks at 36. I was immediately ordered to get ultrasounds done twice a week leading up to the end of my pregnancy. It was then that they discovered that she was in the 4th percentile in terms of weight. I was terrified. I looked up IUGR online (bad idea) and terrible scenarios like stillborns and emergency c-sections were immediately thrown in my face. Because of this diagnosis, my doctor believed it was best to induce me at 38 weeks so that we could be in control of her growth and nourishment rather than my body. Cue: anxiety.

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Things I Want Myself to Remember…

As I near the moment when I will be made responsible for another person’s life (I’m being induced today!), I have been putting a lot of thought into the kind of parent I want to be. What values I want to instill in my child – the kind of child I want to raise. I know a lot of people will be weighing in on what we should or should not do, so I want to jot down these reminders that I have learned (some the hard way, others not) as I grow older (but none the wiser, it seems).

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This has been resonating very strong with me lately. I’ve had some experiences this year that have exposed me to the power of “hive mind” and “groupthink,” and its ability to make you feel guilty or shunned. Never lose yourself and don’t be afraid to make the right decisions for YOU. Now, I saw this on a professional level, but I will definitely be applying it to my new family. I know many people will have opinions, but the only one I’m going to take into account is my own and my husband’s because ultimately, we will know what is best for our little party of 3. But, again, this applies to all areas of life. Don’t let yourself be roped into making a decision (or not) because you don’t want to let people down or feel like you would be mocked, ignored or ostracized. No one is living your life but YOU and you only have one, last time I checked. Be selfish.

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Four Things


Although I don’t usually do things like these, I do like reading them about others, and thought maybe all of you would like getting to know me a little better. Plus, the adorable Kristin of nominated me to participate, so who am I to say no? ;) There were a lot of questions, so I shortened it down to the ones I thought were most interesting and that I don’t tend to share here on the blog. I won’t nominate anyone, but I hope you all enjoy a little look into the Meli behind Melificent!


  • Receptionist at a law firm; My first dip into a job (away from my father’s business) was in a commercial real estate firm as a receptionist. Super exciting, right? I remember the office not having any windows at all. It was dark and cold and overall, the worst. However, thanks to my OCD, I became a little enamored with putting together closing packets and got really, really good at them. Silver lining, I guess?
  • Behavior technician; When I was about 18 years old, I took a job away from the law firm and working with kids on the spectrum for the very first time. I knew I wanted to major in psychology, but this job introduced me to the world of ABA and behavior analysis. I instantly fell in love and knew this was what I wanted to do. However, I had a very bad boss that took the wind out of my sails and made me question that decision after a couple of years…
  • Clinical coordinator; Which led me to go back to the realm of clinical psychology. I worked as a clinical coordinator at a therapeutic foster care agency for 5 years. It was so rewarding at first, and then the complete opposite. It was day in and day out of feeling like I was hitting a brick wall repeatedly and not making a difference in anyone’s lives despite working so hard to do so. I knew I needed a change and remembered how fulfilled I felt when I was working as a behavior tech with kids on the spectrum.
  • Behavior analyst; That led me to a complete career change. I went back to school, collected experience hours and and sat for 2 very grueling exams after the age of 30 to start working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I absolutely love what I do (even though it can be very stressful and frustrating at times), and it makes me feel like I am helping others on a daily basis – a feeling that really drives me.



  • Anything with gluten; Through blood work in my late 20’s, I was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. It has been a war ever since, trying to avoid it as best as possible despite being an extreme lover of all foods. I miss a whole lot of stuff and sometimes I cheat, but I’ve been squeaky clean since finding out I was pregnant 6 months ago. I fantasize about drinking all the beers and eating all the burgers.
  • Strawberries; I still felt sick even after doing blood work, so I decided to go for a comprehensive exam that tested my body’s reaction to over 300 different foods, chemicals and environmental factors. It turned out I was allergic to a whole slew of foods that can be found in basically…everything. Strawberries is one of them. Cue sad music.
  • Vanilla; This was also on my list – do you know how hard it is to avoid vanilla?? It’s basically in everything. It doesn’t help that this was categorized as being on my “severe” list, so I really can’t ingest it or my stomach goes into immediate rejection mode.
  • Lemonade; Aside from all my food intolerances and allergies, there are some things I just dislike (but very, very few). Lemonade is one of those things and I know that’s pretty weird. I just can’t stand the taste and find it entirely too bitter. However, I totally love Starbucks’ iced tea lemonade like there is no tomorrow. Who understands taste buds, amiright?


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