Four Things


Although I don’t usually do things like these, I do like reading them about others, and thought maybe all of you would like getting to know me a little better. Plus, the adorable Kristin of nominated me to participate, so who am I to say no? ;) There were a lot of questions, so I shortened it down to the ones I thought were most interesting and that I don’t tend to share here on the blog. I won’t nominate anyone, but I hope you all enjoy a little look into the Meli behind Melificent!


  • Receptionist at a law firm; My first dip into a job (away from my father’s business) was in a commercial real estate firm as a receptionist. Super exciting, right? I remember the office not having any windows at all. It was dark and cold and overall, the worst. However, thanks to my OCD, I became a little enamored with putting together closing packets and got really, really good at them. Silver lining, I guess?
  • Behavior technician; When I was about 18 years old, I took a job away from the law firm and working with kids on the spectrum for the very first time. I knew I wanted to major in psychology, but this job introduced me to the world of ABA and behavior analysis. I instantly fell in love and knew this was what I wanted to do. However, I had a very bad boss that took the wind out of my sails and made me question that decision after a couple of years…
  • Clinical coordinator; Which led me to go back to the realm of clinical psychology. I worked as a clinical coordinator at a therapeutic foster care agency for 5 years. It was so rewarding at first, and then the complete opposite. It was day in and day out of feeling like I was hitting a brick wall repeatedly and not making a difference in anyone’s lives despite working so hard to do so. I knew I needed a change and remembered how fulfilled I felt when I was working as a behavior tech with kids on the spectrum.
  • Behavior analyst; That led me to a complete career change. I went back to school, collected experience hours and and sat for 2 very grueling exams after the age of 30 to start working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I absolutely love what I do (even though it can be very stressful and frustrating at times), and it makes me feel like I am helping others on a daily basis – a feeling that really drives me.



  • Anything with gluten; Through blood work in my late 20’s, I was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. It has been a war ever since, trying to avoid it as best as possible despite being an extreme lover of all foods. I miss a whole lot of stuff and sometimes I cheat, but I’ve been squeaky clean since finding out I was pregnant 6 months ago. I fantasize about drinking all the beers and eating all the burgers.
  • Strawberries; I still felt sick even after doing blood work, so I decided to go for a comprehensive exam that tested my body’s reaction to over 300 different foods, chemicals and environmental factors. It turned out I was allergic to a whole slew of foods that can be found in basically…everything. Strawberries is one of them. Cue sad music.
  • Vanilla; This was also on my list – do you know how hard it is to avoid vanilla?? It’s basically in everything. It doesn’t help that this was categorized as being on my “severe” list, so I really can’t ingest it or my stomach goes into immediate rejection mode.
  • Lemonade; Aside from all my food intolerances and allergies, there are some things I just dislike (but very, very few). Lemonade is one of those things and I know that’s pretty weird. I just can’t stand the taste and find it entirely too bitter. However, I totally love Starbucks’ iced tea lemonade like there is no tomorrow. Who understands taste buds, amiright?


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Like I’ve been mentioning so much lately, things were pretty dark and dreary last year. It seemed like things would only grow darker, but then something appeared: the light. I feel like so much positivity has been presented in 2015, it’s almost too much to bear. That’s why now, on my 34th birthday, I have to stop and really give thanks for this amazing life and everyone that shares it with me.

I’m about to embark on a whole new journey in just a few months, and I couldn’t feel more pumped to take on the challenge of my new job as mommy. The blog is growing and I have such big plans for my professional career. I’m finally starting to think that I can throw around the term, “girl boss,” without feeling silly.

I am looking at 34 with such brightness and energy. I have made a lot of mistakes recently, sure. But I know I am never too old to learn, and that I did. I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of my life and am so happy that I am moving full steam ahead in that direction. I still don’t have life figured out, but that is what makes the ride so exciting.

Thanks for wanting to be a part of that ride.


The Geekie Awards Nominee


So I’m back from our amazing and dreamy BabyMoon in Islamorada, FL and I couldn’t have come home to better news. I found out this little ‘ol blog has been nominated for a Geekie Award for Best Website & Blog. Are you kidding me?! I nearly passed out and died. Actually, what I did do was scream and dance like a fool. After being a blogger for about 6-7 years and honing in on a specific focus (that would be geeky fashion/lifestyle) about a year ago, I can’t believe something like this is actually happening.

Once I get the information for voting, I will definitely share it with you all so you can help bring in those votes! Of course, I have all of you to thank. This blog would be nothing without your readership, support and interweb love. 2015 has been such an amazing year, I can’t really wrap my head around it.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the actual awards ceremony in Santa Monica as I will be 9 months pregnant and a mere 1 week from my due date, but I’m sure I’ll find the right person to go in my stead. Excitement is running through my body like electricity and I honestly keep thinking back to a reading I had late last year. The woman looked me right in the eyes and smiled, while saying, “You are on the brink of getting everything you’ve ever wanted.” I, of course, chuckled and tossed it to the side. I was in such a dark place and found it so hard to believe that anything good could be coming my way. Now, I’m starting to think she was right after all.

Sending you all as many positive and beautiful vibes as I’ve been receiving lately!

A Hard Year

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I toyed with the idea of writing this post multiple times. I don’t tend to get very personal on my blog, so it’s always a very scary thing to bare your soul to the world, especially about a topic that is so emotional. However, I have read quite a few posts from fellow bloggers describing their experiences and it made me feel so much better and less alone. It made me realize that I could maybe do that for someone else who has gone through a similar experience, while also being extremely cathartic for me.

I had a missed miscarriage last year.

It was probably the worst experience {to date} of my life. I have never been the same. I doubt I ever will be. It was soul shattering and heart breaking. It stays with you.

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Accio Baby!


Needless to say, after 7 years of marriage and a heartbreaking loss, we are SO excited to welcome a little bit of magic into our lives this coming October! I can’t wait to share the journey here on the blog, and hope to bring all the geek chic you expect to mommyhood.

Accio baby!