Geek Out: Home Is Where The Geek Is

July 16th, 2014 | Posted in Home by Meli

When the hubs and I first moved out and got our own place, we thought we had to decorate it “like adults do.” This resulted in a home that looked nice, but didn’t go with our personalities at all. By the time we bought our first home, we knew that had to change. Just because we were adults and now owned a proper home, did not mean that we had to make it look a certain way. Nothing makes a house a home more than looking around and saying, “yep, this is my space.” For that reason, we started incorporating more fun elements that reflected our interests and personal style. Now people walk in and can’t say our house looks anything but us.

I love that Brad-Pitt is chilling in both shots!

Obviously, our home decor has a strong geeky theme. We buy most of our art at conventions, and enjoy figures just as much as any other nerd. What was important to us was to showcase this in a very subtle, modern and classy way. Despite being in our home for 4 years now, we still are working on it every day to make it our perfect little cave, but I’m happy to say that I love the progress we’ve made! I especially am a fan of our living room and bedroom. Wanna see?

One art wall where you can display all your fandoms in a simple, yet strategic way is great for a living room space.
I still can’t get over how amazing our Tara Mcpherson LOST piece is.

Incorporating geek is all about the little touches in a home, like our Harry Potter Pop-Up Coffee Table Book.

I always laugh at this photo op we have up in our bedroom of us with John Barrowman because it looks like we are one, big, happy family (which we could be, of course).

The little touches continue in our bedroom. My nightstand houses a Fiona figure and is graced by the beautiful Rose Tyler, as drawn by Pooka Machine of Ocho Placas Tattoo.

These are some of our new pieces that are going up this week throughout the house. I can’t sing enough praises about Artist Alley’s at conventions. They are my absolute favorite part about attending! The prints above are from Upside Down Grin & IdeaStorm Media

Some other great sites to visit for quality geeky home goods is;
Look Human

Lovable Friday!

February 7th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Home by Meli

Without noticing, this week’s Lovable Friday is so dainty and feminine!

1. Banner necklaces; Someone pry me away from the Etsy. It seems like the site just multiplies amazing stores overnight and I just can’t handle it. Case in point: this whimsical little shop. I just adore banner motifs, so to have it in necklace form makes my heart very very happy. Add the affirmative sayings and I’m sold.

2. Popsicle wallet; a little angry this adorable Kate Spade wallet is no longer available through her site, but I will prevail (eBay is my friend)! Living in Miami, it’s technically already summer time with temperatures hitting the 80′s during the day (sorry northerners), so this little pretty would make the perfect seasonal pop for any outfit.

3. Saturn necklace; this sweet little galactic necklace is so perfect! Although it seems to have been bought already, check out the rest of the beautiful little pieces in the Etsy shop. I love that in addition to space-themed accessories, she carries a bunch of fandom items – especially loving all the Game of Thrones ones!

4. Scalloped mirror; we are in the process of redecorating our home (post on our hip new bedroom coming soon), and I’m not gonna lie. I NEED this mirror in my life. Where will it go? I have no idea, but I’ll make it work and I will love it forever. A little dramatic? I don’t think so. ::patiently waits for sale::

5. Dottie booties; these boots are so amazing they are labeled as art. ART, people. If you ever run into the millions these boots probably run for, think of your dear friend, Meli, and how much she loves these babies, mmkay?

Lovable Friday

January 10th, 2014 | Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Geekery, Home, TV by Meli

1. Although my eyes immediately fixate on hot heels, the reality of the matter is that I wear flats the most. I work with kids all day, every day and when I have time to relax, half of the time I don’t feel like fighting with a pair of uncomfortable stilettos. That’s why I’m trying to train my brain to become enamored with cute flats just as much. These are definitely a good place to start. They are adorable, look comfy and adhere to my “put a bow on it” mantra. Sold.

2. Thanks to the launch (& soon to be finale – sniff) of Sherlock’s series 3, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else. Cue adorable Sherlock print from this Australian seller and I can’t handle myself. The feels are serious OK?!?!

3. As if I needed another excuse to grow my nail polish collection, Gwen Stefani goes ahead and partners with OPI. I obviously need every single one, but if I was made to pick only one shade, I would go with Hey Baby. But let’s be real. When do I ever just choose one? Intervention imminent.

4. I don’t know why I continue to expose myself to new and potentially wallet-ruining sites. Me & Zena is one of those. They have amazingly fun and unique jewelry pieces that not only call to me, but basically scream my name repeatedly. This unicorn necklace currently has me on speed dial.

5. I know it may be overkill at this point, but I love me a good chevron print. Leave it to Dwell Studio to cook up such a great looking coffee table in it. The price is definitely not right, but I am definitely enjoying it from afar.

Lovable Friday!

August 23rd, 2013 | Posted in Beauty, DIY, Fashion, Home, Party Planning by Meli

1. Ombre sneaks; It’s no secret. I love all things ombre, especially when they come along with a DIY challenge! The uber talented Gissi, of The Architect of Style, broke down the steps of how to achieve perfectly rose petal dipped canvas shoes, and I have to say, this looks like something I can give a whirl. Maybe I should wait until after I finish my year long studded sneaker DIY, huh? Ha.

2. Donut piñata; Homer Simpson would be so proud. Although I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to DIY my own piñata, this one is just so cute it hurts. Definitely for those with a sweet tooth, it would be a perfect detail to any fiesta. If anyone tries it, definitely let me know!

3. Gold dot shower curtain; While shopping for a new shower curtain (life is super exciting these days), I stumbled on this amazing one. Unfortunately, it is no longer available (& had an outrageous price tag anyways), but it would have added such a touch of kitschy class to our master bathroom. Everything happens for a reason though: I was able to find an even better (& affordable) one that fits in perfectly with our mermaid/sea theme. Details soon!

4. Gold leaf barrette; Speaking of gold, this beautiful hair clip is the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. I honestly think it would even make a gorgeous bridal hairpiece for a boho chic wedding!

5. Lime Crime’s Babette; I’ve been on a Lime Crime high lately (hello unicorn packaging!), and have been obsessively stalking their new products. Babette had been in the works for some time, and now that it has been released, I need me one. Too bad I waited too long and it is now sold out. Drats.


Lovable Friday!

July 5th, 2013 | Posted in Fashion, Home by Meli

1. Studded skirt; Who doesn’t want to feel like a rockstar when they get all glammed up to hit the town? Well, maybe some girls wouldn’t want to, but I’m not one of them. This studded skirt immediately caught my eye, even though I kind of think it looks heavy and uncomfortable (can’t you imagine one of the studs getting caught on something at the worst moment???). Either way, it looks like my rockstar nights will be nothing but a fantasy because it is no longer available. Someone call the wahhh-bulance.

2. Cuayana tunic; Living in Miami, bathing suit coverups and tunics are a way of life, especially in the summer. I kind of think this is why we don’t even give them a second look. Everyone has one, nothing special. However, this lovely one from Cuayana does not fit into that category. This linen beauty will not only suit the beaches (har har), but could do double duty as a pretty flirtatious dress for after hours if paired with some nude sky-high wedges and a high pony. Instant summer must have.

3. Batman cafetera; Something else that is part of Miami culture? The cafetera (coffee maker). Every home and office has one, and it’s basically necessary for daily survival. I mean, you’ve seen that episode of the Kardashians, right? It’s serious stuff, Cuban coffee, so naturally, it has to be made in a vessel of pure awesome. I think Batman will do the trick. In fact, the only way this could be any cooler was if it would beam the bat signal when your coffee was ready. Ideas: I got ‘em.

4. Lovers ring; This ring immediately reminds me of one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins lyrics: Carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree and hold me for goodbyes & whispered lullabies. We may not have enough old oak trees around to profess our love, but this sweet customizable ring will do. I think Billy would approve, don’t you think?

5. Ours decanter; I saw this adorable decanter while I was helping the bestie put together her wedding registry and I nearly died from cuteness overload. Leave it to Kate Spade to design something so adorable out of something so ordinary. I don’t care that we are no longer newlyweds. I think our marriage deserves some Katie.