Melificent’s Ultimate Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays! They are upon us, geek girls. There is no denying it any longer. They are here, and you must brace yourselves. Braving the mall may be something on your list of December to-do’s, but I honestly rather sit at home with no pants and a bottle of wine and knock out my list with efficiency (and a nice buzz). If there are any geek girls on your list (of course there are), I’ve compiled a really fun guide of some of my favorite finds for a variety of different ladies.  Happy gifting!


Know a geek girl that likes to express her fandoms through subtle (or not so subtle) accessories? These are some of my favorite details that will add the boom pow to any outfit! A lot of these also make great stocking stuffers!

1. BB-8 Clutch | 2. Subscription to Fandom of the Month Club | 3. Death Star Earrings | 4. Magical Girl Necklace | 5. Potter Socks

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Life with Luna: Nursery Tour


With 4 weeks to go until the arrival of our little one (at the time of this post, at least), I am happy to say that her nursery is complete! Granted, we still have some touches that we will add along the way, but for now, everything is looking nice and neat and as it should. The anticipation is definitely growing to meet our sweet little moon, and seeing her adorable face on the ultrasound today made me smile so hard. She’s absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to hold that tiny body and look into those big (surely brown) eyes. But until then, we have her bright & fun nursery to share with you all!


We wanted to make sure Luna’s room was neutral so that we could play with a lot of pops of color to accessorize and decorate. We found this perfect light gray hue at Lowe’s and made sure all her furniture was white or close enough to it. Behind her crib, we had some fun with both regular and custom pieces from Etsy. As you can see, we sprinkled in a lot of moon references. ;)


Crib | Cloud Pillow | Right Pillows | Sailor Moon Blanket | Dreamcatcher | Unicorn Taxidermy | Banner | Prints

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Sonny Angels Addiction

photo (17)

I first stumbled on these adorable little naked angel dolls while searching for nursery inspiration on Instagram. Note to expecting mama’s: just say no. You’ll end up in debt before you know it. But anywho…I found these cute figures being used as children’s decor in almost every photo, and I instantly fell in love. If you know me, you know I’m not really a “collector,” but these I MUST have. I immediately ordered a few from Amazon and they came in their corresponding blind boxes. The thrill.

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My Geeky Dream Workspace

I am an independent contractor in every sense of the word. Even though one day I’d like to be a business owner (girl bossin’), at the moment, I don’t have an office and work mainly out of my home or am on the road servicing clients at theirs. The blog also has me working out of bed most days, and I let the hubby take our extra room for his office space (after all, I took all the closet space). Lately I’ve been dreaming of having my own workspace and where it would be or what it would look like. I love the idea of coworking spaces, like the one my husband works at. WeWork is another fantastic option, and they just opened a location here in Miami on South Beach (and all over the world). Although driving the 30-45 minutes it usually takes to get to the beach from my home doesn’t sound super appealing, the thought of having my own personal space to get things done privately and without interruption does!

So how would I make my space fit my style?


Dream Geeky Workspace

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Nerdy Must Haves


Potter crop top; I love it when designs include elements of a fandom only. It instantly makes it super-fan relatable and will cause little knowing smirks everywhere you go. This crop top is the perfect example. How cute would this be paired with a high waisted skirt or shorts? It’s definitely going on my list of outfits for my next Wizarding World adventure!

JK & Radcliffe holy candle; I met the creator of these hysterical holy fandom candles at Shock Pop a couple of weeks ago. She is a complete doll and her products are amazing. Unfortunately, this specific design was sold out at her booth, but I found it on her Etsy shop! If you have a wicked sense of humor, you will get a kick out of all her candle designs. I personally can’t wait for a reason to gift one – these make excellent gag gifts for the fangirl/fanboy in your life!

Potter alphabet cards; I can’t even deal with the cuteness that is the Afternoon Coffee Etsy shop. I’m obsessed. Mainly due to these Harry Potter alphabet cards. How adorable would they be in a kid’s room (or an adult’s)?? Check out the rest of her store too if you are a Potter Head. I promise your eyes will be overjoyed and your wallet will be depressed.

Unicorn phone case; This baby is unfortunately out of stock on Asos, but how perfect is it? Granted, I’m sure it would be a little bulky to carry around, but on the plus side, you’d never lose it in a crowded purse, am I right?? Plus, it’s a freaking unicorn. That trumps all.