Creating a Sacred Space


Things have been going on in my personal life that have been causing me a lot of stress and anguish that I’d rather keep off the blog (don’t worry, Luna is fine). However, this thing has made me realize how important it is to somehow balance myself and make sure I’m there for my daughter in every way possible. Life can get very hectic for all of us, and I wanted to create a little retreat for myself that I could go to when I have the time toĀ just meditate or send thoughts and prayers. I consider myself a spiritual person, but honestly, this space can be anything for you, regardless of religion. Ultimately, it is just my little corner of peace from a sometimes very loud and stressful life.

As mentioned, I think everyone can benefit from a space like this, so I thought I would share how I created mine! First off, I’d like to say how hysterical I find it that I got almost every single piece at Hobby Lobby, which is known for its staunch, conservative views. I don’t agree with this one bit, but I’ll be completely honest here: I freaking LOVE their products and am borderline obsessed with the place. I’m a consumer, and I’m not ashamed of it. Sue me.

But on to the creating! As I mentioned, I took my happy-little-namaste-needing-self to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and started shopping for supplies. Although we own our own home, it has an open floor plan, which means not a whole lot of nooks and crannies for little spots like these. I actually had to move my hamper out of the way so that I could use this small corner of our bedroom, so I was looking for a small table. This one was perfect as it matched our bedroom’s decor, but had adequate tabletop space, which is needed! You could also add a little pouf or blanket so that you can comfortably sit in front of it, but I just don’t have the room so I sit on the floor.


I got two small dishes: one that holds all my crystal jewelry and pendulum, and another that holds my sage and palo santo. The jewelry is self explanatory. I wear it when I feel I need the extra inspiration or protection, depending on the crystal and the situation. As for the pendulum, it’s my favorite magical item. Find out more about them here.
The palo santo and sage are to cleanse my space and self of negative energies. This is a staple in my life. I smudge quite often, and an added benefit is that both smell so great. They leave my house smelling lovely (which is nice considering I barely have time for housework these days).
Again, if this isn’t your vibe at all, you can have little trinkets that remind you to be at peace or maybe bring you closer to a role model or a person that meant a lot to you (like your grandmother’s ring, for example). I also have an absolutely tiny (& adorable) Buddha bust that stands watch at the center of my table.

IMG_7567 copy

I put my very small crystals into a glass display box, as they are supposed to charge their powers. Sometimes, they are referred to as “charging boxes,” but lets be honest, guys. They are jewelry display boxes. Get over yourselves. šŸ˜‰ I just love the way the tiny crystals look displayed in these.
My larger crystals will be placed in a triangle shelving unit above the table, but I just haven’t put it up yet. My reference photo looks like this.


Next up are some of my fun pieces. I felt like I needed a few quotes that were pertinent to me that would make me smile or think more positive thoughts while attempting to zen out. The wooden block quote to the left is something I always live my life by (the same quote is even framed in Luna’s room), and the print to the right is from my Pipsticks subscription. It’s an Elizabeth Taylor quote and it is one of my favorites. I often think of it any timeĀ I’m quietly losing my shit.
I also have some incense (b/c I finally found some scents that don’t make me nauseous), my essential oils (lavender is my favorite anxiety reducer) and a candle. Candles are especially meaningful because each color represents an intention. Right now, I have a green candle that I’ve been lighting for success and abundance. Aside from being the bestĀ mother I can be, what I’m doing with my career (bothĀ what I got my degree inĀ and this blog) is my ultimate focus at the moment. I’ve been feeling very inspired lately, and I want that feeling to stick around as long as possible! I also have a black candle for protection against bad vibes, which I will light if I feel the need.
My tarot decks and power mini bracelets are also on display. My decks are beautiful and unique, just the way I like ’em. You can get them here or here. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination so I do daily pulls probably once every 2 weeks. They have been eerily accurate and just help inspireĀ me – I don’t believe in letting something/anything tell you what to do, only you can. My power mini’s are similar to the crystals/candles in that they all represent an intention you wish to fulfill. It doesn’t hurt that they are also super cute.

IMG_7581 copy

And that’s about it! I’m super happy with the space so far, and I’m sure it will evolve (I kind of want to squish this chair in there some how). I hope this helped all of you find a way to put together a little retreat from all the madness in the world, that will allow you to center yourself, let go of all those negative vibes and just be. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefitted from just a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation on certain days – your body and mind will thank you!

*If you are local to the Miami area and would like to get your hands on similar items, I totally recommend heading over to Five Sisters. It’s where I shop at frequently for my crystals, sage, tarot, and jewelry. NOT A SPONSORED POST. I just adore the place.

  • B.

    I love the little space that you made for yourself. I think it’s something we could all benefit from doing!

  • melificent

    Aw thank you! & definitely – we all need a space where we can cancel out all the noise from our busy lives!

  • Danielle Knapp

    I absolutely love your sacred space. I’ve been wanting to set up an area in my home for myself as well, just haven’t quite figured out where to start. Thanks for sharing this <3

  • gamerwife

    I love your tiny sacred space. I have a little mini-alter sitting on top of the sadly broken sewing machine Rick’s mom gave me, with a sketch of Lil Bub looking down on it for luck.

  • Kay

    I love your little space! I’m with you on the sage; I love to do a cleanse around the house every now and then, it’s so calming. And smells lovely!

  • This is a great space! It looks so calming! I’m moving into a new home this weekend, and one of the things I’ve wanted to be really intentional about is creating a bit of a sacred space for myself. These are all great inspirations!

  • melificent

    Aw thanks! It’s tough to find a good spot, especially after lusting over Pinterest spaces!

  • melificent

    Awww! Do a post about it! I wanna see šŸ™‚

  • melificent

    It really is!

  • melificent

    Thanks! It really helps – it’s been the best new addition to our home in awhile!

  • gamerwife

    It’s pretty underwhelming at the moment. If I manage to fix it up in the near future I’ll probably do a post.

  • AimĆ©e Julia Cottle

    What a lovely space! It looks gorgeous, and very calming. I definitely need my own space like this! x x