Nerdy Must Haves


1; Armor-Inspired Leggings; it is no secret that I love bad ass women, and would like to be a bad ass woman, and am hopeful I may already be on my way. For those of us that need some extra reinforcement, these armor-inspired leggings from Lorica Clothing will do the trick. You will look like a warrior princess even when you are walking the dogs, cleaning up baby vomit or taking out the trash. Speaking of trash, these leggings are made in the USA derived from recycled plastic bottles. I mean…can this clothing line be any cooler? Check out their Kickstarter and support their amazing business venture!
2. Always enamel pin; sure, there are a lot of enamel pins out there, but I can’t stop…won’t stop. I’m building an epic “fandom jacket” that will be completed and showcased to the world at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect pins to add to it. I love an understated pin, and that what this beautiful always lightning bolt pin is. It’s simple and gets to the Potterhead point.
3. Undeaddee; commission portraits are something that most bloggers and fangirls are savvy to. We love a good illustrated portrait for our various avatars and headers by talented artists. However, there is just something about Dee’s gorgeous and whimsical art. She joined Geek Girl Brunch South Florida, added me on Instagram and I have gone to admire her from afar for some bit. In fact, til this day, we have still not met (can that change soon Dee?). Regardless, check out her beautiful artwork, and request a commission if your little heart so desires. All my online avatars are the one she made of me, I gifted my husband with a portrait of our little family for Valentine’s, I just commissioned her for a full body Luna piece and I am begging her to do more, more and more. The lovely image used is of the adorable Nabila and her portrait.
4. The Little Mermaid kimono; kimonos are all the fandom rage these days, and I’m very much OK with that. Living in Miami, a lightweight and sheer coverup that works for the office and socializing is absolutely perfect for our brutally hot weather. I am even attempting to learn how to make them myself now that I have taken up sewing as a hobby (seriously, do I think I have time to spare or something?). Anywaysssss, I adore this Little Mermaid design from Hot Topic, and need to make it mine. On an aside, have you guys seen the trailer for the live-action Hans Christian Andersen version? I HATE IT. I would have much preferred a Disney rendition.

Holiday Cards by Minted: Giveaway!

I know you may be thinking it is way too early to be scheming about holiday cards, but my friends…the time is nearing. We are only a few weeks away from the big guy in the red suit, and I’m here to be your trusty reminder: book those shoots. Book ’em because you are going to want to snag some of these beautiful holiday cards from Minted’s 2016 collection.

While searching through, I was not only happy to see so many great designs from independent artists, but also to see so many kinds of families represented in their selections: same sex, kids, childless, and fur babies! It’s refreshing to see a modern perspective on what a “family unit” is these days. With that said, these are some of my favorite designs of the bunch:


I personally like my cards to be modern, understated and inclusive of all my family and friends that may not celebrate the same. I like a simple, positive message and I never say no to a little gold foil sparkle. I’ll be revealing which card I eventually chose, along with our corresponding holiday photoshoot, here on the blog, so make sure you stick around!

And I won’t be the only one revealing gorgeous Minted cards for the holidays. Two of my readers will be winning a $125 gift card to Minted to spend on your own holiday cards! Think of it as Christmas coming a little early. 😉
All you have to do is follow this link!
The giveaway will last one week (ends Halloween) + winners will be chosen shortly after. Good luck everyone!


Disclosure: this post was sponsored by, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

MegaCon 2014

After a whirlwind weekend at Megacon, I have returned, blogosphere.
We had this trip planned for some time, and it just happened to land at the most opportune time. We needed an escape, and we definitely got one in the form of mass geekery. The hubs and I attend conventions because we love the lifestyle and the culture of geek fandom, but also because we really enjoy meeting new people, discovering new artists and supporting them. There is also a special vibe at these conventions. There is an air of comradery, love and acceptance, and it was exactly what I needed.

While there, I did stumble upon some pretty amazing artists, vendors, human beings and here they are in no particular order:

1. Sarah Wilkinson; I had a physical reaction to this woman’s art. As I was walking down Artist Alley, I had to suck in my breath when I saw this particular piece because I felt like it had been knocked out of me. It moved me beyond belief, and I was so happy to hear that she had similar experiences with other con-goers. She even told me a man began to cry as he described what the piece meant to him, which of course, caused her to cry and that it was a beautiful experience. I can only imagine that moments like those are why you make art. Although I did not get personal with her on my feelings towards the piece, I’m sure my tear-filled eyes said enough as I stared at it and made my purchase.

2. Evie Tees; this is an Etsy shop that I had been following for some time now. I adore their taste level when it comes to fandom tees – something that I truly appreciate. It’s fun, but doesn’t forgo quality. I actually was immediately drawn to their booth without knowing it was actually theirs! I loved what I saw and immediately started soaking it all up, until I recognized their adorable lapel pins. What made the experience even better was that Elena, the owner of the shop, and her friend Jessica, were truly amazing people. They were easy to talk to and incredibly sweet. So much so that we swung by to say hello not once, not twice, but every day of the convention.

3. Clark Orr; there are art prints you find at conventions, and then there are Clark‘s designs. Wow. Each piece had some sort of additional element, like 3D printing, black light capability, etc. The hubs was immediately drawn to the Back To The Future 3D Hoverboard print, and I could not argue. It was gorgeously done (& even came with a pair of old school 3D glasses). Again, what made him even more spectacular was that he was such a nice dude. I love it when you can strike up a conversation with an artist and its not just a purchase.

4. Jessica Grundy; Absolutely beautiful, fanciful, and sometimes somber, sketches of little girls. Her booth immediately caught my attention and the more I looked through her prints, the more I fell in love. Ultimately, batgirl stole my heart, but without even realizing, I stopped at her booth again the following day before realizing I had already been there and purchased something! When it’s good, it’s good. I can’t wait to continue stocking up via Etsy.

Special shout outs go to WeLoveFine (great tee site) and Art of Danny (whom I featured in my Supercon post last year).

Florida Supercon

Is it terrible to admit that I didn’t expect much from our local comic book convention, Supercon? Blame it on my multiple Comic Con experiences, but I was fully prepared to walk around pulling a major McKayla. Man, was I proved wrong. Like, really wrong. I was especially blown away with the talent in the Artist Alley upstairs. I did not know Miami/Florida housed so many amazing artists that fed into the geeky culture. I mean, I didn’t even know Miami had a geeky culture, but again, I was proved wrong based on the line that snaked around the entire Radisson hotel. Color me surprised, Miami. I’m kind of proud of you.

I figured rather than just posting a bunch of pictures chronicling our experience, I would share with you all the talent I experienced by providing you with links to my favorite artists/vendors. Check ’em out, support local artists and businesses and, most importantly, enjoy!

Clockwise (l to r): Andrew Heath (we actually bought this exact Tobias print), Brian Reedy (amazing woodcut art – snagged two pieces from him), Sugar Fueled (so adorable/creepy, I can’t get enough) & Art of Danny (gorgeous split persona’s you have probably seen on Pinterest 1223426 times).

Lovable Friday!

1. State Stamp

I love sending snail mail, especially when it is adorned with special stickers and stamps. Receiving a package in the mail jumps up 10,000 more points when it is pretty to look at, so I am loving all over these state address stamps. And before you scoff at the asking price, know that they are each hand-lettered. Delicious.

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