Florida Supercon Swag


In keeping with the Supercon posts, I figure I would share with you all the great finds I was able to snag while attending a couple of weeks back. I’m always impressed with the immense talent I find hidden right under my nose at local conventions, and love supporting small businesses and independent artists. My home is full of fanart made by some amazing artists and I hope to just continue that trend. I can’t wait to further feature some of these goodies, but for now, I’m just too excited to not share.

1. Sailor Moon Stick; I could not believe the amazing quality and price of this beautiful wooden moon stick! Altruistic sells some great cosplay weapons that can be used as props for your next convention, or just to display. I had to take this beauty with me to display in Luna’s room! It’s going to look perfect on one of her shelving units! They have so many other gorgeous props from different fandoms to choose from –┬áso definitely check out their site.

2. Ice Cream Dress; I’ve been trying to stay away from form fitting clothes lately, mainly because I know I won’t be able to really enjoy them until after little Luna makes her appearance. However, I could not resist the temptation when I saw this adorable ice cream dress from Shop Veralu. It is so bright and fun. It just screamed Meli, so naturally it had to come home with me. I tried it on recently and it still fits (although very snug)! I’m going to try to get at least one use out of this baby before Luna grows me out of it!

3. My Little Pony Clutch; This is another stellar find from Shop Veralu! What I love the most about this shop is that it is located in The Florida Keys (which is one of my favorite spots ever) and handmade by the absolutely endearing and talented Lu Annen. I was lucky enough to chat with her both on and off camera for Fashionably Nerdy, and I can’t wait to feature her bright and fun fashions in an outfit post. Of course, I couldn’t go home with out this perfect little clutch that can be used to brighten any occasion, from wedding guest to date night.

Florida Supercon


Last week, I shared my Florida Supercon cosplay with you all, but I want to share everyone else’s amazing cosplay with you all this week. Honestly, I was so happy to see an increase in the quantity (& quality) of cosplay this year at Supercon. I’m proud that my little, at times, judgmental and superficial city is embracing their geek side. Way to go, Miami! {image heavy post}




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Geek Girl Brunch Miami: Sherlocked


Last month, Geek Girl Brunch Miami hosted its second brunch and the ladies chose Sherlock as the theme. The Local House in Miami Beach was nice enough to host our event, and we even had a special surprise for all our brunchettes: free mini-manicures with Sherlock-themed nail art! Overall, it was a really great morning and I absolutely love how much our girls get along! If you are in the area, definitely sign up – we have so many fun events planned this summer and we’d love to have you join!

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What I Wore: Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay


This past weekend was Miami’s biggest comic book convention, Florida Supercon. It’s held on Miami Beach and hosts an array of vendors and special guests (still a little bummed Billie Piper canceled). Although it ain’t no SDCC, it is the best we have here in South Florida and I really appreciate the push to support geeky culture down here. I have faith that in a few years, SuperCon may grow to be one of the best in the country.


I knew I wanted to cosplay, but also knew I would be rocking a nearly 6 month baby bump. I immediately got to thinking about what I could make work with a more round shape, and then it came to me: OH MY GLOB! Clearly, I had to be Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess. It was a hit and for the most part, comfortable. I was just completely drained by the end of the day – I ain’t what I used to be. ;)


Dress; Tobi {similar|similar}
Sneakers; Fila via Zulily
Wig; Amazon
Star hair pin; DIY
Necklace; Etsy
Nail Polish; Essie’s Play Date
Lipstick; Maybelline┬áVivids’ Brazen Berry


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What I Wore: Back to the Future Marathon


In a surprising moment, Miami actually hosted a pretty cool geeky event a couple of weekends ago: a Back to the Future marathon at our local art house theater, O Cinema. We naturally picked up those tickets at lightning speed (88 mph, perhaps?) and amped ourselves up by listening to The Power of Love by Huey Lewis on our way over. I know it’s cheesy, but it makes me happy to think that my little one is already experiencing some pretty neat things that her parents love from inside the womb. She showed her appreciation by wiggling around in my belly a few times throughout the movie. She also showed her displeasure by making me pass out half way through the second film and making us miss the last. Oh Luna, you still have the upper hand on me!


Tank; c/o Jordan Dene
Shorts; Gap {similar}
Utility Vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Sneakers; Urban Outfitters {similar}
Sunglasses; a little shop in Ireland {similar}
Flower Crown; HeadBuds
Geek Necklace; The Colorful Geek


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