Magic City Jedi


As a new mom, I’m always looking for new ways to exercise and work on my fitness. Right now, I’m attending a spinning class every weekend but it’s really far (but so affordable!). That’s why I was so happy when I found out that Miami had its own Jedi Academy (amongst other reasons, of course). South Florida doesn’t tend to be very fandom-friendly, so I was floored. The owners of Magic City Jedi, Alfred and Santiago, are a total joy and wanted to make sure that they brought quality combat techniques to Miami’s chapter after training with San Francisco’s Golden Gate Knights. The classes are more choreography-based, so they teach you the moves you loved to watch on screen. There is also a little Hatha Yoga incorporated since there is a definite overlap with those teachings of The Force.


I had the opportunity to take a class along with my chapter of Geek Girl Brunch last month and I can say that it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We initially started the class with a quick (but peaceful) meditation and then got to start learning moves with a foam saber. This way, everything was as safe as possible while we got used to maneuvering with our peers. The masters level students were also in attendance to help us, and we would often split into partners where they would instruct us 1:1. It was beyond amazing, and surprisingly empowering. When I would flow through the 6 moves in succession successfully, it was such a rush!

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What I Wore: Mother of Dragons

IMG_8377 copy

Our most recent Geek Girl Brunch was held at Earls in Dadeland Mall and it was Game of Thrones themed. The season 6 premiere is upon us (so, so excited) and I wanted to pay homage to my favorite character, Daenerys Targaryen. I knew I didn’t want to go full cosplay, but rather casually by emboding her vibe in something more wearable. I found such a perfect dress from Forever 21 – I don’t think I could have done better! What I love the most is that the pale blue maxi is absolutely on trend for upcoming summer days, so I see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

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What I Wore: Mouseketeer on Wheels

IMG_7997 copy

It’s hard to believe that Geek Girl Brunch South Florida is a year old. A year ago, Aurora and I embarked on this journey and I think it’s safe to say that we never thought it would result in over 200 members. We have been able to meet so many amazing ladies that share our interests, and create a safe, no-judgement zone for these inspiring lady geeks. We get to play dress up every month and have formed some pretty incredible friendships. As an officer, it has let me fulfill my event planning fantasies and has also given me some much needed leadership skills. I’ve also had a hell of a lot of fun!

With that said, we decided to throw a first birthday at Miami’s Super Wheels. I actually had my 8th birthday party there when it was called Hot Wheels (am I dating myself?), so it definitely hit all those nostalgia feels as soon as I stepped in there. I have to admit, being a roller derby drop out, I just wanted an excuse to strap on my skates again, but I was so glad everyone else joined in on the fun. It was Disney-themed, and I decided to go retro and recreate a derby-esque vintage Mouseketeer look.


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The Barre Code: Miami

IMG_7754 copy

As you all know, I’m on my fitness journey to lose the baby weight gained during my pregnancy. I managed to tack on 41 lbs during those 9 months, and although I’ve managed to lose 27 of those pounds, I’m hitting the hardest wall to climb. The closer I get to my pre-baby weight, the harder it is to shed those pesky pounds. I have to be more strict with my diet (which I hate), and of course, exercise more. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out Miami’s newest Barre class, The Barre Code, thanks to The Blogger Union.

I used to dance ballet, and was really passionate about it. I even wanted to pursue it professionally at one point! It wasn’t until I hit high school and thought I was “over it,” that I quit. It’s one of the few regrets I have, so the opportunity to stand at a barre again was way too tempting. Granted, I think I totally underestimated the level of butt-kicking I would experience at a Barre class. I haven’t taken a fitness class led by an instructor in years, much less to this degree. Guys, it’s 3 days since my class at the time I’m writing this post and I still can’t walk properly, sit down without holding on to something, and I can’t even think of bending down. This was some serious stuff. But it was amazing!


The Barre Code has a beautiful and zen-inducing space in Biscayne that includes a gorgeous (and spacious) LED-lit studio, lockers, and even post-workout freshening stations. It is so inviting and relaxing in there, plus staff is a complete joy. Our instructor, Jo, was amazing. She is the kind of instructor that I enjoy when I’m taking a class – supportive, encouraging and energetic. I personally cannot stand attending fitness classes where you are being shouted at and made to feel inferior – I go to these classes not only to workout, but also to disconnect from the daily stress of my life. Jo was the complete opposite. She was constantly praising our abilities and how hard we were working. The encouragement only made me want to push myself harder (even though it was really, really tough for this out of shape mama).

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What I Wore: Hello Sweetie

IMG_7457 copy

What does one wear when going to meet a Time Lord?
That is what I had to ask myself last week when I was getting ready for our Geek Girl Brunch Pride, Prejudice and Zombies advanced screening. My co-chapter officer, Aurora, works in journalism, so she was able to secure this amazing event for our brunchettes and had us in the front seat: nabbing a quick meet and greet session with the stars of the movie before the theater Q&A. That meant I was going to meet Matt Smith: the 11th Doctor. My 2nd favorite Doctor. This is a huge deal for us Whovians and you could definitely smell the excitement (aside from everyone’s giant smiles and audible squee’s, of course).

IMG_7466 copy

Naturally, I went with sparkles because of who I am as a person. No, if I’m being honest, I definitely needed to wear this amazing tee from Jordan Dene but wanted to dress it up a bit. Thankfully, it was loose enough to fit another (sparkly) shirt underneath. The sequined collar and sleeves totally transformed the look! I paired it with my favorite new pleather leggings (because I’m Regina George-ing my 4th trimester), and the most incredible faux fur vest because it was cold in Miami for once!

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