Squeeworthy: MIKA

So I could have saved him for a hump day hottie (who says I still can’t???), but I had to share my born-again love for Mika. I’m a little delayed with new releases lately (ugh, does this mean I’m getting old?), so I just recently got to hear his new album, The Origin of Love. And, well. It’s just magical. There’s no better word to describe it. My favorite place to blast it is while I’m driving in my car, which is where I spend 80% of my day. I’m pretty sure I’ve provided some great visuals for other motorists on the road as I jam out to it. But the best is that in the Deluxe edition, some of the tracks are provided as acoustics, and…well, they may be even better than the “album tracks.” Don’t believe me? Check out a live acoustic version of The Origin of Love).

& in case you were wondering, my favorites are Stardust, Step With Me and Love You When I’m Drunk (along with the title track). Unfortunately, none of those have been released as singles (yet), but here is a video for Underwater, which was: