Golden Globes: Best & Worst

Welcome to awards season! Honestly, nothing gives me a thrill like live red carpet coverage. So much so that I took some time off of studying to totally indulge with wine (and laptop) in hand. I’m happy to say that there were definitely some stand outs, but unfortunately, there were a lot of wah wah moments as well. But you win some and you lose some, right?

Above are some of my highlights from the evening (l to r); Emily Blunt‘s gold sparkler // Lucy Liu‘s floral princess gown // Jessica Alba‘s coral mermaid // Michelle Dockery‘s gold & white slinky number.

But my absolute favorite of the night was…

Julianne Hough in a stunningly glittery and princess-like Monique Lhuillier. I know this dress isn’t for everyone, but I couldn’t love it more. It was so magical and festive (glitter! pouf!) – while still bringing in some edgy elements like her rockin’ hair (can someone please do this for me???) and tough accessories. I absolutely love the pairing and think it was perfect for the Golden Globes’ party-like atmosphere. Do you guys agree?

And then there were the not so great. Tonight’s worst dressed ranged from unflattering or too sexy. Sometimes I wonder if these ladies own mirrors or if their stylists are playing cruel jokes on them. It’s a shame because all these girls are so beautiful – I think they have every opportunity to shine so it’s kind of depressing (heh).

My offender list is (l to r); Eva Longoria’s racy mess // Jessica Chastain‘s saggy boob malfunction // Rosario Dawson‘s ill-fitting peplum nightmare // Nicole Ritchie‘s old lady bore.

& some honorable WTF moments go to (the wonderful) Anne Hathaway in her mother-of-the-bride gown and (the equally fantastic) Jennifer Lawrence‘s weird booby situation. Although neither of these really hampered the ladies from both winning awards, so congrats to two amazing women!

  • Elsie

    I thought Nicole Ritchie’s was so terrible. The entire look, was scary. Her make up, her skinny little heroine neck, it was just awful. O_o
    I was super upset about Anne. It was so bieja! Ugly.
    Jennifer Lawrence’s I loved, thought the pointy boobs could have been left out, but still loved her entire look. I’m just in Catching Fire fan girl mode and she can do no wrong.
    I was just really disappointed this year. There was not one dress that popped and made me fall in love. They were all blah. Terrible fashion is on the rise. I was a total hater.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed on all points! Although terrible fashion is not on the rise, maybe just terrible stylists. 😉

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Did NOT like Lucy Lui in the Herrera, I think it’s the powder blue. Did love Nicole Richie’s powder blue, however. Totally agree with you on Julian Hough, Emily Blunt & HATED Jessica Chastains ill fitting number. I don’t see my two faves on your list: Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson both in McQueen (GORGGGGG).

    I Love you! Miss you!!


  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Oh yes, I forgot. I thought Anne Hathaway looked so, so bad. Agree with you!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is hating on Lucy Lui’s dress but I would rock that up and down Kendall Drive. LOL. I didn’t add those two ladies in McQueen b/c there were elements of both dresses I didn’t love (the “seashell” waist on Kate – WHY).