The Final Ride..

With my time here nearly finished and my wedding geekery post coming tomorrow, technology permitting, there’s one other thing that September’s brought with it since 2008. Tomorrow night (Tuesday!) at 10 PM on FX, the Sons of Anarchy ride again. If you’re a fan of the Reaper Crew, tomorrow night’s season premiere comes with a bittersweet note because this is the show’s final season and the finale date has even already been set (Dec. 2). Through its run, the show has had a little bit of something for everybody when it comes to guest casting, featuring rocker Dave Navarro, Disney star Ashley Tisdale, “Pensatucky” of “OitNB” Taryn Manning, Danny Trejo, real bikers including Sonny Barger, and a handful of FX favorites in roles you might not expect to see them in, to this year’s additions of shock-rocker (do we still use that term?) Marilyn Manson, Lea Michelle and Annabeth Gish.

After an explosive finale to the penultimate season, pushing the ever mounting body count even higher (and I won’t spoil the major deaths there, though one of those ones there at the end felt very overdue to everyone in my household, and… We’re not the only ones still mourning the loss of Opie, are we?), the series’ return tomorrow night is titled “Black Widower.” The episode is set to pick up with Jax in jail, ten days after the deaths and events of the season finale. It’s been a strange trip, full of loss and violence and peppered between with lightness, surprising humanity and humor. There are undoubtedly more losses to come in these final thirteen episodes, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it all winds up.

Will Jax make it out alive, will he suffer his father’s fate, or will he make himself a martyr for his club and his boys? Will Gemma finally have to answer for her years of villainy? Were you as curious as I was how many body parts Otto could stand to lose before he finally went on to be with Luanne again? Are you as hopeful as I am that this premiere will include the seemingly prerequisite shot of Jax’s bare backside? Will Wendy somehow wind up with her son back? And can we please get Ray McKinnon back as that weird-o US attorney? Every weird thing he said and all those meaningful glances left un-answered. Will you be tuning in to keep up with the final ride for the Sons of Charming, CA?