5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Fandom Friday

This was a tough one. After all, what is classified as a guilty pleasure? Something you are embarrassed to like? Chances are, what is embarrassing to me is not to you, so this may be a little hard to nail down. I also wasn’t sure if it had to be traditionally “fandom,” so I just threw in everything I kind of feel ashamed to love. 😉


1. My Little Pony; OK, so I’m not necessarily ashamed to love this show, but since it is a cartoon geared towards little girls and I’m a grown adult, it could be viewed as silly. I’ve watched countless documentaries on the “Brony-life” and have collected ponies since I was a child. I actually have a little tote bag full of original 80’s ponies that I’m going to pass on to my daughter. I don’t even want to look at how much some of them may go for on eBay. Because sentiment is worth more, right?


2. Katy Perry; As I’ve mentioned in posts before, music is a fandom to me. I tend to mainly love rock ‘n roll, but deep down inside, I’m a sucker for really cheesy pop. I hid my love of Katy Perry for awhile because I figured it was super lame, but then I just let my katycat flag fly. I love her message of being yourself and not taking life too seriously. My fandom was solidified when I got to go see her live with my fellow Geek Girl Brunch officer, Aurora. Baby, you’re a firework.


3. Britney Spears; Yep, so remember what I said about cheesy pop? Britney probably started it all for me when I was in high school. My fan status is not exactly something I bring up in every day conversation, but I absolutely adore Britney and her ridiculous antics and music. I actually have been to all of her tours except for the Onyx Hotel and her current Vegas residency. Does anyone want to fly me out? I’ll bring you back a souvenir. 😉

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4. Raptors; Another one that I’m not so sure I should be embarrassed about, but hey. It can be a little strange, so why not. Ever since I read the Jurassic Park books back in middle school, I’ve had a sick fascination with the raptors. I guess that is where my “bad boy love” began because they were clearly vicious and terrifying, but I just wanted to hug one. I don’t have to tell you how happy my heart was when I saw the newest installment portraying the raptors as the heroes. And how I cried when one of them met their unnecessary demise.


5. Parading my fandoms; Now this may be something that all us fangirls do with no remorse, but at times, I realize that it may be embarrassing (but mostly for others). When Twilight was out and I had freshly read the books and was obsessed, I bought a silly “I love boys who sparkle” tee and wore it out in public. Multiple times. This caused some of my friends to not want to walk anywhere near me. I often feel the need to buy matching fandom shirts for all my friends and have us wear them out together somewhere. I want to dress up for…everything fandom-related. I just get overly excited and want to scream my excitement to the world. But you know what? I’m not going to apologize for this one. Deal with it.

  • B.

    Loving raptors is NOTHING to feel guilty about! *waves around the raptor love flag*

  • melificent

    Thanks for the support 😉

  • I’m totally with you on the cheesy pop music–especially when I’m having a bad day. Nothing turns a day around like some old school Britney!

  • Katy Perry is amazing! Went to her concert and my friends and I were the only people there without kids… Oh well – I started following her since her Warp tour days on the side stage. Well Britney – she is just queen!

    xx mal @ bad.wolfbrunch

  • I have totally bought my friends matching fandom shirts! They won’t all wear them at them same time though 🙁 The closest I ever got was convincing two of my co-workers to wear DC costume t-shirts with me to work on Halloween. Sigh.

  • Not gonna lie, although I maligned her viciously while being a college music snob, Britney has gotten me through many a dark day lately. That lady knows how to WORK!

  • melificent

    Glad I’m not alone!

  • melificent

    Don’t worry, I was one of those too! No shame in my game!

  • melificent

    Hahah. Getting people to match is hard! I’ve always wanted to do a big group cosplay!

  • melificent

    You gotta work, bitch! 😉

  • I re-named mine Little Fandom Pleasures, because I feel 0 guilt. ^_^ I LOVE when people love My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic is HUGE in my life. Jen and I watch the show, listen to the music, have memorized the music, buy collectibles and just for fun toys, have stuffed animals (including a crocheted pony for each of us from my mother-in-law, and for Valentine’s Day, Jen got me a Build-a-Bear Applejack (pony most like me) and Applebloom (who’s voice I can do, and I love her)!!! We eventually want to cosplay as human versions of our favorite ponies. Oh, and art, I love pony fanart. ^_^