Fandom Friday: Real Life Geeks Who Inspire Me

Fandom Friday

This year has been very motivational and inspirational for me. I have decided to throw myself equally into this blog and my 9-5 career, and it has proven to be one of my best decisions. I feel very inspired by a lot of fellow geeky ladies that are out there girl bossing, and find myself wanting to join that elite crew. I know my blogging career is only just beginning (despite being in the game for 6 years), and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! These are some ladies (celebrities and not) that keep that driving force within me moving at full steam:

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1. Megan at The Nerdy Girlie; Since stumbling on Meg via Instagram, I’ve felt like we were geeky girl soul sisters. I was lucky enough to meet her last year at SDCC and spend some time (although sporadically – it’s Comic Con afterall) with her, which only solidified that. She’s been through a lot this year, and still soldiers ahead with loads of positive energy and bigger, badder goals.


2. Felicia Day; An inspiration for geek girls everywhere, Felicia Day is THE lady geek. She has taken over the niche and has no plans in stopping. She is everything a girl like me aspires to be: intelligent, sexy and strong. She just came out with a new book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet, and it’s already on my must-read list.


3. Liz at Being Geek Chic; Aside from being an extremely intelligent woman and an excellent writer, Liz is an amazing lady to look up to. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way of reaching her goals, and that inspires me beyond words. As someone who struggles with self confidence, I really look up to women like Liz that grab life by the horns and show it who is boss. Again, a lovely girl I didn’t get to spend enough time with last year at SDCC. I smell a reunion. Can we make this happen??

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4. Jordan at; I am always in awe of people that create. I have such an intense need to be creative on a daily basis, but I feel like I’m so shit at it. That’s why when I see someone talented at what they do, humble and successful, I can’t help but bow down. I am so happy that I get to call Jordan my friend, and I love seeing her small business grow every day.

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5. Jamila of Girl Gone Geek; Jamila is one of those one-girl-power-machines that I admire so much. She was a founder of Geek Girl Brunch, runs an amazing geeky girl blog, and travels the world. I absolutely love following her adventures on social media and am so happy to be part of her team of Geek Girl Brunch officers here in Miami. Even though I’m 34 years old, I want to be her when I grow up.

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  • B.

    I have Meg on my list too! Glad to see someone else went with more “IRL” IRL nerds! LOL

  • melificent

    Those are the ones that tend to inspire me the most!!!

  • AHHH YOU ARE THE SWEETEST AND THE FEELINGS ARE MUTUAL! This made my day. I hope I get to see you and little Luna when I visit Miami. 🙂

  • Jordan Ellis

    well this just made my weekend. and month. and year. <3


  • I LOVE YOU GIRL! THANK the internet gods we found each other!! xx

  • Elsie Rodriguez

    Love all these girls!

  • melificent

    Muahz! You most definitely will 🙂

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  • melificent

    Indeed – lots of lady love!

  • melificent

    and I heart you!!!!

  • melificent

    They are pretty awesome!

  • Kay

    Excellent list of inspiring women!