What I Wore: Princess Peach


I promise my next style post will be something other than what I put together for a Geek Girl Brunch event. Promise.

But until then, I did put together a pretty easy casual cosplay for our most recent Videogame themed brunch. I grew up a Nintendo kid, and that never really changed as I became an adult. My husband (then boyfriend) bought me a GameCube to take with me to grad school when I moved away to Pensacola, and it literally became my best friend. I felt really isolated when I moved to a new city, and spent most of my nights either studying, typing away at another emo Livejournal post, binge watching TV shows, reading Harry Potter or playing games on my GameCube with the volume on mute and my music of choice blaring (it was usually 30 Seconds to Mars at that time). When we moved in together, we were one of those freaks that stood in line forever and bum rushed a Toy R Us to get our hands on a Wii console. We still have it and I refuse to get rid of it. Nintendo has been with me always, and I’m pretty sure that’s never going to change. That’s why I decided I had to be one of my beloved Mario Kart characters. I always played either as Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad, so I chose the Princess (naturally). 😉


I wanted to be comfortable and make my cosplay easy. I now rock cosplays on the regular and have a lot of events coming up, such as Supercon, so I knew I had to be budget-conscious. I went simple just with a subtle nod: pink tee, pink shorts & a DIY crown (see inspiration post). I also paired it with my killer new pink messy bob, which was the perfect accessory. Well, aside from all the ones I threw on from a past Fandom of the Month Club box. I thought it was a simple, but cute little outfit, and translated perfectly for the event.


Tee; Amazon
Shorts; AliExpress
Crown; DIY {see above}
Ring, Necklace, Earrings; Fandom of the Month Club

  • Kay

    I too refuse to get rid of my Wii. I camped out at Best Buy for mine back in college. 😀

  • Love Mario. Mario Kart was such a huge part of my childhood! Love that game, and your outfit is ADORABLE. What nail polish are you wearing? It’s adorable! Cute yellow polish is hard to find!

  • gamerwife

    Your accessories are all perfect. So cute.

  • Emma

    You look so cute! Loving the new hair do – really suits you.

  • You are so cute!! I love your blog!