Convention Outfit Inspirations & Tips

Everyone! It is convention season, and it is most definitely in full swing.
I’ve been living vicariously through everyone’s amazing posts and photo ops and the like, but now it is my turn! Miami will host its largest convention, Florida Supercon, July 4th weekend and I’ll be both on a panel, hopefully getting a tattoo (!!) and just roaming the convention floor. I thought in honor of my first Con in a year (!), I’d put together some inspiration outfits for you all in case you are struggling with what to wear to a Con, along with some handy dandy tips!

Convention Style: Fandom Skirt


I love this look because it’s comfy, while still being really girly. I’m a big fan of pairing crop tops with high waisted skirts, and this one in particular from TeeFury is just too perfect. In order to make it convention appropriate, you have to throw on a pair of comfy (yet stylish) sneakers, and I personally love how a fandom baseball cap looks with more feminine pieces. The juxtaposition is so fun! Add on a few more understated accessories, such as a necklace and themed nail polish, and you are all set to go!

Convention Style: Fandom Tee


Although I know rocking a crop top is not for everyone, it definitely can be when paired with something high waist. In this case, I chose a pair of high waisted jeans with ripped detailing at the knees. I think this gives the Deathly Hallows tee such a grunge-y vibe, and if you have been following me on all social media channels lately, you know how much I’ve been digging the 90’s revival. I added some chucks just to complete the rocker look, and included a choker (because duh) and large messenger bag for all the swag you’ll be collecting as you go.


Convention Style: Fandom Dress


Finally comes one of my favorite convention styles: the fandom dress. I just completely adore a good dress. They not only make me feel pretty and feminine, but are so easy to throw on and feel comfortable in. I am currently obsessing over this gorgeous baby from Bonne Chance Collections, and would love to pair it with some metallic creepers (another slight obsession). To complete the look, I thought some vivid glasses in a pop of blue to match the starships on the dress would be absolutely adorable. I think this is the epitome of geek chic, and now I must replicate it.


I’ve also included a short little list of style tips that you may find handy if you are a convention novice. I’ve even made it a .jpg so that you can save it and share it with your friends! Let me know if you guys like these kinds of download-ables, and I can keep making them for different events/situations/what not!
  • B.

    I love your tips! I make sure to at least throw my lipstick into my bag if I know I have photo ops later in the day! I try to use a setting spray now during cons too.

  • melificent

    Thanks so much! Setting spray is a great idea – I haven’t even tried using it before, but con season is a good time to start!

  • gamerwife

    Fantastic tips. And now I want everything from Bonne Chance Collections. You are the worst for my wallet. ;p

  • melificent

    Oh girl. You are not alone.
    I want everything too.
    {quietly sobs}

  • Great tips and cute outfits!!!