Welcome to Wonderland: Decal How To

I grew up very much a Disney kid. When asked if I wanted the traditional “quinces” party, I asked if I could take a couple of friends to Disney for the weekend instead. I watched Aladdin and The Lion King about 5 times each in the theater. I dreamed of being Ariel…well, I still dream of being Ariel. You get the point.

Somewhere along the way, I no longer followed Disney and stopped visiting the parks. I think it mainly had to do with Islands of Adventure opening at Universal and being drawn to a more “adult driven” park. The second Wizarding World opened, it was all over. I never went to Disney. But, when I had little Luna, things changed. I remembered my happy Disney memories from when I was a kid and I wanted her to have the same. Say what you will about princess culture, because all it taught me was to never stop dreaming and to never give up on those dreams.

That’s why I’m so happy that little Luna is a brand representative for Welcome to Wonderland! It’s a great small local shop that caters to all us Disney loving mamas and kids. One of my favorite products are their decals. I like them┬ábecause you feel like you are in part a maker yourself. Sure, the shop made the decal, but there is still an element of DIY there, and that makes my little heart happy. I thought I would share with you all how easy it is to use these decals to make your own Disney-ready outfits!


I started with some easy to find plain white Gerber tees on Amazon. I ironed them first so that they were nice and flat: perfect to apply the decal. When they were cool to the touch, I put the decal’s sticky side down on the tee and the parchment paper it came in over the decal.


Then I ironed over the decal and parchment paper, pressing hard for a few seconds. Then I checked to make sure the decal had adhered and began to peel away the adhesive. I love that the decals come out so glittery and saturated!


In a few short minutes, I had two awesome and unique tees for Luna to wear to our Disney trip next week! I couldn’t be happier and have had such a good time pairing them with the perfect accessories for our time in the parks. Look out for the full outfits on the blog and Instagram soon!


Do you want to try these decals yourself? Use my code WONDERLAND10 for 10% off your entire purchase from the shop!

  • Jen

    Great post! I can’t wait to see Luna rockin’ her custom onesies in Disney!