Life with Luna: Tiny Wizard


Although this would mean we birthed a Hufflepuff {gasp!}, my little Luna reminds me a lot of Newt Scamander. She loves animals: all of them. She gets beyond excited whenever she sees a dog or a cat (just recently even said “cat” for the first time), and is a big fan of nature in general. She squeals on our walks whenever she sees an especially lush or tall tree – bonus points if it is swaying in the wind. There’s just so much wonder in those eyes, and I know this is something that is found in all children. Only a certain handful of adults get a chance to carry this with them as they age, and Newt is definitely one of them. I hope she can fit into that elite little group down the line as well.

Onesie; c/o Younglings NYC
Pants; Target {no longer available}
Denim blouse; Old Navy {similar}
Wand; Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Can I also share how magical it truly was to see Luna holding one of my wands? I can’t wait until we can take her to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and she can fully grasp the context!




  • She’s gorgeous! And as a fellow Hufflepuff I thoroughly approve of her love of nature and cats 😉 x x

  • Gwen Stacy

    Are you going to let her take the pottermore quiz when shes old enough to answer the questions? I really wanna know what house she’d get sorted into…also, still just as gorgeous as the day she was born and all those little baby progress photos!

  • melificent

    Aw thank you. 🙂

  • melificent

    Of course I am! The curiosity is going to kill me!
    Thank you so much Gwen! <3

  • Elsie Rodriguez

    I cannot freaking wait to take our two babes to WW!!! 😍😍😍