Best Shops for Disney Outfits

Now that we are headed to Disney more often and getting immersed in that culture (Luna is full blown obsessed with Mickey), it’s been really fun trying to find unique and awesome outfits for our trips to the parks. I get asked a lot where I have found some of the things either Luna or myself wear, so I figured I would compile a little list of my favorite stores with you all!



I think this is the first shop I stumbled upon that sold “hip” Disney wears. I fell in love with their very 90’s grunge flannels with famous Disney character quotes on the back, and have since seen the design being ripped off in larger chains (*cough* Hot Topic *cough*).


Lost Bros Trading Co

I didn’t discover this shop until the week before we left for Disney, and I was so bummed. Their styles are so incredible! I also smiled a whole lot whenever I saw one of them walk by me at the Magic Kingdom – and boy were there a lot! My personal favorite is the Ariel tee because it includes two of my favorite things: The Little Mermaid and champagne!


Happiest Tees on Earth

They couldn’t have chosen a better name for their shop because these are truly the happiest little shirts around. A lot of them have sentimental quotes on them about certain areas or offerings of the parks.


Daily Threads

I had to throw in some love for the itty bitty ones that are just starting their Disney journey as well! I am absolutely obsessed with this Etsy shop, and am beyond bummed that I have yet to make a purchase. I adore the leotard style of all their products and think Luna would look way too adorable in them! I am a big fan of their newest addition: the Princess Leia design.

And for further inspo, check out these Instagrams;







  • Megan Price

    I think I just heard my wallet sigh! Haha! We have a tripped planned in September this year and I’ve already bought everyone amazing Mickey & Minnie ears from Etsy. So excited to have some apparel to match!

  • Love it. <3