Life with Luna: This Kid


Hello fellow freaks and geeks! Good news: I’m alive! My schedule has drastically changed, causing me to not have a lot of time to post frequently, but fear not! I will still have a post a week – you can’t get rid of me that easy. 😉


With that said, I now appreciate my weekends even more. I try my best not to schedule too many extra-curriculars so that I can spend them with the people that matter the most: my little family. Luna has become increasingly difficult to dine with (what do you mean I can’t grab everything on the table and toss it all over the place?), and just wants to run, run…run every time we are in a public space (and don’t try to hold her hand…), but we still find the special moments within the maddening ones. You have to, amirite?

Tees; This Kid Clothing Co. {1 & 2}
Pants; Target


I also have so much fun dressing this little adorable lady. It may seem silly or superficial, but it is one of the ways we are starting to bond further as she grows. She is absolutely obsessed with shoes (oops, she got that from her mama), and is starting to get excited about clothes. I suppose I’m creating a little fashion monster with her involvement as a brand rep from some pretty killer small companies on Instagram, and The Kid Clothing Co. is one of my favorites. Their shirts are so fun and adorable, plus they are great quality. Right now they are having an amazing sale on all clearance items, and if you use the code WHOA, you’ll get 40% off on top of that!

Thank me later, mamas. 😉
& any toddler advice you may have will be greatly appreciated. Heh.

  • Aimée Julia Cottle

    Aww, Luna looks like a wild child! Love her energy and love for life! x x

  • Kay

    Gosh, she is so adorable! Love those tops. As for toddler advice, YIKES. The biggest thing (even though it may seem like a DUH) is patience. I constantly reminded myself that no, my daughter is not purposefully trying to drive me to insanity or purposefully trying to be a total brat. She literally doesn’t have the reasoning power. It just doesn’t exist in her brain. Focusing on that thought kept me calm when I wanted to break down and have a screaming hissy fit wit her. Well, most of the time. I most certainly had days where I lost my cool and handled things in a real shit manner (ie, yelling back. So helpful. *sarcasm*) So if you DO have days where you lose your shit, remember that’s okay too. You’re still a wonderful badass mama.