Nerdy Must Haves


1. Lord of the Rings Collar Set; My true love of La Barbuda is already known on this blog, so I won’t further gush. However, I love this new LOTR themed collar set. It’s so beautiful, and means so much. You see, I still count LOTR as being my “gateway fandom.” I had always been a fangirl my entire life, but the LOTR movies are what caused me to become immersed in a fandom online, and form friendships (initially) based on it and yadda yadda. The rest is absolute history, but LOTR holds a special place in my heart and always will.

2. Geek Girl Gang Ringer; is it tacky to post about my own products on Nerdy Must Haves? Oops. It’s been amazing to have a product I created (with my in-house designer’s help) slowly become so popular! I’m constantly restocking the Geek Girl Gang ringer because it flies off the shelves. I absolutely love that it is fostering a sense of community among geek girls and is bringing us all together with a message of friendship and camaraderie.  Go get your ringer here + join the gang. 😉

3. Wonder Woman socks; OK, so…was Wonder Woman not the best thing ever? I found myself in tears during the “No Man’s Land” battle because it was just so amazing to think that my daughter will have an amazing role model to look up to (aside from the women in her every day life). Without giving any spoilers, she was perfect: feminine, powerful and passionate. These socks are just cute. But they represent so much, don’t they?

4. 1138 Fandom Formal Collection; I have been obsessed with Linda’s designs for quite some time now and it’s been amazing to see her grow as an artist. She is ever evolving and beyond talented. I am so excited for her launch of the Fandom Formal Collection, which is inspired by Star Wars. How gorgeous is that Leia dress, you guys? If you haven’t heard of her (do you live on this planet????), check her out on IG here and order a custom pretty NOW.

  • Danielle Knapp

    Not tacky at all to post your stuff – your shirts are amazing 🙂

  • melificent

    Thank you so much, friend!

  • Aww hey it’s me! 😉
    & those formal dresses are amazeballs.