Nerdy Must Haves

  1. Ron Swanson Dress; OK, it is no secret that I adore Ron Swanson. He reminds me of my dad, and is my spirit animal. If you know me personally, you know all our eery similarities. One of them is breakfast food, namely, bacon and eggs, so this dress is absolutely everything. Have I mentioned that my birthday is this month? Just sayin’.
  2. LulaRoe Disney Collection; By now you guys know about my love/hate with LulaRoe. I adore how soft and comfy and perfectly fitting their products are, but I tend to hate their patterns. I think someone once described them as looking like really bad 70’s window treatments or couch upholstery and I could not say otherwise. Eighty five percent of their patterns do. But they just recently came out with their Disney collection and I am so so so hooked. Like, just give me all the Disney stuff and walk away unscathed. I’ve managed to snatch up a pair of leggings and a Cassie skirt already. I’m currently hunting down a Carly, so if you can hook up a sista’, let me know.
  3. Gryffindor Kimono; Yeah, yeah. I know that Black Milk came out with a HP line. I know. I tried to buy a piece but it was already sold out because craziness, amirite? So I look elsewhere for awesome potter threads. I adore kimonos (they are so working girl chic), and Hot Topic now has one for each house, so I mean….need I say more? Oh yeah, I do. They are currently one sale. The end.
  4. My Doctor pin; You wanna touch my fangirl feels? Immediately mention my Doctor! For those that are not familiar with the fandom, it may sound strange, but Doctor Who is such a humanistic and emotional series. They say you never forget your first doctor…but what if I resonated more with my 2nd? I have to say that the 9th was my first, but it was such a cheesy season. It was really hard to soldier through, but a couple of seasons into the 10th, I was sold (even with the killer Christmas trees). These pins are fantastic (no pun intended) and I can’t wait to snag one!
  • Megan Price

    So I just discovered LulaRoe (I’m behind, I know) and the ONLY patterns I like are a few of the Disney ones. We’re planning a Disney Honeymoon for next year and I really feel like I need those Disney leggings…

    The Tenth Doctor is my doctor, too! I loved Nine and was extremely upset about the regeneration of him into Tennant. It didn’t take me long to get over it and fall so deeply in love with Ten. <3