What I Wore: Wonder Bread

You have to love outfits that make you smile, and when I saw this dress, it did absolutely that. I feel like you cannot possibly wear a frown on your face if you have this baby on. And doesn’t everyone need an outfit like that in their life? I think so.

I’m sure you have seen me post about this sweet little polka dot dress from Unique Vintage all over my Instagram, and I loved that someone said it reminded them of Wonder Bread. Memories of eating Wonder Bread at my grandmother’s house immediately spring to mind, and I can’t lie. I still buy it for the house too.

The world needs a little more smiles and love these days, and if I can give it to them in this brightly colored frock, then I’d wear it every day.

Dress; c/o Unique Vintage
Sneakers; Keds {similar}
Lips; Colourpop’s Trust Me

  • Megan Price

    This outfit radiates happiness! I love it!

    Megan // ageekygal

  • Bryn

    You look so, so cute! Reminds me of this Katamari dress I have that always makes me (and others!) smile when I wear it. Also gets tons of compliments!

  • Nabila Verushka

    Love the dress! I also love how you paired it with the purple sneakers!