But this right here is like a level up. I was a pass holder for Universal but literally the second I became one, I got pregnant so that was all over. This is the first time I feel like an elite member of a theme park and I am so absolutely excited to take advantage of it. The moment Luna was born I knew I wanted her to be a Disney kid. I grew up on Disney and I can honestly say that it molded me and taught me a lot of great things. The most important: to dream. I love Disney’s message and although I can have my gripes here and there, I am a huge supporter of the Mouse. So the love was reborn when she came into the picture.

And here we are.
Look forward to a lot of fun Disney style posts in the year to come, and a whole lot of magic.

Aladdin Bodysuit; Love Tribe Apparel
Wide Leg Cropped Pants; Uniqlo
Kicks; Adidas
Ears + accessories; Disney