It feels like I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for entirely too long, so I figured I would pop in real quick to give a little update! I’m busier than ever, but will try to continue posting regularly in the weeks to come.

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National Ice Cream Month

I know, today is supposed to be hump day.
There should be a hottie gracing this post. However, I have something else completely delicious and crave worthy for all of you today: ICE CREAM! Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? I didn’t, and I’m actually honored that I get to share my birthday month with the amazing merriment that is ice cream. If you know me, I don’t do sweets. Unless we are talking about ice cream. If we are, I can eat an entire pint all by myself. I can also do some serious damage at Dairy Queen if left unattended with a Blizzard. Granted, now being gluten and dairy free, this makes it a little more difficult for me to indulge in my favorite sweet so I leave it for special occasions only (read: bouts of nasty PMS).

That’s why I smiled when I saw this fun graphic via the Ultimate Coupons blog:

What does your favorite flavor say about you? Mine is Cookies and Cream, which means I’m a sweetheart (can’t deny that), but the sharing bit? Not so much. Get your own, friends!


Sorry no Lovable Friday today, folks!
Lots of busy days and nights with work (all good things, right?), so I haven’t had the time to compile a list. I didn’t want you guys to feel empty-handed though, so what better substitute than Ms. Rebecca Black? Slim to none, I say. 😉

Have a fabulous and fun weekend, lovables!
I am super excited for both a gorgeous wedding on Saturday and Easter Sunday with family. Life is all sorts of hectic, but absolutely beautiful lately. Hope you can all say the same!