Pipsticks & Agenda Lovin’


I am so so so happy to be working with Pipsticks! If you don’t remember, I reviewed their sticker subscription service a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love. We have since decided to make beautiful music together, and this month’s package was no different. I immediately wanted to rip it open and devour all the kawaii goodness it was sure to hold. But look at how nice I am. I actually took my time to give you guys nice pictures before the fangirl destruction (sad cloud face was placed to cover my address, not to reflect any kind of negative emotion – sorry, stalkers). 😉

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Ban.do’s Gift Line

So as if Ban.do could get any more tempting, they unleashed their new gift line to the masses this week. It is peppered with all sorts of girly goodness from iPhone cases to umbrellas, but they all have one thing in common: belonging in my possession. Here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise: mermaid clutch, gem speaker, mobile charger, drink tumbler, umbrella & heart tote

Make sure to check out the entire collection here.

Get 4th of July Ready!

The sun is blazing, the BBQ is smoking and the water is splashing. This means only one thing, people. Summer is here!!! It’s my all-time favorite season because living in Miami, this is when it really feels like paradise. Plus, I love me some bikini’s, boats & frozen drinks. Can you blame a girl?

Like I mentioned before, the past few weeks have been pretty dismal around here. All clouds, rainstorms and generally ugly weather. Could this be our summer? It was enough to put me in a depression. But no! This past weekend, the skies opened and the sun came out to play! I immediately shed my clothes, slapped on a bikini and jumped in my pool. And it was heaven. Here’s to many more beautiful Miami weekends – especially the 4th! We are hosting a pool party, and it got me thinking…what’s on your patriotic wishlist? Check out mine below;

1. Striped leggings
2. Stars denim shorts
3. Stars & Stripes muscle tee
4. Mini ban.do heart headband
5. J.Crew stars tank
6. Marc Jacobs bikini bottom

What I Wore: Chunky Sweater

The hubs and I just can’t get enough of Bravo and all its ridiculously cheesy programming. Housewives, Matchmakers and just recently, Vanderpump Rules. It’s such a terrible trainwreck, but you cannot look away. Not even for a second. So, of course, today’s title line is an ode to the wonderfully douchey, Jax & the one thing we have in common: our love of a good chunky sweater.

Sweater; Forever 21
Jeggings; Nordstrom Rack {similar}
Boots; Go Jane {similar}
Necklace; Pop Basic
Barrette; c/o Ban.do

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Ban.do Coupon Code!!!

Just in time for the holidays, I have a very special coupon code to share with all you lovely readers! Who wouldn’t want to find something sparkly, fun and whimsical from Ban.do in their stocking this year? I bet you’d be hard pressed to find any respectable female that would say they didn’t! For that reason, make sure to enter FEELPRETTY at checkout to receive your 20% all merchandise. Even better news? This extends until the end of the month (perfect for all those procrastinators)!!!

What would I use with that discount? Some of my favorites are showcased above (l to r): pop rock headband; glitter bow shoe clips; smoke & kisses bobbi set; metallic pom pom flower